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Childbirth is an inexpressible sense of euphoria of

I Can call with confidence these day and night very joyful and pleasant as in moral, and physically! PDR to me put for December 13, but in me there was a confidence that I will give rise on November 27. The husband still asked, “when you want to give rise, we can stimulate“. And I answered that on November 27. There arrived mother, we with her went shopping three days much. All day long I was standing, ran on ladders, shivered in buses. Ridiculously, but bought absolutely foreign things, no that to collect a bag in maternity hospital...

on November 26. Almost 12 - 00. I Go to a toilet and I feel how the stopper departs. I remember what read, it departs one one or two days prior to childbirth. On pleasures I go to a hairdressing salon and I do a hairstyle. Now I with short hair. On the way home began to pull a waist, but gradually passed. I was going to go to shopping center though mother dissuaded me. But I had neither laying, nor shorts - generally, golyak.

to About an hour in a stomach, and we went to shop. And it is from us in two hours` journey, in the country. And there the most interesting began! We go on “Auchan“, I pack things in maternity hospital and I feel that process went. Time was 18. 50. At first it is weak, but is stable - every 15 min. I am quiet, I do not hurry, especially, the husband at work anywhere, and he had to come for us. Called still it and told that quietly finished work and went to us.

B 20. 11 I already began to stop on fights and to feel more severe pain. I write the husband of SMS that gave up all affairs and went. Mother speaks “sit down“, and I should distract. We go to “IKEA“ behind a support for swaddling. There already twists me specifically, but I try not to give a sign not to concern mother. Just at each flow grabbed something and deeply breathed. But when we went already to an exit, couple of people suggested to call “ambulance“. I with firmness refused since here - there had to arrive the husband. On cash desk from me something began to flow - thought, waters. Ran in a toilet, thrust laying there and started howling. I leave, I pay, I say that would obey mother better and stayed at home. We wait for the husband, I remember that during this period in eyes everything blurred, I beat about the bush around the escalator, could not find it, and could not tell mother that I look for the escalator. And it went near me, without understanding that it is necessary for me.

Near 21 - 30 we were already loaded by

into the car. I said that it is necessary to come around home since I even had no passport with myself. And still assured that I will be able to rise by the 4th floor. Thank God, the husband at me more reasonable person. At once in maternity hospital!

we Arrived in 23 there. 15. Without things, without documents. It is good that the doctor familiar. Ha, I got out of the car, twisted me, I got up on all fours directly in dirt. Staid minutes five, released, I hardly managed to reach a reception. There I was already met by the doctor (further M. V.). Again fight, I hung on M. V. in the doorway. Nurses, silly women, laugh: “All money managed to spend?“ It is the husband told that we directly from shop therefore without documents.

So, survey. I thought that it has to be painful. I ask the doctor: “And it is strongly sick?“, on what I receive the “cheerful“ answer: “To give birth more painfully“ As Mikhail Vladimirovich watched me, did not even feel. Disclosure already 9 cm. It seems attempts begin. Fast enema, shower. The nurse found me in the middle of viewing on all fours, shaken and continuously muttering: “Everything will pass soon...“

Hardly - hardly brought me to a bed, listened to a heart of the kid. I few times shouted on fights, but understood that from it is only more painful to me. Therefore I silently lay and is only noisy breathed on fights. The doctor told that else an hour. Nearby gave one more giving birth, too already attempts. She so shouted strongly that she prevented me to low under a song nose.

the husband Appeared! To me it became so quieter at once and even less painfully! He sat with me and continuously ironed a back. My God, as I am grateful that he achieved that it was passed. We had a quarantine, and partner childbirth is forbidden. And let many say that this show not for husbands that they lose then a sexual inclination to the wife... In my opinion, it is nonsense. I saw what tenderness shine his eye as it supports me. Generally, without it I would not cope. And what we had a relation to each other now! We became more native, stronger! I directly did not feel at all pain when it touched me! Just there was a moment when they with the doctor left to smoke. Those five minutes I was ready to howl, but it returned, and all it vanished as if by magic!

But all the same once I asked anesthetic. Naturally, what anesthetic, when the end already on a nose. The m of V. told:“ To you it is not painful, you lie quietly as a mouse“. However, he joked, then, on the contrary, praised me and said that it was lucky with such quiet mummy. On fights I retired into oneself, abstracted from the whole world, it ceased to exist, I got to some magic country with warm sand and falls. About it I read even before childbirth that it is necessary to represent something pleasant, it will be so easier. And it helped. Probably, this only thing that sensible was in books! Studied technology of breath - it was not necessary, it is simple to breathe it is necessary exactly and deeply.

of the Attempt is something... It is impossible to make an effort, I try to relax, all distorts me, the stomach itself strains, and... Of course, it is already too intimate details, but... Generally, the enema not especially also rescued me...

Soon to me opened with

a bubble, waters appeared greenish of - for recent my flu. After opening almost at once began to learn to make an effort. Oh, it is such high! I directly waited for the next attempt to derive this pleasure when the stomach strains, but is not sick! The truth I did such face ridiculous, goggled that the doctor laughed and spoke: “Do not frighten us by such look“. When the doctor was convinced that everything turns out, crept on a chair. Here is how I reached a chair, climbed on it - at all I do not remember as if the piece of memory was cut out. It is remembered how began to put on boot covers to knees me, and right there the doctor speaks: “Give, now work properly, and there will be a head.“ I all in process, and speak to me: “Stop“ / I Feel burning “there“ as if drenched with boiled water. With pleasure I understand that the sonny climbs. The doctor holds to me a nose, says that it is necessary “to breathe a doggie“. And me does not gasp, I directly choke, I push away him hands. Some woman speaks:“ Lift a dress“. And here so bang! Something like that native slipped out, zakryakhtet, cried, then laid down on my stomach!

So I gave birth to Timuska. Without pain, without shout. In 00 - 50, 51 cm, 3550, 8/9 on a scale Apgar. More precisely, we gave rise together with the husband. He was near, controlled everything, saw how there is a child. My kid! Such lukewarm lump! The first that was evident - it is an excellent head of hear. Such dense dlinnenky black volosik! And then the long marigold! I was a little in confusion. Looked at the husband, on the son and repeated that he the copy of the father! Many times represented the moment of our meeting, thought that I will cry, on the contrary. Even I do not know how to describe the first feeling... Probably thought: “Really I became a mother? All right? I am a mother? I am a mother!“

the son was incurred Then to process, and doctors somehow strange began to fuss. The husband admired the son, without departing from him! The sonny did not take a breast, almost at once pokakat and fell asleep. I lay, watched how to Timk process, swaddle, and inside there was such pacification, such some cosiness. The child was shown me finally and incurred to the nursery. Here I felt awful crotch pain, understood what did not do without gaps and quietly whined waiting. Then also I fell asleep from an anesthesia. It appeared, I was cut, and I tore completely. Being under anesthetic, I rode with doctors roundabouts. And having woken up, began all to send sms that we became parents of the wonderful swarty boy!

Here so there took place my remarkable childbirth with the husband. Patrimonial activity lasted only 6 hours. I am glad that went to time of fights. Perhaps therefore so fast disclosure was. The husband speaks: “Well that? Can the following childbirth by prokesary?“ What I answer, is not present and once again not! This such matchless feeling, such euphoria from all this pain, it so cool! Generally, childbirth is cool!