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Give, give tityu! Yesterday my son Tema told

the first time: “Give, give tityu!“

Before childbirth I learned that WHO recommends to nurse the child till 2 years both exclusively on demand, and, moreover, not to separate the child from a breast violently, artificially. I learned that in many countries it is accepted to feed the child very long. Slavs “fostered“ the child too, nursed him how many it was necessary. And when Artemy was born, I decided that my task as mothers - to milk to the child so much how many for him it is necessary.

Ya, of course, met those difficulties which are familiar to all mothers - laktostaz, stagnation, the hungry kid, the swelled-up breast, cracks... Around advised to be decanted, feed on the mode, to accustom to a pacifier and a small bottle. But somewhere inside I was firmly convinced: my sonny knows everything much better, the fact that mother feeds the child - it is a motherhood essence, the nature, and this process has to be natural in everything. So gradually we found a common language - language of caress, heat, a mother`s cosiness and serene rest. I fed the kid according to the first requirement, the milk is not only food, but also feeling of safety for the baby, warm mother`s breath, a beating of her heart. A subject always with pleasure fell asleep with the aunt.

When teeth went, and the sonny cried, again rescued us titya - milk contains even the anesthetizing substances! It satisfies thirst and hunger minutes of an illness, calms, lightens mood, grants health and understanding. It is very important for intelligence of the kid.

Chest feeding helped me to return to

a form after the delivery. The breast became more womanly that too is not unimportant for women, many are afraid that feeding will spoil their delights. But the main thing - I felt how in me the motherhood wakens... As it is pleasant to keep the small, with pleasure giving smacking kiss and snuffling lump in handles! As infinitely could consider a tiny face and fingers (it later I learned that during feeding hormones of a pacification and feeling of motherhood are produced).

Now Artemke year. He is a clever, strong fellow. Yet was never ill! We never had problems with a tummy and a chair, any allergy. Despite admonitions of the pediatrician that it is time to curtail gradually breastfeeding, I still do not refuse to the son milk. These our minutes we admire with each other, we can stay a single whole. I know that there will come the moment when the kid himself departs slowly from a breast, and it will not be for it a trauma. For now I know that breast milk is the most ideal of everything that was created by the nature!