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City elements. Rules of a bathtub

Water - elements of life. The modern person can hardly present the life without daily shower or a bathtub.

For example, the long shower of moderate temperature helps to relax and promotes a good dream. While the short warm shower recovers. A so-called Scottish shower (this alternation of cold and hot water) - good gymnastics for vessels and muscles of skin (a couple of minutes - hot water, then several seconds - very cold). It is necessary to change temperature condition of water two - three times, but at the end - obligatory douche by cold water. Efficiency of such shower, naturally, depends on a difference of temperatures of skin and water therefore over time it is necessary to increase contrast of temperature. On time balance - it is warm to cold - about 2:1. The cold five-minute shower takes off fatigue. It should be noted that the shower is an excellent masseur. So I advise to buy the mixer with various nozzles.

the Type of the taken bath also depends on desirable result. But there are general rules to which nevertheless it is necessary to adhere.

Cold bathtubs negatively affect work of kidneys therefore water temperature has to make at most fifteen degrees. It is not necessary to take such bath longer than ten minutes.

Hot bathtubs negatively influence work of heart. Temperature in 35 degrees a maximum is optimum, in the summer it can be reduced to 30 ° or 25 °.

needs to Enjoy

such procedures not more often than two times a week, surely finishing them the warm shower which is gradually passing into cool.

Such procedure will clear skin and will not do any harm to an organism.

the Salt bathtub perfectly will help to relax after hard and tiresome work. It is required to you by of 250 - 500 table salt on a bathtub at water temperature 25 - 30 ° S. Nakhoditsya in such bathtub is possible fifteen minutes, to accept once a week, but after it do not forget to be rinsed surely under a shower. Such bathtub, by the way, positively influences weight reduction. It is also possible to experiment with sea salt - then the bathtub perfectly clears skin of the collected slags. It also restores a dream, eliminates a headache, reduces painful feelings in joints and muscles.

the Grass bathtub will help to cope with spots, eels and other skin troubles. Mixes of herbs for bathtubs need to be selected proceeding from their properties and an objective. All herbs are boiled or drawn. So, the camomile calms and removes spasms. The linden helps to cope with sleeplessness. Rosemary very well removes overfatigue, refreshes and tones up. Oak bark promotes treatment of rheumatism and various skin diseases. Black tea gives to skin slightly suntanned look and tones up (4 dessertspoons of tea on 250 ml of water, to insist 10 minutes, to pour in a bathtub).

the Glyceric bathtub softens

and well moistens skin. Gather in a water bathtub to a half and put 200 g of glycerin, then add waters to the chosen level and add 200 more g of glycerin. It is possible to take such bath not longer than 20 minutes, and after it it is necessary to be rinsed with a warm shower by all means.

the Bathtub with starch or oat flakes is good

at so-called goose-pimples and an orogoveniye of epidermis. It is necessary to add to water 500 g of starch or broth of oat flakes and 1 tablespoon of coniferous extract. After reception of such bathtub it is worth processing moist leather nutritious cream, oil or a milk.

the Coniferous bathtub will help to look vigorous and fresh

after the unlucky working day and to restore nervous system. It is necessary to add 3 tablespoons of coniferous extract and a few drops of eucalyptus oil to water (it is also possible to fill in a glass of the crushed needles with 2 liters of boiled water, to insist in a thermos 2 hours, to filter and pour in infusion in a bathtub). Reception time - of fifteen minutes before half an hour, after to blot skin with a soft terry towel.

the Bathtub with essential oils . Such bathtub will soften skin and will give it silkiness. For this purpose it is necessary to add several teaspoons of mix of oils in the following proportion to water: 3 parts of castor or almond oil and 1 part of any essential oil which raises the general tone of an organism and a sincere spirit. Remember that each oil possesses the properties. For example, oil of a geranium or needles is useful at a depression, creates feeling of a cosiness and rest. Fir oil will smooth and will rejuvenate skin, will make it more elastic, and also will load her owner with confidence in the forces. Rose attar will help to relax, it has the toning effect. Eucalyptus oil will calm nervous system and will make skin velvety. Juniper oil is useful at pustulous diseases of skin and heals small wounds. It is necessary to enjoy such bathroom no more than twenty minutes, otherwise the organism can do much harm, in any case, to nullify all advantage.

the Honey bathtub will normalize your nervous system. It is enough to add of 200 - 250 honey to a bathtub with water (temperature 35 - 36 ° ). It is good to take such bath before going to bed.

Foamy bathtub . Excellent means for those who want to grow thin.

But you remember

, you should not abuse frequent application of such procedures. After such bathtub to have a rest not less than half an hour.

Cleopatra`s Bathtub
will give

to skin of tenderness and smoothness. For it it is necessary to warm up 1 l of milk, without bringing it to boiling, and a honey cup on a water bath. Dissolve honey in milk, add 2 tablespoons of almond, rose, olive or other vegetable oil.