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On a face everything is written to

Popular wisdom says:“ On a face everything is written“. Really, on its expression it is possible to learn that the person feels and even of what he thinks. Same treats also its physical state: beautiful, smooth, well-groomed skin, good complexion - a sign of beauty and health. Today we will talk about the most widespread problems of face skin and about ways of fight against them.

Spots, eels

Eels or the acne is a disease of face skin which develops as a result of obstruction and an inflammation of sebaceous glands. If sebaceous glands work too actively, then pores do not manage to be cleaned. Pass is hammered with skin fat and as a result inflames, and sometimes in addition and becomes populated by various bacteria. This inflamed element is also called “eel“ or an acne.

the Disease can be caused by various reasons: hormonal shifts (for example, problems with face skin at teenagers), diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path, bad ecology. How to get rid of these cosmetic shortcomings?

Rule first : eels it is impossible to squeeze out independently at all. Pressing on skin, we get rid only of the top stopper. And skin at the same time is injured, formed a microhem.

Rule second : at an inflammation of face skin it is impossible to use srubs. And creams and gels for washing should be selected together with the expert. Components which cause the raised saloobrazovaniye can be a part of all these means, and as a result they become responsible for emergence of spots. Also it is not necessary to put on a face excess cosmetics, especially in a hot season. It belongs first of all to foundation. Contrary to opinion, ordinary thanks to advertizing, that it does not hammer a time, the foundation just litters a time and is very strong.

Rule third, the most important : do not try to cope with acne rash (especially pronounced) independently, address the dermatologist. He will appoint to you complex treatment which includes reception of antibacterial preparations, use of the clearing lotions and talkers. It rather difficult also passes in several stages:

  1. removal of suppuration, inflammation
  2. prevention of emergence of new elements
  3. fixing of result: reception of special enzymes and minerals
  4. fight against cicatricial changes.

At a constant inflammation of face skin is also recommended to make the test on demodekoz.

Stock up with

with patience and carry out all doctor`s instructions!

I still, be attentive: with the inflamed face skin it is impossible to go to the cosmetologist and to resort to contrast procedures (for example, to practice washing so popular now an ice cube).

At last, eels can be a consequence of some other disease. For example, at damage of a stomach Helicobacteri Pylori bacterium. Sometimes the sore stomach, and face skin is enough to cure itself it will be cleared of acne rash. However, in this case the dermatologist will surely direct you to other expert.

Enlarged pores

the Reason of emergence of enlarged pores - abuse of hot food and drink, frequent use of the hair dryer for drying of hair (when the stream of warm air gets into a face). The risk group includes also those who visit a bath, and even fans “to soak“ a sauna in a hot bathroom. Under the influence of heated air and steam of time extend. The problem sometimes arises owing to the wrong carrying out procedure of vaporization (if “to open“ a time, and then not to bring by means of special means to a normal state).


, the simplest and available method of fight against this cosmetic defect is “contrast washing“. At first the face is washed warm water that a time revealed and cleared, and then cold that to narrow enlarged pores. It is possible to fight against this defect also by means of special glycoleft peelings (surely consult to the expert not to do much harm).

of the Wrinkle

Emergence of wrinkles after thirty - natural process: skin loses elasticity, becomes flabby. However it does not mean that it can be neglected. The mankind has a wide arsenal of means for fight against this cosmetic shortcoming: from conservative creams to a radical face lifting.


In general, modern women thanks to active advertizing of cosmetics and reading glossy magazines are so well informed on wrinkles and ways of their elimination that it becomes somehow inconvenient to write on this subject. Therefore only in brief I will mention the main methods of preservation of youth of skin and I will share some own supervision.

the set of special creams, masks and other wrinkles medicines Exists: each firm has tens of brands for any age, taste and a purse. Join in business and numerous private clinics which in eager rivalry extol the patented hardware techniques, introduction of silicone, collagen and other a miracle - substances under skin, braces.

Fans of natural improvement consider that it is possible to get rid of wrinkles by means of special gymnastics for the person and good nutrition. It is known that the lack of certain vitamins B a diet negatively affects a condition of our skin. At dryness of skin mainly appoint vitamins A and E (a preparation of Ayevit).

But the best treatment is a prevention, and it is worth thinking of a condition of face skin in advance. As often we heard hails of adults in the childhood: “Do not grimace!“ “Do not wrinkle a forehead!“ . And it is very practical advice. The first on a face there are mimic wrinkles which are formed from - for addictions to wrinkle a forehead, to frown, blink the eyes. You watch closely the mimicry, try not to wrinkle a forehead, not to cramp an eyebrow.


Besides, to formation of wrinkles is promoted by excessive stay on the sun, a stress, fast loss (or, on the contrary, an increase) weight, smoking and abuse of alcoholic drinks.

of the Wrinkle appear at owners of dry skin earlier. Therefore it is necessary not only to follow them to usual advice, but also to use the moisturizing creams. But young young ladies should not lean on cream till 25 years. And to those who has a fat skin it is not necessary also till 30 years. Without emergency do not resort to such radical measures as tightening and Botox. The effect after them will be temporary, and then procedure is required to you again and again. It is not necessary to do tightening if to you is not present of 35 - 40 years yet.

That skin itself began to produce “greasing“, it is possible to recommend to play sports. Half-hour morning jog not only will improve your physical state, but also will force to earn sebaceous glands in the strengthened mode.

Fever on lips

Can be conditionally carried by

to face skin problems. Actually, it no other than a virus of herpes which when easing immunity wakens and causes unpleasant rashes on lips, a chin, nose wings.

This viral infection - one of the most widespread diseases. Statistically, 95% of the population are carriers of one of kinds of this virus. Viruses of simple herpes of I and II types and herpes Zoster causing chicken pox in children and shingles at adults are most known. It is considered that the virus of herpes of the I type affects skin and mucous membranes of the person, the II type - genitals. However now, when oral sex is widespread, this rule is not followed. Sometimes, that the virus of herpes of the I type is proved on genitals, and the II type - on a face, also the mixed infections meet. So the problem is very widespread: modest appearance, impossibility to visit to the pool, the spoiled appointment, and often also the acquired complexes which disturb in private life... Certainly, on a face it is necessary to struggle with rashes.


treats herpes by means of ointments on the basis of acyclic nucleosides (for example, all the known acyclovir), interferon (viferon) or the preparations containing at the same time interferon and an acyclovir (gerpferon). In case of painful rashes it is recommended to use complex ointments which part the lidocaine killing pain is. It is very important to begin treatment as soon as possible, at the first symptoms of a disease. You feel an itch, a characteristic pricking - right there apply on lips (a chin, nose wings) antiherpetic ointment (an acyclovir, zovirax, gerpferon). If to make it in time, then harmful cold can not develop at all. Miss the moment - you will go the whole week with an opposite sore on a lip.

If cold disturbs you too often (for example, before each periods), it speaks about the reduced immunity. And you need to see a doctor who will appoint complex treatment.

That the virus did not become more active again, it is necessary to strengthen immune system: to become tempered, adhere to the principles of healthy food, to regularly play sports.

Unfortunately, the virus of herpes has unpleasant property to remain during all life in nervous cells of the person. Even if you received medical treatment, and fever on lips already long time does not disturb you, all of you equally remain the virus carrier. Therefore do not trust “experts“ and loud advertizing which promise to relieve you of herpes once and for all. Treatment is directed, first of all, to reductions of term of a disease and prevention of development of its repeated manifestations.

Pallor, bad complexion

of the Reason of pallor are usually cut by

in serious diseases: the anemia caused by a lack of minerals, work violation zheludochno - an intestinal path (gastritis, stomach ulcer). Therefore it makes sense to make the general blood test and at bad results to see a doctor who will appoint to you a course of treatment.

That who is disturbed by earthy complexion is recommended to use srubs. Peeling the become lifeless cells of skin, we make room for young fresh cages. Complexion improves. However the srub needs to be selected very attentively: look whether it contains substances, on which at you an allergy. Owners of fat skin also should take an interest whether is not present as a part of means of excess ingredients on the basis of fat “for moistening of dry skin“ which can “decorate“ your young face with excess spots.

Cyanotic complexion tells

about possible malfunctions in work warmly - vascular and respiratory systems. Therefore if you noticed that your skin from once shining turned in unnaturally - cyanotic, surely consult with the expert. Quite perhaps, you should make the general test of urine and blood, biochemical blood test and to make ultrasonography. Inspection can be long, but all this for the sake of your health! Having cured the main disease, you will find healthy complexion again.

the Allergy

What we eat p? Than we breathe? What cosmetics we use? Having answered these three questions, we can calculate the reason of emergence of a harmful allergy on a face. If it is not found, it is necessary to exclude all potentially allergenic products from the food, to clean the apartment more often and to use special hypoallergenic cosmetics, and it is even better - to minimize a make-up at all.

the Allergy is a serious disease, but not a separate problem of skin. Therefore it is necessary to address concerning allergic rashes on a face not the cosmetologist, and the dermatologist and the allergist. It is necessary to treat an illness also not only locally, and in a complex. In - the first, the doctor will force you to make the test to find out that he is the reason of an allergy. Then will appoint special treatment which includes allergen - a specific immunotherapy (when the allergy is treated by introduction of midget doses of allergen), reception of antihistaminic preparations and local means.

If you already know

on what you have an allergy, first of all you should refuse the products causing it and to limit contact with other allergens (dust, pollen, wool etc.) . If responsible for a disease is not found yet, the special diet is appointed. Exclude the most widespread allergens from a diet: alcohol, chocolate, whole cow`s milk, strawberry, citrus, exotic fruit, fish and other seafood, smoked products, canned food, nuts, honey, spices, limit coffee. Besides, it is necessary to consume enough liquid that excess toxins did not collect in an organism.

to the Allergic person should observe the rational mode of a dream and rest, to take care of excessive emotional and physical activities. Quite often the allergy becomes aggravated “because of nerves“.

of the Freckle

In general emergence of freckles is the natural reaction of an organism to the sun which is expressed in the strengthened development of a pigment of melanin. It protects light skin from ultraviolet rays. Therefore konopushka a problem to call rather difficult. Everything depends on your attitude towards them. I have an acquaintance who looks forward every year to appearance of these of “messengers of spring“, fairly believing that they decorate it. And it is valid, to many girls very much there are freckles. But if you are sure that you want from them to get rid, then there are “national“ bleaching means. A cucumber, a lemon and a dandelion - the most popular of them. Substances which contain in these plants are capable to oxidize a pigment of freckles. The simplest recipes - a mask from cucumbers (the fresh cleared segments of cucumbers are put on a face) and lemon juice (daily twenty-minute masks). By the way, it will be suitable also for prevention of freckles.

If in house conditions to get rid of freckles does not manage p, it is possible to address the cosmetologist. He will appoint the special bleaching procedures and means, such as a chemical peeling, removal of freckles the laser, liquid nitrogen.

I, of course, to the women inclined to emergence of konopushka, it is not necessary to appear on the sun without hats with wide fields and sun-protection means.

Now you learned

about the most widespread diseases and cosmetic defects of face skin and methods of fight against them. Finally there is a wish to give still advice. One of the main precepts of the doctor: “Do not do much harm!“. And, being engaged in face care, you should adhere to it too. You do not hurry to deal independently with all the skin problems which are available for you. Do not buy unnecessary a miracle - means “from everything on light“. Better once again address the competent expert, having even spent for this unlimited quantity of money. Thus you will avoid additional expenditure for treatment in the future, keep health and youth of skin, and also own nerves.