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Schools of Spain

the Child grows up, and all of you think more often of where he will study in the near future. Training at the international schools of Spain can become the option promising good prospects.

Spain differs in a large number of the international schools at which teaching is conducted in Spanish with profound studying of English. Most of foreign entrants give preference to such international training centers because after their termination it is possible to enter the state university of the Kingdom and to study there free of charge. Besides, even paid training costs many times cheaper here, than in other countries of Western Europe. Quality of education remains at permanently high level and meets all European standards.

Compulsory secondary education at schools of Spain takes with

4 years - from 12 to 16 years, on the termination of a course test examinations are taken. After that graduates can safely begin work. But if in plans - continuation of training and entering a university, then it is necessary to study two more years according to the Bachillerato program and to successfully hand over Selectividad. This quite difficult examination is introductory in universities and consists of two parts.


First it is urged to determine the general educational level of the potential student, it includes the complex test for knowledge of language. The second part consists of questions in those objects which were defined in advance by the student. At choice - three academic disciplines from two directions:“ Humanities “and“ natural sciences“. The mark is put down on 10 - ti to a ball scale, and the result is output as an arithmetic average. But this assessment makes only 40% of the general assessment for Selectividad. The remained 60% are an average ball from a school extract of progress. For this reason for all years of training students try to receive only “well“ and “perfectly“ and at all not to start new material. Passing an examination already in itself guarantees receipt in the state universities of Spain. The HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, the lowest passing score, certainly, higher is more prestigious.

the Most popular international schools of the country - LOGOS International School, LOPE DE VEGA International School, PALACIO de GRANDA College, El ALTILLO International School.

of LOGOS International School - one of the leading schools of the Kingdom, is among the best in Madrid. It settles down in the elite environmentally friendly suburb of the capital. In the territory there are an indoor pool, a tennis court, football and basketball fields, computer and multimedia offices, drama school, a park zone. Pupils live in the Madrid families, the school will organize a daily transfer of students (20 minutes by bus or on the car).

of LOPE DE VEGA International School it is located in the city of Benidorm and provides to the students comfortable conditions of accommodation in own residence, comparable with 3 - 4* hotels. in the territory of institution the opened and closed pools, four tennis courts are, conditions for occupations are created by riding.

of PALACIO de GRANDA College it is located in 14 km from Oviedo. The school also provides the residence in which there is the medical office, the room for rest with the TV and the Internet. In the territory of college - the opened and closed pools, the multipurpose sports center, big library, special offices for occupations by music.

of El ALTILLO International School it is located in the city of Jerez de la Frontera. In the territory there are also sports grounds, tennis courts, the closed gym with a wall for rock-climbing.

the Introductory requirement at receipt in the international schools of Spain is examination in Spanish, also the host can ask to pass mathematics tests and other objects. Test can be passed in the homeland at office of the company - the representative of educational institution.

All students of schools can get secondary education of Educaion Secundaria Obligatoria, having studied from 12 to 16 years. Or, at desire, having studied two more years, it is possible to get Bachillerato senior secondary education (it is necessary for those who want to go further to the UNIVERSITY).

Within the program of high school students study obligatory objects (geography, history, Spanish, mathematics, art, music, natural sciences), disciplines for choice and bases of vocational training. And after the termination of the Educaion Secundaria Obligatoria program and revenues to the course Bachillerato pupils are divided on streams with profound studying of objects from area of further specialization. Usually schools offer four directions: art, natural sciences, humanitarian and social sciences, technology. After completion of education examination of Selectividadyu is taken, and graduates of schools are enlisted in state universities of Spain.

Should note

that education in the solar Kingdom becomes from year to year more popular. Students after leaving school, as a rule, perfectly know two foreign languages (Spanish and English). Also training in Spain is the most comfortable for the Russian children thanks to fine climate, psychological and mental features and teachers - Spaniards who warmly and openly treat one and all school students - foreigners, try to open talents and abilities of each pupil separately.