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This such happiness - to become mother of

With my young man we met 3 years. I graduated from the institute, and darling made me the proposal. On May 20 we submitted the application to the REGISTRY OFFICE, and on June 3 I learned that I wait for you, my kid! To our happiness there was no limit, you are the most desired and long-awaited kid. The father even shed a few tears when he learned! As it was touching... The only question which at me arose: “Who are you, the boy or the girl?“ Anyway we with the father will be very glad to your birth. Even the name to you was thought up. If you are a boy, we will name Arseny. I so want that you were similar to the father. Same high, strong and courageous. If you are a girl, we will have Ksyushkoy - a freckle! I even represent how you can look: big it is gray - blue eyes with fluffy eyelashes, slightly hitched up nose and a little chubby it is gentle - pink sponges. What you are a beauty.

Was at the doctor. The kid and you is already absolutely big... To us put 8 weeks! I am so happy, but in too time I feel, like a dish-towel... Why? Yes because toxicosis tortured. In the morning, yet without having managed to wake up plainly, I run in a toilet. Refused favourite toilet water, now I hate this smell, it pursues me simply!

on July 5 - our wedding. I refused a magnificent celebration. The reason one - I just will not sustain all this... Constantly there is a wish to sleep, and here “such event“ - all - a wedding. But nothing terrible, everything passed just remarkably, sat just in the family. I am the happiest woman!

Grew thin... The kid, well you so are malicious. 19 weeks, and toxicosis everything does not pass. The doctor wrote out tablets, helped a little.

We arrived to my parents on a visit. Mother cooked my favourite borsch. Such nobody prepares, only mother. I poured 2 ladles (had a snack on orange) because there was a wish both borsch, and orange at the same time, but I very much was afraid that I will feel sick from food again. Thank God, did not pull out! There is a wish for rolls and chocolate. Probably, there will be a girl.

As quickly time flies. To us put 27 weeks. I am such whimsical. Today walked with the husband in park. I saw how the girl drinks cherry juice, me, certainly, too a wish arose. Could not buy it anywhere, everywhere there were liter packs, and I wanted from a tubule as that girl to drink... The husband found in some improbable way this juice, but I it already ceased to want. And how he only suffers me?!

Oh, today was in hospital. The doctor so frightened me. “Threat of an abortion“ makes the diagnosis. And to us only 32 weeks.

Ya all on nerves. I am in hospital. I am stuffed with tablets and give injections. The whole day I sleep... Here also there passed 10 hospital days. Soon New year! The doctor puts childbirth for the end of January. Very soon we will meet you, my sweet babies!

on December 31 to me something became bad

, thought that it give birth, but the husband told that I will give rise on January 12. Asked it from where he knows, speaks, the dream dreamed. And even the sex of the baby to me called. Says that the daughter will be. Though we on ultrasonography specially did not begin to ask a floor. That is how did not become?! On the first ultrasonography the kid was turned by buttocks to us, there now we also decided that he does not want that we till the birth learned who we will have, and... decided not to insist!

in the Evening on January 11 I felt

badly. Approached a mirror, and it seemed to me that the stomach fell a little. And on January 12 I needed to go for reception. In the morning on January 12 we with the husband went to hospital. I approached the car and “peed the pants“ (at least, so I thought at that time), and then once again “peed the pants“! And only when I told about it to the husband, he as scalded ran up to me and told that I did not “pee the pants“, and waters at me departed...

reached by

hospital in 10 minutes though to go somewhere minutes 30. I gave rise quickly, at 11:30 we arrived, and at 12:55 I gave rise. But childbirth was heavy, with numerous rushes though it is easy to explain it with the fact that the beautiful girl weighing 4430 gr was born. and 57 cm in height.


Actually, this such happiness - to become mother. And all that is tested by the woman during pregnancy cannot just be described words, it is necessary to be influenced by it!

P. S. Ksyushenke year and four months. With appearance I almost guessed. The daughter - very bright and mobile kid, pride, our with the husband, and pleasure. The real small miracle waiting for which we spent 9 unforgettable months!