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The gift of transitional type

For me personally a question what to give to a proud being by the name of the teenager, remained not up to the end resolved in own school days. The moment when it was necessary to go on a holiday to the age-mate, was always test. Whether birthday, The Eighth of March or New year - the difference is small. Began with sad shuffle of options.

the Book - the best gift. Only it already has it. It is not so ridiculous as it seems. If the person, let us assume, is fond of a fantasy, then he really already got the best samples of this space genre and understands novelties better me.

By the way, it is possible that this shaggy mediocre pupil who, looking somewhere sideways, unexpectedly invited me to meet New year, in general reads only announcements of cancellation of lessons.

Soccerball? And why a soccerball of the personality whom without this ball after school nobody saw?

of Candy are loved, by hearsay, only by little girls. And what the gift - food is!

the Undershirt about fate - a star - it is doubtful

, the clown knows it to whom he listens in the barchelor den there.

of the Torment proceeded up to approach of hour of X. Business came to an end on December 31 painfully - convulsive jog on department store (in the company of the same extreme persons of different age) and purchase of any combined model of the battle ship for the host, kerchiefs for the invited girls and nearly erasers - for boys. It was necessary also to save parental money.

little girls it was simpler than

With the brother. However, even my own tastes and preferences were so not certain, changeable and unsteady in those days (and original passions like burning love to Dumas`s novels it is so diligent - from shyness - disappeared) that it was impossible to work for certain. Really it was succeeded to guess what my friend dreams of, me only once: she dreamed of a set for a burning out. And here another invited, little fools, presented to it for new 1986 of grants on overlaying of a make-up and any lovely female bespoleznost under the name “souvenirs“ - and, naturally, were trapped.

Between two age

It is valid, awkward age - time mysterious. You, it seems, any more not the child, but also not the adult. Pulls little girls to seem little women, for old time`s sake tempts to play war game with boys. It is pleasant to receive as a gift toys at the same time offensively and - sometimes: many did not play enough yet, but already hesitate to admit it. - that you will not understand yourself what to understand to the adult from outside!

I now the problem of “teenage“ gifts returned, already on a new round. It was necessary to give something to the growing-up children of girlfriends with whom we decided to meet together New year.

Having talked to the friends, I understood that the problem, in principle, existed always. Of course, if it was possible to present to the young lucky person expensive rollers or the bicycle, own tape recorder, the TV or a sidyushnik for his room, matters was expedited. But such solid gifts are made occasionally and to not everyone on a pocket. In the rest of the time parents should strain the imagination strongly.

Most of the parents interrogated by me with an experience in response to a question: “What to give to the teenager?“ first reflected, and then gave in this question to own children. And here, as it became clear what our younger generation dreams of.


the Imagined list of the most popular teenage gifts headed disks and cartridges. Not bad videotapes are quoted. Some part of youth is crazy about computer games (according to the interrogated kids, some Sumoner, Edge of Empire and Ultima on Line are considered especially popular). However, other part of the same youth (generally girls) does not play computer games in general. Contrary to ordinary opinion, many young people continue to read something. Among favourite authors and genres called a fantasy, books about Harry Porter, Stephen King`s horror films, historical novels of Nikitin, and also Pelevin and Tolkien. Intelligent girls still love Bulgakov.

All this

, of course, it is good. But in order that lovingly the chosen gift was not mentally awarded by the formulation “the Sediment!“ it is necessary to know tastes of the child very precisely. Or at least his companies. And this with the fact that these tastes change constantly and sometimes quite sharply. whether

not to go some other way? And to go.

it was p which - that suitable it is possible to find in the same toy shops. Not all modern toys are especially children`s entertainment, and on packings of many board games the mark “From 4 (or from 6) to 99“ is not without reason made. These games are really interesting even to adults, but at the same time can be mastered by the child.

the Most part of games such reminds

classical “Monopoly“: in them elements of luck and calculation are combined, it is necessary to think, participate in “adventures“, to get out of difficult situations, to dispose of “money“. Less often games in which for achievement of a victory it is necessary also to show knowledge meet, to answer different tricky questions or to reflect over combinations of multi-colored counters, figures, figures.

Quite adult citizens are capable to play with enthusiasm these games several times in a row. Perhaps, your kind offspring as - nibud will accept you in game, and the family will have an excess opportunity to rally. Try to take away from the child his gift not too often then...

of the Toy rascally

On shelves of toy departments can be found out still which - that not absolutely children`s. Puzzles. The majority of puzzles, however, not really suit the teenager: they or are too simple and devoted to frankly children`s plots, or are too difficult and demand laborious multi-day work even from the adult.

I know

From own experience that collecting not of the most difficult landscape puzzles tightens as drug so on a two-three of days life in the house stops. At four o`clock in the morning some sky over the lock or ripples still gathers on water. Two silent halfbent figures (we with the husband) as sleepwalkers, and so turn intricate detalk, trying to adjust them where - nibud. At nine in the morning work is resumed. Work, economy, business meetings are perceived as an annoying hindrance to business of life. The family passes to a pasture.

To put it briefly if the teenager to whom you are going to present a puzzle already not too sacredly observes the mode, it is inclined to be late and be engaged in anything, except lessons, it is worth thinking a little whether this fascinating game is necessary to it. Though - winter vacation, a blizzard behind windows...


However, it will be even worse if at all efforts the teenager does not manage to collect the picture. In such situation uncertainty in itself and any complexes like “Eh, poor I, nothing ever is impossible to me, and the leg at me curves will never turn out, and, and hair slantwise grow …“ begin to blossom in the terry color. Younger brothers and sisters of the collector constitute separate danger: it is possible to them unintentionally (and even purposely) to destroy jeweler work halfway.


generally, with puzzles it is necessary more carefully. It is the best of all to choose ridiculous multyashnyesyuzheta, not too simple, that is with rather fine details of drawing, but at the same time not demanding titanic efforts for collecting.

If you never tried to collect by

adult puzzles, then it is worth explaining what causes the greatest difficulties. These are first of all the big “empty“ spaces deprived of concrete identification details: sky, water, mountains. Collecting of some mountain landscape can become the real nightmare from which at anyone hands will fall (and there are such rascally puzzles!) covered with folds, absolutely identical on color and lines. By the way, identical colors, that is some it is black - white color of the picture - the second main pazlovsky dirty trick. Such “game“ can be bought only itself, under a personal responsibility.

Alternative to a puzzle the designer is capable to become …. If you do not know yet that modern designers allow to collect independently from details the most real toys, for example, some UFOs models with the blinking bulbs and sound signals, then this idea can seem strange. But teenagers will estimate it.

do not excite memoirs

of People, conceiving classically, will surely think of the gift connected with a hobby. And that to be sensitive to others interests and it is always pleasant to spill a balm for the soul to the keen person.

However with such gifts too not everything is simple

. The person from outside will always look a layman in comparison with the one who and is seriously keen long ago on some business. It is very easy to choose the line of least resistance and to present to the passionate philatelist some remarkable brands which … appeared at it five years ago. Appeared just because they such remarkable, and it could not pass them. It is also possible “to get“ with magnificent gift books, albums, sports equipment, popular books about musical stars, etc.

Of course if it is about your own child, to learn what is not enough in his hobby - economy, it will be easy (yes you for certain and so know it). Then the vymechtanny gift (a missing detail for a collection, some special sneakers, one more book of the favourite writer or a favourite genre) will be met with a bang. But if the offspring`s hobby for you - a dark or it has to be equipped on a visit to not really close friend of whom only the fact that he, apparently, is fond of history is known, it is better not to risk.

A still very dangerously involuntarily to expose badly hidden passion. The presentation of a huge calendar with a portrait of the favourite singer or the next movie with participation of the favourite actor can delight, and can confuse - especially at the derisive, cynical, despising feelings best friends of your offspring.

And worst of all if the passion began to cool down. Sweet reminders on recently evaporated love for some reason terribly irritate, especially in bashful awkward age. Parents, you hopelessly lagged behind life! Who could know that this foolish maiden as stopped loving month Nikolay Baskov and now is fond of some absolutely unknown bony singer from, in the name of God, Reykjavik?

the good way out. The young photographer can be presented with films of Kodak, the needlewoman - hanks of a multi-colored yarn or a mouline thread. But here again - it is necessary to know that the young specialist will consider qualitative and that - a garbage.

Man`s - female

many girls in eleven - twelve have just years specific “hobby“: own beauty. If, polistyvy mother`s magazines, the young woman with addiction lingers on the Fashion and Beauty pages, began to try on mother`s blouses and by hook or by crook to get that special costume jewelry which can be carried only at this age (all these glass busik and brasletik imitating brilliantik) it is almost possible not to doubt: it will like a “female“ gift. That is such which will show that her feminity which - what means not only to it. The first set of the real beautiful linen, basket with fragrant soap, shampoo and bath foam, a kulonchik from the Venetian glass, own manicure set … (It is desirable only not from the category “clothes“ - it is to give still risky.) Generally, the direction is clear. One detail: it is good if the gift bagatelle is rather graceful and even refined. There is a hope that in this case it will touch heart even of that little woman who at heart would prefer to receive as a gift next computer “shooter game“.

In general gifts from the adult world - quite good idea. However, as the maturity comes unpredictable breakthroughs, it is better to leave from concrete objects. They, often quite expensive, can strongly bring the donator. Some fancy handle (a gift for the boy) is capable to cause explosion of grateful pleasure in one, the solid and “advanced“ in respect of a growing citizen, and it is cruel to disappoint another, even more senior and clever, but still committed to style “the boy ordinary: hair a nest, knees dranenky, hands - dirty“.

Exit: to present a piece of adult freedom.


of A little filthy lucre

as freedom piece, for example, two tickets for some fashionable theatrical performance, a set of pure videotapes or some sum of pocket money perfectly work. The moment of the independent choice is important: whom to call in theater, what movies and programs to write down from the TV on a video recorder.

Special (and quite benevolent) attention is deserved by a filthy lucre: still in my own, as early as not too pragmatic school days, the vast majority of boys considered as the cherished dream possession of pocket money. In it they admitted the questionnaires which were then in use with all these penetrating questions like “Your favorite band“, “A favourite dish“ or “Antipathy“.

New Year`s specifics

However, are which - that, uniting both uneven-age children, and adults. This, which - that - in the atmosphere of the coming holiday from which all of us with persistence of madmen every time wait for miracles.

I miracles appear. They come in the form of magic booths with all these bagatelles, charming and absolutely unnecessary in all other months of year: fir-tree wreaths, gold hand bells, velvet sacks for gifts, gold asterisks and asterisks just white, but allegedly (exactly allegedly!) phosphorescing in the dark …

Perhaps, it is just idea. Just the gift from the category of Christmas attributes will not become a personal gift to the teenager. It will be just yours personally - a family contribution to celebration of New year on a visit, the small detail urged to decorate the house where all wait for approach of the next magic. So we are arranged that some useless, but beautiful a venochka, and especially to twisted candles, most likely, all will sincerely be glad - even obstinate citizens of awkward age.

the List of desires

Finally - idea of an organizational order for own child. The element of the free choice and surprise can be present even in case the gift vymechtan and is elicited long ago. Nou - Hau of such approach it was delivered by my one friendly family from England. Becomes so: in anticipation of red date the teenager himself writes the list of things which would like to receive as a gift. It is amusing that sometimes this list appears a bolt from the blue for parents. And so, the list, the better is longer. Thus, the child till the last moment does not guess that he will receive, but also it, and his parents precisely know: the gift will be desired.

If, of course, its tastes do not manage to change a little...