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I will feed until there is a milk

Will begin the story with the fact that exactly 11 months ago I became a mother. We gave birth to the son together with the husband. How it is healthy when nearby there is a loved one, I will not write - it is and it is so clear. There now, 13 hours later from the beginning of fights exactly in 18 - 00 our Dimusha was born! I gave birth to him, rather easily, except for couple of seams.

I there came the moment of the first applying to a breast! I was very responsible pregnant woman, attended courses, read literature and for 100% was sure that I will have no problems with feeding. What my surprise was that did not leave my tita at all! The suitable midwife long scoffed at my aunt, trying to squeeze out though slightly - slightly, but everything is useless. Except bruises and terrible pain there was nothing.

brought to

the kid Next day. At all in chamber children actively nasasyvat and smacked the lips, and we from Mitenkaya sucked a small bottle. And we lacked norm in 30 grams obviously. After a small bottle the sonny fell asleep for about two hours, and then began to cry, demand food.

the breast tried to give him

Ya, but at all milk was not. I remember how having woken up hours in 12 nights, the sonny plaintively requested to eat, and I went with him on hands along a hospital corridor and it rocked to sleep. I cried together with it. Asked an extraordinary small bottle from medical staff. So there passed 3 days. Last evening before an extract relatives brought to one neigbour in chamber a water-ice. It is such mix from dried fruits and nuts in honey. She treated with it all including me. For the morning at all in chamber milk just burst forth, and my breast was poured so what to touch was sick. To my happiness there was no limit! My kid took tityu and began it very quietly, to suck so accurately! On pleasures I even photographed it on phone.

In the same day we came back home. And here began: there was not enough milk, the sonny exhausted it in 5 minutes and again asked to eat. The come local pediatrician “consoled“:“ Nothing terrible, so will be a bottle-fed baby“.

From the fact that I became spoons this water-ice is and to wash down it with tea for a lactation, milk came, but it is not enough! Soon the son had all person in an allergy to medical Shcherbet was brought out of a diet. I knew that in order that milk arrived, it should be decanted more often, and so far the kid slept, sat near it with a milk pump and decanted, decanted precious drops. It turned out gram 20, then 30, then 40! What the milk pump hurt, only the one who used it will understand! Means from cracks helped out, but sometimes it seemed that the kid together with milk sucks also blood from the burst nipple.

- y day after the delivery we for the first time were not finished feeding by

On 10, and sucked the whole day tityu! So little by little - little by little and milk was established!

Now to our kid nearly a year, and he very much loves tityu! It its main antidepressant! I want to continue to feed the son until there is a milk!