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Unforgettable time of

the Husband from a wedding asked from me the son and constantly made a reservation that he awakes to love also the daughter, but the son - it was his dream. And I wanted to feel at first as the wife, and then already mother.

here did not pass

I also years as we moved to new 3 - x the room apartment in the quiet quiet district. Around spring, grass. The round girls and kids asking ice cream from mothers go, and in our apartment it is somehow empty and is lonely. Here - that was also played by my maternal instinct, I wanted the child now immediately, could not wait. Thank God, my history not about difficult conception, I do not know how take out expectation more unfortunately than the woman.

Ya waited for only 2 weeks from the moment of an ovulation and to a delay. Only 2 weeks, and I all isperezhivatsya, found at herself all signs of pregnancy and even made the test before term, it was negative. I was broken, understood that I go crazy that I invented all signs. This state lasted 2 days, and after I with new forces began to twitch and wait for that day when I am able to pass a test. And here it came, since morning I ran in a bathtub and only heard behind the back of the word of the husband: “Perhaps we will wait, suddenly again negative?“ But I could not wait if I feel that I am pregnant, then I am simply obliged to be convinced of it. With a sinking heart I wait, one accurate strip, inside as if something failed. The test brightens... And here it, pink second stripe. I am pregnant! I jump out from a bathtub, I fly on the husband, and both of us cry out with happiness!

same put

B we went to tell parents. There was a middle of May, they were at the dachas. Reaction was identical. Mothers cried with happiness, and fathers confusedly congratulated and cut flowers from a bed. We walked together on the wood, holding hands, and represented how it will be. The husband called friends and shouted with happiness: “I will become a father!“

I Arrived in consultation on the 5th week and reported that I am pregnant, and I was sent home - a pier, term small. For the 6th weeks they gave up and started on me the card. On the 9th week I was sent for ultrasonography for determination of term, I saw a tiny tadpole and felt such love! Then to me included his heart and told: You hear? It it!“ I burst into tears. Told this case to Vovka, he with a sinking heart asked again: “Who is he is a boy?“ What it is ridiculous!

Has to tell

that all pregnancy I week after a week monitored development of the child and enthusiastically reported to all about changes. As it grew up also that is already able. As well as on all following, we went for the first planned ultrasonography together. But the first was the most concerning. To me to look, the truth did not resolve, and here all told Vovka and showed, and I looked at his happy shining face and was happy! We were told that there will be a boy, we believed, we were happy.

Pregnancy proceeded easily, small toxicosis at the beginning and a uterus tone on 22 weeks. Analyses and all indicators are ideal, but I had flu and ORZ of times 5, probably, tablets cannot be drunk - here and was treated only by tea with a lemon yes tinctures on herbs. Once steamed legs - parents, having learned about it, nearly fainted, more I was not foolish.

I got a job and at once became pregnant, I very much was afraid to speak. Decided how it will be pushed, I will go to the administration as other employees knew for a long time. This day came, shakes me, the voice shivers, I recall the chief aside, I tell everything as on spirit, and she as will burst into tears, kissed me and congratulated. I did not expect it! Read horror stories about angry employers. Generally, at work I was preserved, cared and cherished.

On 30 weeks session began

, here I felt big support too: the beloved husband carried me and took away, teachers were indulgent, and fellow students are fascinated by my situation.

So turned out that for half a year at ours the Druze 6 children were born, and ours has to be the youngest. I go big-bellied, and all have on hands already children, I so dreamed to take somewhat quicker on hands of the sonny!

From 37 weeks when my doctor - the obstetrician told that from this term the child is full-term, and it is already possible to give birth, became me absolutely nevterpezh. Waited for all, well when. I and on a ladder went, and hands washed the floors and every day had sex - everything that to prepare a neck... And anything!

Came to the next reception to the doctor best all over the world on the 39th week, and I was told that the neck is not ready at all and if I do not want to perenashivat, it is necessary to lay down in prenatal office. And I so dreamed to go to maternity hospital with fights! But I really did not want to perenashivat and laid down. Laid down and saw how there is a lot of future mummies here. All had one dream - to get to postnatal office somewhat quicker.

in the Evening after one procedure at me weak, but regular contractions began

. On round I radiantly declared that I give birth, but they only laughed and did not believe. I came to them in an hour with records of my fights, but as there was a night, and the neck was still not ready, I was just lulled.

In a morning me was dynamically prepared, and my doctor (in combination the deputy. the chief physician of maternity hospital, the friend of my parents and the best practicing obstetrician of the city) asked: “Well that? To give birth we will go?“ I told the husband and mother, they came tearing along and met me in the hall already with sick and long fights. I went to give birth, and they waited in a bottom.

Everything passed

remarkably, I gave rise hour for four. I think, the most important - completely to trust the doctor. I and fights felt, and in clouds did some flying, and tried epiduralny anesthesia. And here it happened, I gave rise. I dial Vovka`s number and I congratulate him - he became a father. Here my small is put to me on a stomach what it a bittock. Licked a nipple, without having managed to grasp plainly it, and it was taken to be weighed and measured, all this was in one chamber. Then me put in order a little and brought the husband. He saw the son in 15 minutes after the birth. He approached, kissed me and told: “You are my hero...“ All the time rushed about between me and the son, wanted to become torn. It shone with happiness as, probably, and I at this moment.

So us became three - it was our first meeting with the sonny Dimochka. Now to it 4 months, and me it is not believed that behind all 9 months, and on the city other future mothers go already.