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Small victories in fight for a milk of

Difficult long delivery, and the son took away at once in CIT (chamber of intensive therapy). Five days on the device IVL, itself could not breathe, then 2 more days in PITA, and only for the eighth day I arrived to it to hospital where we also spent 3 weeks.

It is natural, these fed him 7 days with mixes. First of all in hospital asked whether there is a milk in a breast at me. And I persistently prepared all these 7 days a breast for the child. Nipples were involved, and drops of milk were extended very difficult. My weak sonny could not rassosat a breast. But in a week I developed a breast rather well, the milk pump helped to extend nipples to me. The saw to many tea also ate walnuts with condensed milk. Tried that for the kid there was more milk. So in a week I was ready to feed the kid.

Looking at me, the doctor and the nurse were surprised that I in general have milk (itself small, thin, a breast small too). But milk was. And the son was so weak that he was fed through a probe, but my milk. First day. And in the evening we tried to give a milk from a small bottle. After the device IVL the kid was weak and just all the time slept. And, feeding from a small bottle, I constantly had to move it that he did not fall asleep and drank all milk. And he drank everything! It was the first victory.

Next day we were already fed with

from a small bottle. I was decanted, poured in a small bottle and fed. And after feeding decanted the remains of milk in a sink. I considered, the more I will decant, the more will arrive. Couple of days the son slept all night long.

A once he woke up at night, and I could not calm him. I felt that he wants to eat. But nurses told what at the night of a small bottle should not be given if you want - nurse. What to do? One more nuance - I was forbidden to sit the whole month! Too much at me was seams after the delivery. How to feed the child? Put on a pelenalny little table and put a breast. He it seems somehow tries to take, but cannot. I was frightened that I will not be able to feed the kid. Began to remember that read that heard that saw how it is correct to give a breast to the kid. Tried once again and it turned out! It was my second victory. Now at night I nursed it. Gradually passed from a small bottle to a breast. The doctor still then told:“ Feed, suddenly you will be dairy mother“.

we Arrived home and began to eat when we wanted. The kid hung on Tit on half an hour and asked through 1,5 - 2 hours. I was afraid that I have not enough milk, but the son put on weight very well, even there is always a lot of. By three months it tripled the weight almost and became such butuziky. The doctor in children`s hospital advised to enter a feeding up as it is possible later therefore we tried the first juice months in 5, but it did not want to drink. And then I began a feeding up with vegetable purees.

But our main food always. Still there was a period when it seemed that I have not enough milk, the son sucked almost empty tityu. Then the kid was often hurt by a tummy, and I very much was tired with it on hands. In a day it was exhausted, and by the evening milk in a breast was almost not. And for a good lactation, as we know, it is necessary to have a rest well. Then I reconsidered the mode, began day to sleep with the son and to spit on dirty ware, shifted house cleaning to mother`s shoulders, with washing the sister when came helped.

A with milk I used cunning. At night milk was more, and the son did not eat everything. A watch in 3 - 4 nights I fed the son, and decanted the remains and cleaned in the refrigerator. To morning feeding the breast was already again filled. And in the afternoon or in the evening when in a breast there was few milk, finished feeding from a small bottle the milk. And the breast had a rest, was filled better, and milk, by the way, increased. And could leave on affairs for some time, for about 4 hours now (the son ate through 1,5 - 2 hours). In a week of such night decantations at me finished problems with milk. But I continued to decant milk about a month more at night. I did not experience more crisis of milk.


Now to my son one and a half years, and still we eat a mother`s milk, however, not so often already, all time 3 - 4 in day.