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The scenario of the children`s holiday “Birthday of Sherlock Holmes“

last year, at once after “Birthday of the cowboy“, Anton offered a new subject for the following birthday - “Sherlock Holmes“. There were, of course, doubts and fears as far as this subject will fit into children`s birthday. But here birthday passed. Very much it was pleasant to children.

Here that at us turned out.

right at the beginning, after acquaintance to Mrs. Hatson (grandmother), Watson (mother) and Sherlock Holmes (Anton), detectives passed small entrance tests then to them attached badges with names in Russian and English. Then detectives deciphered notes in cipher “The dancing little men“, previously having received it from the names (it was necessary to argue and calculate logically letters). Made an identikit of the criminal which was in four different places in a different look (chose and stuck together from the collection which is unpacked from a computer identikit - eyes, a hairdress, a mouth, a nose, clothes etc.) . Opened a number of “crimes“, searched on the confidential notes read by means of a mirror, a glass with water, a cliche and the confidential code of the relative of The Hound of the Baskervilles “a terrible hamster to Tishk“ who is hidden “in a shed“ and with nightfall let out on hunting. To find the confidential gangster code and to find out where this dangerous animal disappears, it was necessary to get into a gangster den that hand bells did not ring out silently.

Detectives passed a floor labyrinth, made a chemical experiment with Holmes, worked ability to catch the criminal on a sound (aurally) in game with a hand bell (two blindfold try to catch the third with a hand bell, and its task - to make so that they caught each other), guessed what is in a black box.

What is in a black box?

1. It can be different color, a different form, cold and hot, firm and soft. You have it, you constantly lose it and constantly need it. - Water, a small bottle with water.

2. Each of you has it. An invaluable thing for a short memory. Sometimes upsets not only you. Pleases too not only you. All this can be 10 or 11. - Diary.

3. It is grown up in the field. When it is not enough, it gives pleasure when much - it is possible and to begin to cry. When you are ill - it is necessary to know what it feels like.

It is the most valuable from the point of view of Sonya`s doggie. - Mustard, mustard plaster.

4. It can be rigid and soft. By means of it knowledge, information and cultural values extend. It everywhere: on a table, in cases, on walls and in even in portfolios. Say for fun that it - everything will endure. - Paper, napkin.

5. It was appreciated very expensively earlier. Now became usual. It is in sea water. Practically nobody can do without it, but when there is too much it - that would not be better than it absolutely. - Salt.

6. It can be both a vegetable, and animal origin. Without what is made from this you will not go outside, you will not go to bed. But in a bathtub it is not necessary. - Fabric.

7. What it is made of, is afraid of what it is intended for. And to make it, it is necessary to wait, so far what it is made of, will not grow big. It to children not a toy. - Matches.

was Played in “Transformation“ where everyone without words represented the character who dropped out to it on a lot (in the curtailed note), and the others guessed.

the Doctor, a statue, the GAI officer, drunk, lame, blind, the deaf, the lost kid, the old woman, the cook.

Got out of captivity and tried a key to a keyhole to open a door and to be chosen.

At a table ate with

cake on which names of all children were written by the code “The dancing little men“.

Everyone tried to find

a piece with the name which to it and was cut off. And candles were very cunning - after they were extinguished, they lit up again. It was cheerful.

A at the end children received certificates of detectives for 1 year before the following birthday, the full code of the dancing little men and a set for detective activity: boys - a roulette and a small lamp, girls - a magnifying glass and a small lamp.