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of Subjects who has a non-standard appearance or character, is always hard to fit into society - but even the most ridiculous creations find love and care. Especially if they are not people, and dogs.


In America known for the tolerant approach to all non-standard creations, organized an unusual competition most 22 years ago... ugly dogs in the world. This unique show happening annually in Petalum, the State of California, of course, not for the faint-hearted - you will understand soon why.

the Competition of “the most terrible dogs in the world“ was originally started by

as the parody on traditional “a mastiff - show“. Popularity of a competition grew every year, drawing attention of a huge number of mass media, and since 2001 the Animal Planet TV channel acted as the official financial and media sponsor of action.

Most of participants of the competition “World “ s Ugliest Dogs“ are animals who did not have relations with their first owners: many animals were picked up on the street or taken away from dog shelters. Despite unattractive and often a disturbing look, these creations have no lack of care and caress: here and there on show pink fluffy collars with expensive stones, design leads (for example, in the form of a linking of sausages) and colourful bows dazzle. There is a lot of such competitions in America, and they represent absolute love and mercy in relation to dumb animals - even to the most non-standard of them!

However, dogs of extravagant appearance meet not only at the corresponding competitions - but also, for example, on service of shepherds. The Hungarian sheep-dogs, for example, look absolutely on - skomorosh at the expense of incredibly rigid and dense wool (see. photo) - however this peculiar feature of appearance is necessary for them for service: rigid as a wire, wool protects dogs from attacks of wolves and bears.

For fans of dogs unusual in every respect this summer cinema the season prepared a pleasant gift - the long-awaited screen version of the popular comic book about Marmadyuk, a hyperactive Danish mastiff, the improbable hooligan who lives happily and in addition likes to talk. Marmadyuk will tell about the dog happiness from screens of movie theaters on June 2, 2010. Long ears, improbable garrulity and 100 cm in withers - distinctive features of this dog. The Danish mastiff very much loves surfing, dances and does not refuse anything to himself - what neighbors sometimes are horrified by. But owners it is crazy about it.

Sam - the Chinese crested dog
of the Photo: samugliestdog. com
Sam, probably, one of the most famous and discussed winners of the competition World “s Ugliest Dogs (“The most terrible dog in the world“). This creation even three times (!) was entitled “most awful“ for of 2003 - 2005 Unfortunately, in November, 2005 Sam had to be lulled from - for a heart disease then to it posthumously awarded a title of “The most terrible dog of all times“.
of the Photo: ugliestdogs. This dog by nickname Manchkin owners tenderly call by net
“Canardly“ - derivative of “Can Hardly Tell“ that literally means - “figs will sort“. Her veterinarian is convinced that she could be some hybrid of the affenpinscher and God knows whom else, adding that Manchkin - the miracle marvelous is simple.
of the Photo: berger/ap
Pabst is a boxer of the mixed blood who beat off a rank of “The most terrible dog in the world“ at Chinese crested after their victories within 7 years in a row.
of the Photo: clary/getty
the Commodore (the Hungarian sheep-dog) - the real dog - the Rasta! Long, rigid as a wire, wool of this breed protects dogs from attacks of wolves and bears when they on service of the shepherd. It should be noted that these dogs were never exposed on show of “most awful“, and their frightening appearance only helps them to carry out official duties.