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Navigation opening: children`s ships go to swimming of

the First summer month opens a swimming season and increases interest in any water toys. Children`s ships, radio-controlled boats, submarines and sailing yachts dissect waters of the rivers, lakes and even city fountains.

of the Regatta of paper ships and fight of sailing vessels with the ruled or checkered sails and “trunk“ from bark or a suitable plate is not shots from the old movie or from pages of the favourite nursery of the book. Each pool left last heavy rain is the sea in which there take place fights of children`s ships, and any stream - the place for a regatta of paper ships which any first grader is able to put. But many consider that it is the last century, paper ships consigned to the past together with models of the ships - the sailing handsome, and children`s ships of our century are radio-controlled boats, boats, sailing yachts. Of course, it is dream of any boy - small a yacht point or the ship obeying the slightest movement of a hand.

Radio-controlled boats

And also sailing yachts - copies of participants of the most important and known competitions on the scale of about 1:20 can be bought

in the most usual shop now. To receive in possession the yacht which was taking part in “the Cup of America“ (America “s Cup), is only 20 times less, it is possible approximately for 7 - 10 thousands of rubles. Less known model or the radio-controlled boat - for of 3 - 6 thousand. And the radio-controlled boat representing the reduced model of the present racing - approximately for 12 - 16 thousands of rubles.

of Model of the ships

Who told that to glue modelk - boring, uninteresting and unfashionable occupation?“ Shipyard on a desktop“ - hobby of thousands of people in the different countries. Your child if the ships, their history, the device, their secrets and secrets are interesting to him also can quite join them.

can be

of Model of the ships floating, operated or decorative - for decoration of the room. It is possible to do models of the ships independently, and it is possible to use ready sets for assembly. Wheel steamships, sailing vessels or submarines for pasting from plastic can be bought for 400 - 900 rubles. Such models of the ships quite will be suitable for the child or the teenager - rather small amount of details and the material which is not demanding especially trimester relation do assembly of model by not too difficult occupation.

However, at many plastic models very approximate instructions. To stick together plastic parts by them - not a problem, and to here carry out a standing or running rigging (all this ropes - kanatik - strings which hold masts or help to operate sails) it will already hardly turn out, without resorting to special literature. So if the hobby grows, and interest gets stronger, it is worth paying attention to models of the ships from a tree. There is a scope for the choice - from enough simple models, to the maximum inclination to the original, both in drawings, and in the technology of production as close as possible to a modern era of the assembled vessel. Respectively, and models of the ships turn out almost exact copies of that, real. Here approach to the accompanying instructions and drawings - without them is usually more serious anywhere. But also the prices more serious, from 2 - 3 thousand rubles, to several tens, and even hundreds. Anyway, the hobby for models will not be for the child in vain - except assiduity and improvement of small motility the child will broaden the horizons, will closer get acquainted with history, and it is possible, and will become in shipbuilding seriously interested - and this very dear occupation.

If models of the ships to you and the child are pleasant to

, and here their assembly of a particular interest does not cause - for the same several tens or hundreds of thousands it is possible to buy ready model - with a covering from valuable breeds of a tree and cast metal details. The mahogany, a nut, a box, study of the smallest details - all this will be able to please the most exacting fan of the ships.

From children`s ships - to the children`s ships

Of course, both models of the ships, and their radio-controlled fellows - it is interesting and healthy, but somehow very much the prices biting. But here business reparable - except radio-controlled boats and yachts is simple radio-controlled toys - the same boats, yacht points or submarines, are only made they of simple plastic and do not repeat the lines of contours of champions of any there cups. But what before to the child? The radio-controlled piracy brig with polyethylene sails or the small submarine is quite capable to please it, especially, if in a set to it there are underwater points or a mask to watch its immersion - at the same time and the child will learn to swim under water. And all this happiness - from 500 to 1,5 thousand rubles.

A if an opportunity and desire to spend for the beloved child a lot of money at once are - present it the real water bike! Well, not absolutely real - with the inflatable case, but with an electric motor and an opportunity to operate it without standing on the coast, and sitting actually on the scooter. It is recommended for age from 3 - 5 years (under supervision of adults, certainly), the maximum loading capacity - of 45 - 50 kilograms. the Speed from 1,5 to 5 kilometers per hour, the price is about 11 000 rubles. Quite good alternative to a rubber ring! Approximately for a half of this sum it is possible to buy an inflatable boat, with an electric motor, a life jacket and the electric pump in a set too. The sea of pleasure and an immemorial combination “the sun, air and water“, as we know, promoting strengthening of health. However, here it is important to remember that children on water need continuous supervision, and the sun, at all usefulness, can turn back unpleasant burns or a sunstroke if to forget about sunblock cream and a headdress.

As can be seen, various children`s ships and the ships offer boys a set of options interestingly and to fascinatingly spend time - from sitting over ship model, having imposed with books on shipbuilding, history, military and lifting science, before standing with the panel of the radio-controlled boat on the bank of a reservoir, or conquest of waves of the same reservoir on own scooter. Here both the homebody, and the researcher, and the hazardous racer, and the young fan of “extreme“ will find to themselves work to liking.

Seven feet near Kiel and a fair wind!