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Voluntary medical insurance of children in OSAO “Ingosstrakh“

Health of the person consists of many factors. It both genetic predisposition, and ecology, and a way of life, and an occupation, and is a lot more various nuances. One of the major components is that support which was got by an organism in the childhood. Fact of common knowledge: it is simpler to lay from the very beginning the foundation for development of a strong healthy constitution, to take necessary preventive measures, than then to correct errors and to treat chronic diseases.

What the doctor prescribed us?

We seek to give to children the best that it became guarantee of their future success, health and vital wellbeing. But here the good children`s doctor - whether on a pocket it to most of parents?

Of course, the state provides to our children medical care according to programs of obligatory medical insurance. However quality of this service leaves much to be desired. Today district clinics cause in parents a large number of complaints - infinite turns in which it is bad both to mothers, and children. Here have to spend time in the company with other ill children, risking to catch still something directly in policlinic.

Besides, the policy of full equality leads to the fact that often it is not a question of an individual approach to maintaining the little patient, the diagnosis, but not the child is treated.

That is why many parents prefer to address to private paid clinics. Today their choice is rather rich, there is only a consultation at really good expert in clinic with full lechebno - diagnostic base absolutely expensively. And it is impossible to save here - it is impossible to recover half. Modern parents need to learn to optimize the expenses so that they were effective for 100%. How to make it?

of VHI - the optimal variant

the Effective solution of a question of redistribution of means of the family budget in favor of your child is acquisition of the policy of the voluntary medical insurance (VMI) in “Ingosstrakh“ - one of the largest domestic insurance companies which cooperates more than with three thousand lead medical institutions over all country.

Having paid

once for the policy of VHI of “Ingosstrakh“ for your child, within a year you will be exempted from additional expenditure because if necessary medical services for the sum much exceeding policy cost will be rendered to him. For example, at the cost of annual policy of 37 thousand rubles the limit of a covering makes 6 million rubles, at the same time the policy covers as the cost of services in policlinic, including stomatology, and home visiting service, the emergency stationary help and services of “ambulance“.

Signing the contract of medical insurance, think over all pros and cons and pick up the insurance product including the optimum set of medical services corresponding to the size of your family budget and features of health of your child. Insurance products can include polyclinic service, services of the personal pediatrician, the stationary help in case of emergency and in a planned order, services of “ambulance“ and stomatology.

Specialists of “Ingosstrakh“ will help to understand subtleties of conditions of insurance and to choose the version of the policy which is most suitable for you. Each client throughout all action of the policy is accompanied the administrator of the contract who is responsible for all technical questions connected with insurance (providing with policies, providing the description of programs of insurance, registration of additional agreements etc.) and the medical curator who resolves issues of medical character. Besides, in case of questions on VHI in a time off, you can address to the round-the-clock dispatching service OSAO “Ingosstrakh“ which has full information on programs of insurance of each client.


Choosing the policy of VHI in “Ingosstrakh“, do not forget also about the system of discounts offered by the company. Will provide you a discount of 10% if you show the policy of VHI of any insurance company existing or which ended no more than in 1 month prior to the address to OSAO “Ingosstrakh“. Also the discount can use at insurance 2 - x and more adult members of one family. The discount of 10% at insurance in “Ingosstrakh“ for the period of a trip is provided to the owner of the policy of VHI abroad. It is also necessary to remember that expenses on the policy of VHI are considered as a part of social tax deductions, and, having addressed to the tax inspection at the place of residence, it is possible to return part of the paid sum for policies of VHI for itself and the relatives.

“Be healthy“

- private clinic for your budget

Krom of a set of medical services, the cost of the policy of VHI depends on the price level of clinics on the basis of which there will take place treatment. Prices for products of VHI for children vary quite widely. And price level in clinic not always directly corresponds to the level of the medical services rendered in it.

For more successful control and optimization of cost of treatment, so, and costs of policies of VHI, the Ingosstrakh company opened a network of clinics “Be healthy“. In Moscow the clinic works “Be healthy“ for children where reception is conducted by all most popular doctors - experts. It is the versatile medical center in which the widest range of polyclinic services is offered, the latest diagnostic and laboratory equipment is used.

“Ingosstrakh“ developed various insurance products for children of different age with service on the basis of own children`s clinic “Be healthy“. For example, the annual insurance policy on a product “Optimal Bud Is healthy“ where all are included necessary out-patient - polyclinic services, and also the stomatology, the emergency stationary help and services of “ambulance“ for the child from 1 to 6 years, will cost you 59 300 rubles. And the insurance company undertakes not only payment of accounts directly to medical institutions, but also control of volumes, terms and quality of organized treatment.

“Be healthy“

In children`s clinic the modern medical equipment is used. In diagnostic office the computer spirography, an electrocardiogram, daily monitoring an electrocardiogram and HELL, etc. are carried out radiological, ultrasonic. In work of laboratory the automatic analyzers allowing to reduce influence of a human factor and to receive high-precision results of all main laboratory researches in the shortest possible time to a minimum are used. All appointments and the directions are made in the mode “online“. The range of laboratory researches includes all-clinical, biochemical, immunological trials, microbiology, cytology, histology and PTsR - diagnostics. Ultrasonic diagnostics, doppler sonography, an electrocardiogram, a stress - an echocardiography, a X-ray, etc. are carried out. At treatment modern European techniques and expendables are used.

What to choose?

“Ingosstrakh“ offers

a wide choice of products of voluntary medical insurance of children. They differ in the cost, filling and some additional conditions.“ Platinum“ is the complex product having the maximum insurance covering on the basis of elite medical institutions where even planned hospitalization and receiving drugs in drugstores of “Rigl“ enter. A product “the Premium Be healthy“ will provide a full complex of medical services mainly at home, and also on the basis of children`s clinic of “Ingosstrakh“ “Be healthy“. The product of “Optimal“ includes all necessary medical services and the emergency hospitalization. On a product “Optimal Bud Will be healthy“ your child “Be exciting“ to be treated in children`s clinic. On the most economic product of “Ratsional“ medical services are rendered on the basis of good, but inexpensive clinics of the city. Having chosen a product “Individual“, you will be able to vary the volume of medical services in the policy of VHI, for example, having added or having cleaned programs of stomatologic service, the ambulance and the emergency stationary help.