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“Nemolochny“ mother of

There now! It turned out that I am pregnant... Yes, it is necessary to tell quite unexpectedly... Taking into account the first tests and mistakes this time everything has to be... Well, generally, Mishka I decided to nurse in that that became.

All pregnancy I passed

with strong confidence that if near me there are kind sympathetic doctors, then everything will be good. 5 years were my Katyushke at that time, and some bitter stone of offense all - hid at me inside.


By its birth in general accompanied many difficulties. To nurse it at all my efforts it did not turn out. My baby physicians quickly taught to eat mix and about any applying to a breast after the birth there was no speech even.


So, it is solved. I specially planned the family budget so that childbirth in paid clinic was not accident. I want to tell: I never regretted that childbirth was in paid clinic. Childbirth went not according to the planned scenario, my basin was “clinically narrow“ therefore the decision to carry out Cesarean section was made.

Literally in 40 minutes after operation my Mishka fast, literally on a smell having found what is necessary, already gave smacking kiss lips at me near by. And I, without believing that miracles all - happen, literally choked with happiness. What my surprise when next day and even in 5 days milk did not come was. And it besides that Mishka used such efforts that he struck all personnel of maternity hospital. Naturally, it began to be lured. With what hope I together with the nurse of children`s office stacked synulyu on scales after each feeding to see that he ate that 20 grams, and that 10.

To an extract home for the 7th days my doctor sadly joked that, probably, I am “not dairy“ mother and that even if to consider that the lactation is strongly influenced by a way of a rodorazresheniye, milk all - had to appear already. For all these days I read the sea of articles about how it is necessary to feed, the hope honestly began “to wave to me the handle“. But I decided that I will not give up. I was sure that if nurse Mishka, then I will manage to protect him from many problems.

Having arrived home and having waited for the pediatrician, I heard nothing consolatory. “There is no milk? Well, so already will also not be. You do not starve the child. Finish feeding mix.“ Here a verdict of the come doctor. Carrying out everything according to the instruction and honestly finishing feeding Mishka mix, I literally sobbed inside. Perhaps of course, it was necessary to treat all this more simply. The state after operation affected, probably. To tell the truth, before childbirth, reading articles about experiences of mothers who did not pass a way of natural childbirth I thought:“ Nonsenses, what beauty, neither this excruciating pain, nor all other “delights“, and the baby - here it“. Now I understand how it was silly. The feeling when the child from you is “taken“ is not transferred. Just became me badly. And here also it is not possible to feed most. The feeling of full inferiority begins to overflow you at full scale...

But destiny - strange piece. Somewhere on the third week at Mishulka the nose, and eyes which we persistently washed out began to breathe badly, did not want to pass in any way. Our acquaintance advised to call the doctor on the house for money. We could not call the district police officer because there were days off. I still remember how the come doctor categorically told me: “Well - feed, and I will look. Also we will solve in what a problem“. She checked whether correctly I put Mishka, asked as he sleeps how many. Also gave accurate instructions on the termination of a prikarmlivaniye.“ Feed the kid so many time how many asks, it is necessary to adhere to the mode only in case of an artificial feeding up, otherwise milk will not come“.

Now to Mishka year and four months, he already tells the word “titya“. And now at us new problems. Mother in two months should come to work and how to us to stop breastfeeding?