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When it is better to begin orthodontic treatment? Traditionally parents hear

in reply: you bring the child in 12 years when there is a full change of all teeth. However to solve problems in process of their emergence - big luxury, at least, in orthodontics. It is much more effective to carry out correction of a bite to the period of a dairy and early replaceable bite. That is, the earlier, the better! - so considers to. the m of N the orthodontist Kulakova of E. V. Centre of miofunktsionalny correction “M VALLEKS“

- Why a bite happens wrong, and teeth uneven?

Many parents consider that heredity is guilty, but as showed the last researches, in 80% of cases these violations arise under the influence of the excessive pressure of the soft fabrics surrounding jaws. If your child breathes through the mouth, constantly puts a finger in a mouth, has a snack a lip, a cheek is already the reason for visit to the orthodontist. Breath by a mouth, for example, leads to an underdevelopment of the top jaw, and as a result - to density of teeth. The habit to hold a finger in a mouth, to lay language between teeth during the swallowing and the speech influences a smykaniye of foreteeth at the child, causing their shift and an open bite.

Extremely common cause of emergence of violations of a bite and formation of a facial skeleton of the child in general - violation of nasal breath which often develops at children as a result of constant colds and ORZ. Three years are an age when the child for the first time goes to kindergarten that creates for it a stressful situation and can lead to immunity easing, and parents surely have to pay attention to manifestation of the first signs of violation of nasal breath. At such children the bearing is, as a rule, broken and even development of scoliosis is possible. If the child plays and runs with an open mouth, pokhrapyvat in a dream, it is impossible to miss this moment and it is necessary to show the child to the expert as soon as possible.

- As early put similar violations?

the correct muscle work, surrounding tooth alignments is of great importance For normal development of zubochelyustny system. Misoperation of muscles chelyustno - front area when sucking at artificially raised children, and also a habit of the child to breathe through the mouth - the main reasons for the majority of violations of a bite. That is why it is necessary to adhere strictly to recommendations of the pediatrician about carrying out artificial feeding and to avoid application of round long pacifiers as they violate physiologically correct provision of language that influences muscular balance in chelyustno - front area. It is better to give preference to orthodontic models of pacifiers with the opening from below promoting the best passing of food. As for baby`s dummies, it is better to leave them to two-year age. At the choice it is important to remember them that the baby`s dummy neck is thinner, the risk of emergence of an open bite at the kid is less. If the kid cannot wean from a baby`s dummy or constantly sucks a finger, the special plate of “STOPPI“ will help to throw an addiction. This a prophylactic will replace to the kid a baby`s dummy or a finger in a mouth, and at the same time threats and coercion will not be required - children willingly go for such replacement if it is offered by the skilled expert.


Growth of zubochelyustny system of the child it is closely connected with development of all systems of the growing organism and it is reflected not only in appearance, but also on health of the kid, his speech and the general development. It is proved that at children with density of teeth and other zubochelyustny violations caries develops much more often, and it in turn provokes developing of diseases of a parodont. Here the elementary prevention is required - teach the child to chew correctly and in time you enter into his food allowance the firm food demanding a mechanical crunching which provides necessary load of solid fabrics and the growing maxillary bones.

- At what age it is the best of all for p to show the child to the orthodontist?

the Wrong position of milk teeth naturally “puts“ the subsequent violations in the provision of constants, but visually these problems become obvious only when the first second teeth are cut. Therefore for the first time the child to the orthodontist is brought, as a rule, into of 7 - 9 years. the Bite at this age can try to be corrected by means of removable orthodontic plates and arches. But the problem is that they contain the natural growth of maxillary bones, are inconvenient and often break. Besides they need to be carried constantly, but in practice the child, parents do not see yet, quite often carries a plate in a pocket, but not on teeth. Such treatment does not bring results, and quite often parents, having despaired, it is interrupted. But the problem does not disappear anywhere. Some doctors advise to wait a little with treatment and to be engaged in correction after all teeth at the child exchange, and, being already a teenager, he will want to be treated. This later treatment is traditional it is carried out by method of installation of rigid briquettes which are glued directly on teeth, than serious harm is done to children`s tooth enamel. Besides briquettes are quite expensive, and it is necessary to carry them not less 2 - x years. It is possible to spend not one year to lines to the good expert, and during this time problems will only be aggravated - anomaly of a bite can become complicated and demand difficult hardware treatment. Quite often at later age removal of healthy second teeth or even a surgery chelyustno - front area is required. Therefore it is the best of all to show the kid to the doctor already in of 3 - 5 years, when problems are only outlined, and addictions of the child - the first signal for parents.

- What new methods of treatment orthodontists can offer today?


the Best modern means to an early so-called pra - orthodontic correction recognized miofunktsionalny treyner and vestibular plates today. They prevent formation of violations of a bite and correct not so much position of teeth, how many work of chewing muscles and language which makes decisive impact on formation of a bite. Effective correction happens at early age due to normalization of a smykaniye of lips, type of breath and training of the correct provision of language - that is correct function of lips and language dictate the correct form of tooth alignments. Vestibular plates of “MAPPI“ are intended for children of 3 - 6 years, preortodontichesky treyner - for children of 6 - 10 years. Treynera and vestibular plates make active self-control mechanisms in the growing organism and eliminate harmful muscular effects - the main reason for uneven tooth alignments.

- That is can warn the wrong position of teeth in advance?

Of course. And if action of briquettes and arches is directed to mechanical correction of already created violations, then treyner and vestibular plates d - ra Hintsa warn them, removing the cause of these violations. Controlling impact of lips, cheeks and language on the cutting-through second (radical) teeth, these miofunktsionalny means of early correction not only prevent emergence of problems with a bite, but also guarantee stable results of treatment, effectively preventing recurrence as the main problem of traditional treatment - correct muscle work is responsible for normal development of zubochelyustny system. The unique design of a treyner allows to develop a habit to breathe only a nose at the child, trains the correct provision of language and takes off the excessive muscular pressure of a lower lip and cheeks breaking normal development of tooth alignments.

Vestibular plates and treyner are hygienic and hypoallergenic

- they remind a toy and are very simple in application. Each plate is packed into a bright individual box - it draws attention of the kid.

are recommended by Treynera`s

to children from 4 - 6 (Infant model) to 8 - 10 years (T4K model), during active growth of the child and change of milk teeth with constants. As treyner are made of flexible medical silicone, they adapt to specific features of a form of a tooth arch of each child and do not cause any discomfort during carrying. Treynera are issued several sizes and thanks to plasticity of material approach any form of a tooth arch., They do not give to the child any inconvenience, help to normalize type of breath and swallowing, to lower excessive pressure of muscles on tooth alignments and to normalize growth of zubochelyustny system and development chelyustno - front area in general.


At the second stage of treatment apply more elastic models of treyner, effective to alignment of tooth alignments. The new model of a treyner which received the special name “Myobrace“ (Miobreys) is especially actual for many children today. It is also made of soft silicone, but as this model is developed especially for narrow tooth arches when there is a lack of the place for teeth, - it is supplied with the elastic built-in expanding arch and special elastic cells correcting provisions of each tooth among. Treynera of “Miobreys“ the doctor selects individually for the size at treatment of children for 9 - 10 years and is more senior. These devices are especially effective at the density of teeth which is often arising at teenage age and are modern alternative to briquettes. Treynera and Miobreys are absolutely harmless to sensitive children`s tooth enamel that favourably distinguishes them from briquettes and the metal expanding arches which were the main tool of orthodontists still until recently.

- And if the child carries a treyner in a pocket how often happens to removable orthodontic plates?

All means of miofunktsionalny correction - both vestibular plates, and treyner, and “Miobreys“ is recommended to carry

near 1 - go hour to put on plus on all night long in the afternoon. Thus, training happens mainly at home, under supervision of parents and process of correction proceeds imperceptibly for people around - already in few months the profile and even the child`s bearing as all systems in an organism develop in mutual influence considerably improves and landing of the head often depends from chelyustno - front development.

- Where can get advice by this method of treatment?

carry out by

In the Moscow Center of miofunktsionalny correction diagnostics and earlier detection of risk factors of emergence of violations of a bite. Treatment with use of a treyner or plate assumes not only regular control of their correct carrying, but also controls performance by the child of various game exercises considerably increasing efficiency of correction which in general occupies no more than 6 − 8 months, and cost several times below traditional briquettes. At this method of treatment you keep all teeth and the child`s enamel healthy!

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