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For vacation - in “Academy of Magic“ of

This summer in the children`s project “Academies of Magic“ of country hotels Foresta the set of new interesting projects and workshops opens. Already now in Moscow region hotels Foresta in all life rages: in kitchen new dishes and magic drinks prepare, fragrant bread is baked, in workshops unusual gifts are made, in theatrical classes performances and show are created, in a potter`s workshop the new ware turns out, and in a court yard of Academy of Magic fragrant soap and special paper of handwork prepares.

What waits for little guests in the summer?

Undoubtedly, “An art - Foresta studio“ at the Award of the Violet Phoenix which, by estimates of teachers of “Academy of Magic“ and guests of Foresta Hotels, became the most important opening of year. Occupations take place in several creative directions.“ The master - classes on acting skills“ from a star of series “Father`s Daughters“ of the actress Nina Persiyaninova on which children in a game form will get acquainted with unusual and desirable many the actor`s profession. On occupations kids will comprehend elements of acting skills, and then will be able to show the creative abilities.

“Design lessons“ from the student of National institute of fashion Alice Moskvitina. On these occupations children will study different technicians of dressing (a collage, a list, a cliche, a fulling etc.) on the example of production of a nominal bag and an art - a valenok.


the master in focuses and micromagic , the member of the Russian Association of illusionists Alexander Leto Will continue training . On these occupations the micromagician reveals new secrets of focuses and trains academicians of sleight of hand, developing at the same time attentiveness.

At an award of “the Violet Phoenix“ the Potter`s workshop opens. Academicians will receive skills in production of beautiful and useful products in life from clay, and also will be trained a list in different technicians, will create the rukaminastoyashchy masterpieces.

during these occupations at children creative abilities develop, own style is formed, there is a new hobby which will help to come off the computer and streets.

I, of course, on these occupations the child receives a part of cultural heritage and history. Upon termination of occupations in hotel there will take place exhibitions of works. Then they can be taken away with themselves as reminiscence of perfectly spent time.

the Award of “the Red Dragon“
carries out by

a set of academicians to voyenno - a sports center . The baby who are expected by the real school of a survival will learn to be guided on a compass and stars, to kindle fires, to put tents, to cook food in field conditions, to overcome different obstacles.

In an award of “A green cobra“ there will take place occupations in “A culinary workshop“ and in of workshops on a list of gingerbreads and soap manufacture .

the Award Darkly - a blue eagle owl is presented to by the master - classes on handwork paper production . On occupations children learn history of creation of paper and will learn to do unusual forms, creating own style, drawings, volumes. It is possible to make gift packing, an envelope, a card or even wall-paper for the room of new paper.

This summer especially for all little guests in Foresta hotels there will take place “Mad tea drinking“ on which kids are waited by a huge number of interesting occupations - and torch procession, and pass - discos on the street among the shining figures and trees, and speech of the alchemist Nicolas with very interesting program.

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Foresta Festival Park, Simferopolskoye Highway, 30 km from MKAD
Froresta Tropicana Hotel, Pyatnitskoye Highway, 20 km from MKAD

the Certificate of hotels:
of Foresta Tropicana Hotel
Tropical hotel with the biggest infrastructure in Moscow area!
  • of 20 km from MKAD on Pyatnitskoye Highway.
  • the Territory of 13 hectares with the natural lake and the equipped arbors for a barbecue.
  • Interiors in Tropicana style: rotangovy furniture, lianas, Hugo`s motives - East Asia.
  • of 230 cozy numbers for accommodation of 640 people: standard, family and luxury. Light scale of interiors: color of the sky and sun, greens and flowers.
  • Collection of nominal luxury:“ Wild orchid“, “Wedding“ “Butterfly“, “Taychi“, “Safari“, “The fruit imagination“, “Tropikana“, etc.
  • More than 250 additional services: restaurants and bars, entertainment center “Nautilus“ (bowling, the Russian billiards, the American pool, gaming machines, ekzotik - club of “A left wheel“, sushi - the menu), the open areas for a barbecue, the pool with Akwa - a hill, SPA - a complex, Wellness the center, to boors, saunas, a bathing complex, fishing, a gym, a gym, a football field, volleyball, ATVs, diving, hire, incendiary team of animation. More than 50 services for children: a children`s playground with the decorated plane, nurses and tutors, the children`s menu, the children`s disco, SPA - procedures, “Academy of Magic“). The best place for carrying out birthday, anniversary, a wedding, holidays.
  • Congress halls, meeting rooms, banquet rooms (to 600 - t the person) etc.
  • Hot team of animation. Company show - the ballet “Foresta Hotels“.
of Foresta Festival Park - resort hotel in Moscow area with unique system of the organization of leisure.
the Foresta Festival Park Hotel is in one of the most picturesque and environmentally friendly places of Moscow area: in 30 - ti km on Simferopolskoye Highway from MKAD in the Chekhovian area. It can accept at the same time up to 500 people with accommodation:
  • 31 cottages;
  • of 125 comfortable and cozy numbers: 81 standard numbers, 17 family, 19 luxury;
  • an exclusive country house of “Hennessy“ - 200 sq.m
  • More than 150 services for adults: restaurants (the Italian trattoriya, cheshsko - German) and bars, east cafe (the shashlik menu), the land - the bar, platforms for a barbecue, a grill - a lodge, the SPA complex, the outdoor pool, the indoor pool with a hydromassage, a paddling pool with falls, saunas, a bathing complex, a tennis court, pass - golf, a professional shooting gallery, ATVs, the street - Ball, a bochcha, beach volleyball, hire, excursions in reserved places, a hobby - Propeller club, paintball club “7. 62“. Bright incendiary team of animation, show of the program. More than 30 services for children (nurses and tutors, the children`s menu, children`s SPA procedures, “Academy of Magic“, hire, the disco, pass - a zoo, a children`s playground). The best place for carrying out birthday, anniversary, a wedding, holidays.
  • Congress halls, meeting rooms, banquet rooms!
  • Stylish team of animation. Show ballet “Foresta Hotels“.