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As soon as you understand childbirth according to the plan of

that are pregnant, you by all means want to learn at least approximate date of birth of your kid... Then “day of X“ will be studied by you from all imaginable and inconceivable points of view: under what zodiac sign the child will be born that will be told about this day by science numerology both other, and other, and other... Being engaged in these researches, you, perhaps, will pensively sigh: “Ah, as it would be good to give rise in the very first hour of the first day of new year!“

But you do not hurry to address with this request to the doctor: in our country childbirth at will is not carried out.“ Plan“ the birth only experts and that can if consider that it is necessary for health of future mother and the kid. But, despite everything, all of you can try to give rise in the conceived day: strictly plan the beginning of pregnancy, go to the country where childbirth at will is possible or... be morally adjusted on some certain number. Yes, be not surprised, it is quite possible! Ask any doctor - the obstetrician, and he will tell you as often women give birth then when there comes time of watch of their doctor even if this watch happens earlier (or later), than the assumed “day of X“. Why it occurs? It is possible to assume that the huge desire to be together with the doctor to whom you trust adjusts an organism on childbirth at the right time.

As it happens?

of Work of maternity hospitals is organized by of by
so that doctors obstetricians - the gynecologists who are (surely operating), the anesthesiologist and the doctor - neonatolog are a part of crew on duty.

So, in some countries carry out childbirth at will, that is future mother herself orders day when her long-awaited kid is born. In France one of five women, in Finland - every fourth, and in Norway - every third so gives birth. What do they reason the choice with? Simple everyday situations: this day the husband will be able to be present at childbirth, the mother-in-law will sit with the senior child... Besides, many future mothers consider that so to them will be quieter, want to feel more surely as they got used to plan the life (it is, of course, about very business and busy women). All these arguments are quite clear especially as not all from us can quietly wait always for unexpected “beginning“ and want to interfere in some way with this process. Unfortunately, such intervention is not always safe as childbirth - quite natural logical conclusion of the “enterprise“ begun by you nine months ago, but at the same time very thin and difficult process.

the Nature of things

What is the programmed childbirth? Everything is very simple. It is the childbirth caused artificially by means of various medicines or medical manipulations. In some countries they will be out at the request of future parents, but the Russian obstetric school is not a supporter of the programmed childbirth for the purpose of convenience as considers it unsafe. In our country the programmed childbirth is possible only on medical indications. What?

  1. Serious illness of future mother , for example chronic diseases of kidneys, late toxicosis, diabetes. Under “special article“ also the Rhesus factor - the conflict gets.
  2. of Perenoshennaya pregnancy when the appointed term passes, and childbirth does not begin. Every day danger of unsuccessful childbirth increases, the kid becomes larger (more than 4 kg), it lacks oxygen, seams on the head begin to grow together, the placenta grows old.
  3. Uncomfortable condition of the child : a chronic hypoxia (shortage of oxygen), placentary insufficiency (the placenta badly “feeds“ the kid).

the Programmed childbirth carry out

at the full-term pregnancy or “ahead of schedule“. It is usually planned that the child will be born in natural patrimonial ways when the uterus neck is ready to it. If it does not occur, to future mother enter missing hormones: estrogen (intramuscular injections within 5 - 7 days) or prostaglandins in the form of gel, tablets, candles (after that childbirth begins in 12 hours).

If the neck of a uterus is already ready

to childbirth, but patrimonial activity does not begin, the doctor punctures a fetal bubble. Usually this manipulation happens enough in order that regular contractions “started“. If it does not occur, in 2 - 3 hours to future mother put a dropper with oxytocin causing active reductions of a uterus.

When at last childbirth begins

, mother is given special medicines that the child did not feel a lack of oxygen. Doctors by means of the cardiomonitor - the device fixing indications about heartbeat of the kid and reductions of a uterus will control at the same time his state.

Usually programmed childbirth appoints

to the first half of day when all personnel of maternity hospital, including the chief physician, are on the place. It becomes in order that childbirth took place quietly and doctors could give to future mother the most effective help. Especially as most often the programmed childbirth is completion of difficult pregnancy and the organism of future mother not always positively reacts to artificially caused patrimonial activity - in certain cases childbirth should be finished with operation of Cesarean section.

Important information:

  • Opening of a fetal bubble and introduction of oxytocin which causes patrimonial activity accelerates the course of childbirth, they become more aggressive that increases risk of a patrimonial trauma at the child.
  • Most often future mother do to
  • anesthesia (in addition to all those drugs which to it already entered).
  • If, despite all actions of doctors, patrimonial activity did not begin (and such cases happen), doctors are forced to do Cesarean section. According to 3/4 future mothers give birth, and 1/4 - by operation of Cesarean section.
  • the programmed childbirth has some advantages: the woman gives birth after all necessary inspections, on an empty stomach (that is very important if there is a need to do operation), in the first half of day when all work in the habitual mode (unlike “unexpected“ childbirth during night watches).


Usually pregnancy continues 280 days, or 40 weeks. If childbirth begins on 38 - 40 - y to week, doctors call them timely. The beginning of childbirth is preceded by huge work. So, by the end of the ninth month in an organism of future mother there is a hormonal reorganization: the amount of estrogen, prostaglandins, oxytocin increases. At the same time the woman`s organism itself decides how many and what hormones it is necessary for it to start patrimonial activity. Approximately in two weeks prior to the birth of the kid harbingers of childbirth - irregular skhvatkoobrazny pains in the bottom of a stomach appear, several hours prior to childbirth from a neck of a uterus the slime congestion (a mucous stopper) is allocated. Under the influence of estrogen the uterus neck “ripens“: it is slightly opened, becomes short, soft. This most important condition for the safe course of childbirth.

As the kid feels?

A as the child reacts to such intervention? There is an opinion that start of the mechanism of childbirth is impossible without “consent“ of the kid. And what if he is not ready for childbirth yet, he has “other plans“ and to him is quite comfortable in a tummy at mother? Of course, we do not speak about those situations when the child on some circumstances, independent of it, itself aspires on will. But if pregnancy develops normally, the kid, most likely, will apprehend the programmed childbirth not really well and will have an excessive stress at the birth.

Opinion of the psychologist

the French psychologist Michel Yanotti considers that aspiration of women it day of childbirth to appoint dictated by modern approach to life. “Today women want to operate the destiny. By means of contraceptives they plan conception of children, and it seems to them that it is possible to plan also the birth. Of course, generally it becomes to cope with alarm and fears. Therefore if it seems to you that, having planned a meeting with the kid, you will become surer, quiet and happy, you have the right for this step. The only thing what it would be desirable to warn against, - so it from a possible mistake. Having planned childbirth, you lose their expectation, and the child - chance most to dispose of the destiny...“