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Defense in a feminine way: cunning, by force, the weapon

In our restless century you should not be afraid of everyone and everything, of course, but the probability to meet the criminal (the robber or the tyrant) on the way exists. And if with actions concerning the first everything is rather clear - to immediately give everything that he asks and to retire (and it is the most successful outcome because own health is far more important than money and the mobile phone), then with the second the situation is worse.

without planning a similar meeting, it is better to be ready to possible troubles therefore it is worth getting acquainted with a number of recommendations for such a case.

For a start should remembering

that it is not necessary to tempt destiny. You do not walk alone a late time the desert streets, boondocks of factory suburbs, remote sites of the woods and parks, come back home before midnight, and on the way attentively listen to what occurs around, pay attention to other passersby, you do not enter an entrance with strangers. Ask the man to meet you before crossing of desert sites of the road.

If did not manage to avoid a meeting with the criminal, it is worth working coolly. Remember that any woman always has improvised objects for protection: an umbrella, a bag (especially if in it something heavy lies), the handle, a heel (the most effective in this case the hairpin is considered). It is better to send blow to a groin or to the head.

But can get

also special means of protection: it both gas and pepper barrels, stun gun, and also traumatic and gas guns. However, before to go with this weapon to the street, it is necessary to learn to use both guns, and to barrels which not will help with each situation, having been threat for you.

the Woman can count

also on power methods. It is possible to carry stings to them (in a nose and lips) and blows: the head - in a face, a fist - in a solar plexus, fingers - in eyes, a leg - in a groin.

Should not constrain also voice attack. Experts advise to shout something in the spirit of: “Fire! We burn!“ . Our people respond to such appeals more actively. Recommend to carry also with themselves the whistle making a loud sound - if the voice will appear insufficiently.

One of methods of resistance can be shown to

unexpected behavior. For example, the unexpected consent when the tyrant expected resistance, can cause confusion in a camp of the enemy that will allow to escape or strike, for example, back. It is possible to remember female cunning. It is worth trying to give command to a nonexistent dog with whom you as if walk or to cry out a name of the husband who is allegedly expecting you towards a casual window.

Can try to be played “illness“, however simulation of madness, a faint, an attack of epilepsy or a deep hysterics it is possible with some actor`s abilities, but it will stop not each criminal. The statement that you have AIDS or syphilis will also be believed not by each tyrant, but in certain cases can work.

Try to declare to

something in the spirit of:“ Yes, I and very much want it, only let`s better be engaged in it at my place, in a cozy situation“. At naturalness of game and nonsense of the tyrant can help.

disgust Provocation time appears good help. The feeling of fastidiousness is capable to damp an ardor even of the criminal. Here it is important to overcome the fastidiousness and in time to cause vomiting or to obmochitsya. Or it is possible to be engaged in physical shape. Now there is a set of courses on female self-defense. In any case, the feeling that you own professional receptions, will give some self-confidence.

If you prefer to rely on the help of technical progress, then it is possible to get No - Contact Jacket - the female jacket invented in the USA, hitting the tyrant with the category into 80 volts (works from the battery). And in Italy invented “A shoe of the angry Cinderella“ - the stun gun is mounted in a shoe sock, and the battery from it - in a heel. The device is activated by means of pressing an ear ring in an ear.

A in general we wish you not to get into situations where all above described receptions and technical novelties can be useful!