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Fruit and berry face packs of

of Fruktovo - berry masks are vitamin-rich also minerals. They possess the clearing refreshing and easy bleaching action. Are suitable for any type of skin. And the most important - they prepare from helpers fruit or berries at all seasons of the year. For preparation of masks it is possible to use even the frozen berries. Such masks are prepared from ripe fruits of gruel. 15 - 20 minutes hold their . At dry skin add a yolk to masks, at porous - protein.

Apricot mask. At fat skin gruel from apricots is mixed with sour milk and put on a face. Juice of apricots calms face skin.

the Orange mask suits

all-type skin. It not only perfectly humidifies, but also nourishes skin. Take the crude orange, cut on segments and apply segments to the person.

of 2 St. to mix spoons of fat cottage cheese with juice of a half of orange and 1 h l. vegetable oil. In total carefully to mix and put on a face on of 15 - 20 minutes. Such citrus “dessert“ greatly feeds, smoothes wrinkles and gives elasticity to skin.

the Banana mask is the good moistening and softening means, is applied to smoothing of wrinkles. The mask from gruel of bananas is useful to dry skin.

the Grape mask
perfectly humidifies

and softens dry face skin. For its preparation mix a tablespoon of grape juice with a tablespoon of oat flour, flour or starch. Add a little yolk.

Strawberry mask. At fat skin pound berries and mix with the beaten egg white. At sluggish and flabby skin knead 2 - 3 berries, add a young boiled potato and fill in with a glass of boiled milk. Carefully mix and put on a face. Through 15 - 20 minutes rinse a face with cool water and grease with cream. at dry skin mix strawberry juice with cream, you put in stages that the mask did not dry.

the Strawberry mask possesses the nutritious, refreshing and smoothing action. This mask is suitable for any type of skin, but especially it is good at the dry and cracked face skin.

First way. Pound strawberry with honey and any nutritious cream and put on a face. In 20 minutes unmask the wadded tampon moistened in cool milk.

Second way. Mix a tablespoon of strawberry gruel with toloknyany flour.

the Cranberry mask nourishes skin vitamins. It is done at normal face skin. Mix a teaspoon of cranberry juice, a teaspoon of potato flour and protein of one egg. You hold a mask within 15 minutes then wash away warm water.

the Lemon mask well narrows pores.

First way. Cut a lemon in small cubes, fill in 100 ml of vodka and insist several days in the closed glasswares. Before application half dilute the received mix with water.

Second way. clear the Lemon of a crust, remove grains and knead. minutes apply the received weight on 10 - 15 on the face which is previously greased with fat cream and covered with a thin layer of cotton wool. After removal of a mask grease a face with cream again, and then clap on it the wadded tampon moistened in lemon juice. Such mask not only will clear your skin and will pull together a time, but also will improve food of skin, will strengthen it.

the Apple mask contains the vitamins and minerals refreshing, rejuvenating and nourishing skin, and also clearing and smoothing it. This mask is equally good for skin of all types, but especially for wrinkled skin. Before a mask it is useful to make the warming compress.

the apple Peeled of a peel rub

on a small grater and fill in with milk. Put the received mix after five-minute heating on a face. In 20 minutes unmask and rinse a face with cold water or broth of herbs. Surely use the softening cream. Do this 2 - 3 mask time in a week.

Apple - proteinaceous the mask prepares from one wiped apple and one protein.

Apple - strawberry the mask prepares from one wiped apple and the wiped berries of wild strawberry (strawberry).

Apple - oil the mask prepares from one wiped apple and one teaspoon of cream (cream can be replaced with any vegetable oil).

Apple - honey
the mask is suitable

for normal and dry skin. Mix the peeled apple grated on a small grater with a honey tablespoon. Well mix and apply on skin.

the Effect you will please

, no store mask will be compared to the national recipe for the person!