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To all legs on kloga of

of Klog - klog - klog, - knocked model heels on display of the summer Chanel collection. “Klog? Klog! The real klog, just as in 70 - x!“ - the fashion show of Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu whispered to them in a criticism step in the forefront. To replace sculptural heels and easy gladiatorial sandals will come this summer simple as, sorry, bast shoes, footwear from a tree. The top can be closed leather or easy, from thin ribbons, the main thing - massive soles.

Though strong wooden boots carried

not only Vikings and Scythians, but also and Asians (Japanese a geta - to that an example), klog strongly are associated with Holland and Scandinavia. For an invariable habit to sport in heavy wooden shoes, cheap, strong and waterproof, Dutches were even nicknamed by “klompenam“ that, actually, and means “klog“ on Flemish.

In Spain the special kind of open klog, even with three steady heels exists. One settles down where and it is necessary, others two - on a toe. French, easier and graceful, the version of klog is made of a tree and skin, and it is called “sabot“. Speak, at the time of industrial revolution workers neatly zashvyrivat the sabots in mechanisms of machines, stopping production. So there was a word “sabotage“.

- a happening 60 - x and 70 - x girls carried

at the height of global hippie as pervozdanno - wooden klog, and the facilitated versions made of a stopper. Besides, the polyurethane soles nicknamed in the Soviet Union “cream of wheat“ were incredibly popular. In the USA Kork brand products - Ease were in special demand. It is small Brooklyn firm and would remain unknown if not fashion on platforms. At every second American citizen is younger than 30 - ti at least, for example, there were not less than three tens! Today Kork - Ease intend to win love of Americans again. In a season collection spring - the summer of 2010 is several effective couples standing attention. The prices - the most democratic what rely national shuza.

Marc Jacobs, perhaps, also shocked fashion - public with “bearded“ kloga with brushes from fur, but Karl Lagerfeld and Miuccia Prada did not peddle old stuff, having included klog in lines of summer accessories. The modern history of klog began not on a podium. A few years ago in America there were Crocs - neonew - bright plastic galoshes, beach shoes with which all fell in love around.

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the real wooden klog under the name of Swedish Hasbeens began to sell

In 2006 in Stockholm. The nostalgic legend says: once Amy Blikst (Emy Blixt) and Tsilla Vingard Neumann (Cilla Wing å rd Neuman) decided to open second hand boutique where several tens couples of klog got from the cellar somewhere in the Swedish remote place among other things got. Klog belonged to the stylish girl 70 - x, Anita, the famous then woman of fashion and progressive young mummy. Eko - materials, bright and attractively simple design had on temper to adult children of Anita and all new generation. So Amy and Tsilla covered a shop and began to do new Swedish klog, not for the sake of fashion, but for qualitative and democratic, real Swedish design. In 2008 - m on Trend Award Gala 2008 in Stockholm this brand was called “A trend of year“, existence of company shops in 16 countries of the world confirms that the invention was successful.

of Inhabitant New - York which at least sometimes happen in Little Italy, of course, know about boutique “№ 6“. His owners, a kollektsionersha Morgan Yakus and the stylist Karen Bereson, offer experienced public not only carefully selected vintage things, but also collections of little-known designers, and also clothes and accessories of private label, namely - “№ 6 collection“. In the last a kloga - boots appeared even in the fall, and, judging by fascinating advertizing photographing, in the coming season of a kloga there will be hot and cool, in any weather. All models summer № 6 clogs absolutely different, but also pink closed from nubuck, and gold, checkered, cream with weaving or a fringe, and with thongs on a lacing - all of them are similar to those that knocked on Carnaby street in London and kneaded dirt of Woodstock thirty years ago.

Some girls fell in love with wooden klog so that seven days a week, in cold (with color tights) and to a heat are ready to carry them (barefoot). A certain Annie Mokhop invented really universal couple. It supplied sides of wooden blocks with ranks of eyelets through which it is possible to stretch ribbons, satin, leather, cotton and in general any. Customers need to choose only sole material (a nut, cherry or a maple), a low, average or high heel, one of eight sets of ribbons, and then to try all eight ways of a lacing. At additional expense it is possible to order a special form of a toe. Options will be enough for all summer!