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Bulgaria: traveling notes of a gourmet

Bulgaria met me by soft heat, saltish sea air, beds with the turned yellow, tired greens, the faded walls of the multi-storey buildings surrounded with a chain of balconies (such feeling that a balcony here - an integral part of each room with a window), people swarty, beautiful were in the same soft clothes. There was an impression that the sun took away all bright paints. Having kept only the Bulgarian temperaments and juicy aromas of fried meat which are sharply flashing in sea air and carrying away on searches of food.

the Hotel was located among private houses and, going down to the sea on a twisting footpath, walking on local shops or coming back at the southern night from restaurants in juicy and silent darkness, I felt as part of this place, feeling that “I too here live“. Having realized it, you are dipped into the new, unexpected atmosphere when you become ““ somewhere also you adapt, you find yourself in beat other reality. It is chance to change the life to the best.

You live in other climate, in sounds of a modern language, intonations, smiles, in new rules, the prices, units of measure of expenses and new flavoring feelings.

If in Greece and Cyprus hunger wakes up from - for tremendous aromas of the fish dishes enticing into taverns, then in Bulgaria to realize that you are brutally hungry, smells of meat, fried on naked flame help.

friends advised

Before departure surely to taste shopsky salad (a shopsk of salad), finding it difficult to explain that in it such special, but insisting. Of course, I ordered it as soon as possible, and still - fried pork with a garnish and apricot juice.

main courses prepared So far, brought drink. Apricot (kaysiya) juice with pulp - very dense and saturated, a consistence aspiring to a condition of mashed potatoes as though these magnificent fruit just left it. It became clear later that it can be bought in any shop, poured in small glass small bottles. Still I advise you to taste orange juice (portokat), it same real, bright and live.

Aromas from kitchen excited imagination, the hearing, sight, sense of smell suddenly became aggravated. And feeling of hunger. At last, the waiter`s steps sounded behind the back. And here I understood that I, probably, overestimated the forces.

was hungry

, but the bowl with salad reminded a basin of the average sizes!

But such beautiful! On leaves of the Chinese salad was built it is red - the green mountain sprinkled with the brynzovy snow rubbed on a large grater. As it it is correct to p to eat

whether to mix, it was unclear in the beginning. And there was a wish to understand that there inside? Carefully kovyrnuv a spoon, I transferred part of salad to a plate, and here a lot of things cleared up.

it Turns out p that, in process of movement, sheep cheese envelops all components of salad, greasing them with the fat and salty flakes. Bulgarians say that neither salt, nor oil is necessary, nor grape vinegar (though, our recipes approve the return), sheep cheese replaces everything.


Mayonnaise and sour cream - salad gas stations to which it would be possible to compare sheep cheese plentifully grease components of any salad, uniting them in uniform weight. Are also the visible and felt liquid connecting basis of these dishes.

It seems to

that grated cheese is something dry. With what it is possible to powder, but in any way not to unite. However, when you taste salad on - shopsk, the small miracle - mix of vegetables is born: tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet paprika and onions; which on a plate looks as the scattered color cubes with white crumbs; on taste becomes a juicy uniform dish. It turns out that sheep cheese - sauce - the invisible being.


Special relish to shopsky salad is impacted by structure. You, probably, already noticed that if to cut some usual salad in a new way - to integrate or reduce pieces, to replace cubes with segments or straws, then taste of a dish becomes another.

And here. It would would seem, all components, except sheep cheese, could make our usual salatik of cucumbers and tomatoes. However, cutting by cubes of both cucumbers, and tomatoes where pieces of onions and pepper seek to take square shape too, gives rise new, unfamiliar to our taste, to a dish.


. It will enrich your flavoring impressions. Especially, if you find the real Bulgarian sheep sheep cheese.

So, the salad stage is overcome. You ask - whether there was a place for pork? The body would answer - no, the unreasonable head told - I want!

is Brought. Here it is interesting how it is correct to call the square dish occupying a quarter of a table? Approximately on such in Russia spread festive cakes.

A it is supposed p here that you will eat contents independently and for once. Yes, I forgot to tell that in Bulgaria the principle of our Russian cooks does not work - to spread out on a big plate a rice handful, a spoon of peas or corn and the meat piece which is lonely lost on desert faience open spaces.

the Dish practically does not allow to make out color of a plate. It dominates. Here give food, but not ware.

I such hospitality - not only in Bulgaria, is so accepted in all countries which I happened to visit.

the Checkered marking of a magnificent piece of pork explained to

a way of its preparation. Bulgaria often bakes meat dishes on a lattice, on naked flame, these furnaces call “skar“. From them - that also creeps away on small streets tremendous meat spirit. And advertizing is not necessary. Itself you will come.

Pork turned out

juicy, seasoned with pepper, but not sharp - when meat is fresher and correctly prepared - for anything to mask its true taste.

the Garnish.

What to tell, everything is very beautiful and tasty. Even when there is a lot of.

After the termination of a meal we were treated with candies in gratitude for visit. Pleasantly, however.

In Bulgaria is cooked very well, from the real, fresh products, keeping their true taste, feed plentifully, generously and cheap.

generally if you resolved to eat and during the lunchtime, and during a dinner, I advise

to you very actively to move. Otherwise, by arrival you are not recognized by the family.

Cheap permits are good

the fact that you spend the night in modest hotel with a minimum of services, have breakfast, and more you there nothing detains - there is a reason to develop the territory and to receive various impressions.

the Following culinary opening. He can act and as an independent dish, and as a garnish.

the Become soft carcasses of pepper are displayed by

on plates, and you slowly saw off red pieces. They it is sensitive slippery (than bear a faint resemblance to cepes), structure dense, with small fibers. Lack of a thin skin does a baked fruit to even more gentle. One sting - and pepper spills spicy, is sweet - saltish taste to you on a uvula.

is the dish, easy, pleasant and not similar to anything, prepares so: pure sweet pepper, it is possible multi-colored (but red is for some reason more tasty) are displayed on a lattice in a heated oven and are baked. Notice, they should not be cleaned, they and prepare with seeds and a leg.

Stock up with

with a pan with the cool added some salt water.

you will see

and will feel on a smell that pepper baked. We take out a pepper from an oven, we dip, holding a leg, in hydrochloric solution, now it is possible to husk and take out accurately a leg with seeds. If necessary, to wash out in the same water. The dish is ready.

So far you dipped a pepper into water that the thin skin easily departed, he managed to absorb necessary amount of salt. It is not necessary any more.

Bulgaria is known to

for the wines. I tried a little, there were already enough dizzy impressions. But managed to notice that wine so soft that it seems, you drink very tasty, slightly warming grape juice. Very tasty.

In Bulgaria it is a lot of tasty dishes, the Turkish domination left the mark and in cookery (though, probably, it is hard to say, Turks affected Bulgarian cuisine or Bulgarians - on Turkish. I think, interaction of cultures led to interpenetration of a compounding, names and tastes). Here love kebabs - meat on a spit, a kebabcha - meat sausages, fried and sometimes strongly salty, for taste mitigation will offer you a limonchik which juice really changes taste of a dish; a plakiya is a meat or fish, stewed with vegetables, sarm - the grape leaves stuffed with mutton remind our stuffed cabbage, only thin, in comparison with cabbage, grape leaves are perceived as very tasty, impregnated with meat juice paper and have special sourness, a tarator - sour milk and cucumbers soup, it has to it will be pleasant to admirers of okroshka, a chorb - dense hot soup, a kavarma - the baked meat with spices, gyuvech - the baked meat with eggplants, to a baniyets - sheep cheese pie.

Sausage and sausages in the southern countries including here, are not really similar to ours, have very peculiar structure and taste. What we consider as boiled sausage like doctor`s, at them, probably, is made of chicken meat, and sometimes, there is a suspicion that from meat in half with cheese. And it is not clear that it was - sausage or such unusual cheese?

are very original

of Sausage too. They are filled with non-uniform forcemeat with pieces of vegetables. The strange feeling causes this product. Our usual sausages are more habitual and as it seemed to me, more tasty.

In Bulgaria are sold by many sweets made on the basis of the condensed natural juice: the tyanuchy candies rolled in sweetish starch similar to churchkhela in which various nuts are found are lukum, baklava, halvah. it was Especially interesting to p to look at

on jam from pink petals. For me it was the mysterious image from the childhood, practically, an artifact.

Jam turned out

fragrant, similar to syrup. Tasty, but hardly you will want to buy it constantly. The magic name nevertheless is not supported with adequate contents.

Bulgarians love honey, it is on sale as in pure form, and with the nuts floating in its viscous depths.


And in general, me it seemed that they like to eat well, prepare with soul and on - kind! Will dream you for a long time and taste, and began to smell, and bright tastes of the Bulgarian viands, hinting that it is already time to return there. Happy to you way and bon appetit!