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Well, where we without it, without our milk?

to us year and six months, and we still eat a mother`s milk with very great pleasure! And, in my opinion, we are not even going to give up this our favourite business!

A I still remember these feelings in maternity hospital when my boy was brought to me on the first feeding, after the delivery then passed where that of 30 - 40 minutes. This unforgettable feeling!! I remember, in maternity hospital problems with it were not. Ate very well, with big appetite. Fell down and ate, did not even cry. There was everything according to the plan: at first colostrum, then, when it is necessary, in several days poured down a milk! Kept to a diet - neither chocolate, nor oranges, nor tangerines and to that similar allergens.

But when we arrived home, somewhere in a month some small heat-spots on all face of my kid got. The doctor told that it is an allergy, and advised to be limited in food. I only ate soups low-fat, squashes rice and buckwheat, dairy products, but not all. Tea or a fruit drink with croutons. And, it seems, all. And so there was a month, heat-spots did not go yet.

Then we suffered with gases, again went on a diet. Cleaned stuff which causes swelling of a small tummy from a diet. And at the same time gave to the baby preparations from GAZ cars. Ironed a tummy, put warm diapers, applied folk remedies - made a camomile, fennel, etc. Of course, strongly we with this illness suffered. But continued to drink a chest milk.

also, and the child sucked almost empty breast. It because strongly was tired of life, and sometimes and the husband did not understand in something, and I, naturally, very much worried. But also we got out of this situation. We reconsidered the duties and so on, the husband began to help more, I reconsidered something for myself. For example, in the evening I cooked a dinner for tomorrow. And morning till a lunch almost free unless I will wash the floors and I will dust. All the rest with the sonny. And to have a sleep together it turned out in the afternoon. I will get up, the husband who came from work, I will feed and we go for a walk. The machine erases, it is necessary only to wash the dishes, but this is the small child, months to six so far, and strongly it is not necessary to clean up.

the feeding up began then

A. We entered it from 4 months though I read modern literature on this subject much and everywhere it was written that it is desirable to begin from 6 months, I delayed only on 4 and a half. We not really had just at this time a lot of milk. The nurse insisted that we began with apple from shop (and what fruit in shop at us now, it is necessary only to wish the best - you will not always buy that you want), but I gave preference to pharmaceutical apple juice. But surprised me that as a part of apple juice with the inscription “with 3-x months“ there was either a sugar, or lemon acid. It is unclear, why and what for?! We tried both that, and another. And the allergy went to all this juice at us. Business it was given up and continued to eat only the favourite native mother`s milk. Yet the nurse did not come and did not tell that all - try from the apple bought in shop. Well, we also tried, and every other day - another were hospitalized with a lock. And after continued to drink only the milk again.

Later, by 6 months, normally entered a feeding up. Only here any more not apple, but pear. Speak, she is more simply had, than apple. Also everything went at us like clockwork in this case. Ate everything well, with appetite. Of course, “in a prikuska“ with mother`s milk.

A one more problem is the first teeth. As I could forget about it! My sonny refused in time a teething food (feeding up). Only breast milk also rescued in this time, difficult for us! Yes, our native milk in general anywhere and everywhere rescues. If it at me and would not be my kid, then do not know that I did. It did not take either a pacifier, or a small bottle from us. It and to the best, of course. For example, if not so fell, hurt or other experiences - I give a breast, and all are quiet. Or, for example, for any reasons did not manage to weld to it food in time, too helped out a breast. The son will never refuse a tasty milk and, in my opinion, will eat it for a long time.