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The most long-awaited

I Became pregnant, I will tell you, very unexpectedly. The matter is that nearly two years ago I had an abortion, to be exact - the stood pregnancy on the term of 5 - 6 weeks.

In ten months we with the husband began to pass inspection. I was told that it is necessary to take a blood test on hormones and as I drank contraceptive tablets, to me it was necessary to cease to accept them for a month, well and, of course, to be protected. Tablets ceased to drink a blood test, took, and literally weeks through two I felt that something happens to me not that. As we were protected by nothing, I assumed that I became pregnant. Told about it to the husband. On what he told that I am for certain pregnant.

I did not begin to Wait for a delay. In the first day when at me the periods had to begin, but did not begin, I made the test for pregnancy. Also it turned out that I am really pregnant. I was in the seventh heaven. Here and my happy travel of nine months began.

Ya very much waited for the first stirs of the kid. In books I read that the child begins to move from 16 weeks, it feels just not everyone. As I waited for this 16th week! Well and I received an award for all my work. My kid for the first time pushed me just on the 16th week. For me it was such happiness - to feel that someone small pushes me inside. I waited for each stir is direct as some miracle. Every day it was pushed more and stronger, to a thicket and a thicket, and reached even that I asked it to behave slightly - slightly more quietly. He was kicked and somersaulted so strongly that my stomach actually shook! I did not sleep at the nights because at night he wanted to kick as well as in the morning and in the afternoon. But over time, of course, I got used, and already on time could tell when precisely he begins to somersault.

When we went for ultrasonography, I was afraid that it will not seem. However I was mistaken! It showed ďadvantageď actually in all beauty. I, unfortunately, did not see it, and here the husband was lucky, he considered everything there! We were so surprised that it was the boy. We, as well as all our relatives, thought that we will have a girl, however he outwitted all. We were happy!

every next month of pregnancy I opened for myself all new and new. Here he hiccups, here he put out whether the handle, whether a leg. Here its buttocks!

When the ninth month went, I could not wait when at last I give rise. The last month for me was the heaviest. It seemed to me that the stomach grows before the eyes. And as I had an abundance of water, and the son weighed nearly 4 kilograms, to me it was very heavy. As a result childbirth caused in me because the son did not want to be born in any way, at mother in a tummy to him, probably, it was better.

Ya re-read, probably, literature a great lot on pregnancy and childbirth, and it was ready to it. But I did not expect in any way that it will be so... It was awfully sick, I bit all hands, in the head thoughts rushed that more I do not want children, at least, the next years 6 - 7! But when I saw this small little body (though it weighed 4 kilograms), all thoughts evaporated somewhere. I throughout all time that was in delivery room, looked at the sonny, could not take away eyes. It is difficult even to express in words that I felt.

Now to us month, we in all crool and we smile. What waits for us ahead, we do not know, we know only that very much we want the girl...