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Happy pregnancy of

I Stand in a bathroom, shivering to hands I get the test... Yes!! There are two strips!!

I please the husband with the main news of day in the Evening, and both of us are just immensely happy. Here the beginning of ours 40 week marathons was it.

About a week we went inspired and just rejoiced. Then began to climb in the head of thought of whether we are ready to undertake such responsibility, whether we will be able to cope with education, contents etc. But happiness moved all bad thoughts on scales. In few months in me toxicosis began, and my husband all unpleasant moments was near and held me by a hand, and it gave me even more confidence that everything goes as it is necessary! Support of the husband at such moments was for me to big indicators, to us was all for 22 years, and he with all gravity approached our pregnancy: was present at all my visits of doctors, carried my analyses every Friday at 7 in the morning in consultation and even attended with me motherhood courses, without hesitating of the fact that he was the only man there. I all this to the fact that participation of future daddy in pregnancy passing is very important.

Then first pushes of the kid... It in general such state which cannot be compared to anything. In a word, pregnancy brought me only the positive moments.

In 7 months we thought that it is already necessary to look for the doctor who can entrust the birth of our miracle. Long went on the cities of our area and stopped on what began with. Decided that the local maternity hospital is worthy our kid. I laid down one week prior to treasured date and already was in a miracle anticipation. But days lasted so long that there were no forces...

I on December 1, 2006 at 3 o`clock in the morning I woke up from click in me. It the bubble burst, - I thought and quickly reached a post on which midwifes were on duty. Also began to shout joyfully that I give birth, but through an hour my pleasure and delight were replaced by pain from fights, and from me there was noise less.

B 7:00 we became the girl weighing 3 200 parents gr. and 50 cm in height. I sold the most important dream of each woman. I had a happy real family!