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If you have no nurse... (part 2) of

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it is the best of all for div to sign the contract With the nurse - it will organize. And I sign the contract with all and I hire only according to the service record even if without registration. If the person cannot give labor, so to us such person is inconvenient and who is inconvenient - that is not necessary.

Nian Wal`s

. Seemed to ideal Mary Poppins - quite young (36 years), active, the teacher, worked in kindergarten, with a wide experience of the nurse at home. Everything was good while I worked. As soon as I began to appear at home a bit earlier, Valya became nervous. Besides, it did not have relations with the senior child. And even moreover, there was a scandal story when it hit (incidentally) it with a door on a hand, and she knocked him the magazine on the head. After that she declared dismissal, having accused of all the senior child. Then it turned out that she does not like to walk that it put the child to watch animated cartoons, and itself slept nearby on a sofa (it was caught by the housemaid behind this occupation) and in general for a long time said about dismissal because it was not pleasant to it that at our place there are observers. From here I drew a conclusion No. 7, maybe, not really - that concerning hiring of personnel: in disputable situations it is always necessary to trust the child, but not the nurse.

Nurse Natalya Nikolaevna. She was the senior teacher of English. But the teacher from it was such lousy that I suggested it to nurse with younger. She agreed. It, generally, was quite quite good nurse, but it is more than baby - a setter - it not really - that was able to be engaged with the child and when I to it suggested to popretendovat on increase z / », having mastered Montessori, she refused, having referred to misunderstanding of a question. Besides, still it had costs that the passion it as liked to walk with the child on the next slop platform because it “skoreshitsya“ with local vospitalka there, and sat with them, washed bones while the child one dug in a sandbox. After such walks he began to be afraid to ride from a hill and a swing though before at it all this perfectly turned out. From this history I drew a conclusion No. 8: it is necessary to find opportunities for check, for example, to come from work a bit earlier, or to ask neighbors to pass by and to look, or someone from relatives to ask to come around, etc.

Now about the teacher of preparation for school. We had it one, and we at once and largely with it were lucky. She at first was engaged with the senior, trained him for school, but then it turned out that it just a treasure on early development - she was engaged also with younger: drew, molded, played in theater and so forth. Here, generally, a brief experience therefore even what to write, I do not know.

was many

of Teachers of English, there were they different, but all - not the fountain. I looked for the majority of them according to announcements in “From hand to hand“. I think that they just should be looked for only through acquaintances.

I here now at us the last housekeeper - by the first option because the senior went to school, average in a garden, and arose one more rebyatenok. We took the current assistant through agency too. Generally, I am happy with everything. Sometimes it is necessary to build it, otherwise it begins “to indulge“, sometimes to praise … I understood what is here, as with children and dogs - a carrot and stick. But it is impossible to bend neither in that, nor in another.

From “whips“: I do to

  • remarks if work is performed halturno;
  • by
  • if spoiled some thing, 100 rub are more expensive, I calculate from z / » its cost.

From “gingerbreads“:

  • of a praise;
  • of an award;
  • gifts for holidays and not only (“not only“ it is better less often);
  • I release
  • a bit earlier;
  • and to talk.

the Last - too the whole science. I developed the necessary tone in conversation so far, ate pood of salt. It is necessary to talk, otherwise the person can think that neglect him, and it can turn back sudden dismissal or still some features - dryuchka. At the same time it is necessary to speak it is sympathizing and is warm, but to avoid personal subjects. God forbid to begin to discuss family problems - everything, labor relations were gone. Generally, warmly, but at distance, without allowing to the level of “girlfriends“, but also not in which case not haughtily. You should not discuss purchases of any expensive objects or clothes, it can cause envy.

As interview with candidates is better to organize


For a start should be determined by

for itself the requirement to the candidate and a duty and to write them all.

For example, my gained requirements such: the woman of 40 - 55 years, it is desirable the pensioner living only in (my) area without family problems, with adult children, it is desirable without little grandsons. Naturally, I read not all requirements, otherwise the circle of pretenders is strongly narrowed, but at a final decision these moments have very serious advantages.

the List of affairs which need to be done each arrival, once a week and time a month, for example, such (approximately, at everyone the requirements in this case):

  1. of the Obligation for cleaning:
  2. Twice a day to do to
    1. damp cleaning of a floor.
    2. to dust Once a day.
    3. to tide up
    4. bathrooms Once a day.
    5. to Keep order in rooms and cases (in a hall, the nursery and in kitchen).
    6. to Iron clothes.
    7. Once a week to do to
    8. full cleaning by the vacuum cleaner - floors and upholstered furniture.
    9. Once a week to wash with
    10. the refrigerator and household appliances.
    11. Once a month to wipe with
    12. the top part of cases, mezzanines, an extract and so forth
  3. of the Obligation for care of the child:
  4. Etc.

This list should allow to be read to

  1. at employment that the person precisely knew what he will receive for that money about which you will agree. It is necessary to stipulate all to trifles, the moments, especially basic for the employer: for me, for example, essentially that damp cleaning was made by the washing vacuum cleaner if it is made once a day, and if by a mop, then it has to be made twice a day, but before it it is necessary to vacuum; for me purity of ware, and also finding of things on the places is basic (I do not love that things which I use shifted - spoons, forks, knives, and not vice versa).

    Further I printed out for all identical questionnaires - a full name, the address, phone, passport data, and some questions which allowed to define a circle of the knowledge and interests concerning work (for example, on the first medical aid, on pedagogics for nurses and so forth). One lady who came to settle the nurse with the diploma about the highest pedobrazovaniye, on the question “What Toys Develop Small Motility?“ answered “Machines with the motor“. Questionnaires also allow to store small “databank“ - it is very convenient.

    Ya invited all candidates home, in advance having warned that they with themselves have to have a passport, the service record, the sanitary book (if is) and the diploma (if I employed the nurse - the teacher).

    Some are eliminated at once on appearance: if the person is slovenly, then he, most likely, cannot well clean up, well, and about care of the child and speak ridiculously.

    Some are eliminated in the previous place of work (one of “flying“ housemaids, for example, was “the former business owner“ - it says only that with the person there will be big problems; another which took 80 rubles on sick mother worked as the bartender at the vessel earlier - and so everything is clear; or, for example, the woman with two higher educations, the acting manager to which “all this vanity bothered“ came to get a job the housemaid).

    Some are eliminated on marital status. I do not take the unmarried women divorced lonely women, childless women - generally, those who were not married did not grow up children and so forth. From negative experience I had both those, and others, and the third - put out the light.

    the Further stage of elimination is actually conversation and impression which is made by the person. In the course of interview I remove photocopies from all documents and I ask to fill in the questionnaire. If the person has any difficulties about it, he grins, or tells something about “process complication“, it can tell only about his high self-esteem - I in this case tick off the questionnaire.

    In the questionnaire one cunning is. These are two questions. “What has to belong to the nurse`s duties?“ and “That should not belong to the nurse`s duties?“ . I give explanations in advance that in the second question, naturally, clogging of nails or dragging of weights does not mean. With the first question and so everything is clear, and here the second question is perceived by different people differently. If the person has big claims, he writes something like “preparation of a lunch“ or “purchase of yogurts“. If at the person everything is normal with contacts, he is at a loss with the answer to this question, and says that “in principle, it is possible to agree about everything“.

    Further I report that I will employ under the contract, and labor at the same time will remain at me.

    never I report to

    Ya the decision on interview even if the person very much was pleasant to me. I promise to call in case of the positive decision, or I ask to call me in couple of days if I do not call. In principle, I already in the course of interview almost always know whom I will take.

    Here, as a matter of fact, and all experience.

    of Progress to you searching!