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Long let from mix to breast milk

“The baby needs to be put to a breast on a maternity table at once!“ - I heard this phrase repeatedly and did not understand and why so to hurry? Then there will be so much time - so to speak, will “properly“ be put and not hygienically somehow right after childbirth to a breast. The fact that it can affect success of the breastfeeding (B) I did not trust till “one fine moment“.

This moment came in several hours after the delivery and there was it as you already guess, is far from fine. Perhaps, there is also no interrelation between the first applying right after childbirth and success in GV, but in a critical situation is ready to believe in anything. So, as it was.

I Gave birth according to the classical scheme of first labor - otmuchivshis the put 13 hours, I gave birth to the daughter. The baby turned out not from small - 60 cm of growth and 4540 gr. weight. At the time of delivery it was necessary to suffer fairly and at insistance of doctors to use some narcotic preparations to live up to the final. As a result to a breast to me the daughter was not put, having limited only to a fleeting contact of a cheek to my cheek. I, in principle, at that time and not strongly was upset about it - we have still all life ahead!

the First doubts crept in on the same day in the evening when my bittock was given me. The first applying to a breast under the leadership of the pediatrician turned out a complete fiasco - the daughter with rage and strength not of the newborn child kicked and shouted, refusing to take a breast. Then the pediatrician decided that you should not injure mentality only of the been born little man, and we fed the daughter with mix from a small bottle.

Then were 3 days old in maternity hospital during which all who were on watch in office unsuccessfully tried to apply the daughter to a breast. Everything passed according to the following scheme: the medic tried to put the daughter to my breast; it in response to it began to shout, thresh me handles and legs, to wind a head, to coil and to avoid in every possible way hated to it a breast. All this passed into a hysterics of the baby and general nervousness. And came to an end with unfavourable conclusions of helping. Told a miscellaneous - both a thick nipple, and the large lazy child, and an inconvenient pose “lying“ (and I could not sit). Advised to try to feed with slips, to try to feed standing, to try to be decanted or just to feed with mix. As a result the daughter continued to consume with enviable pleasure small bottles with mix, to sleep tight (on envy to mothers whose kids each 5 minutes peeped and asked a breast) and in general not to need me in any way. I cried in a pillow with a hopelessness meanwhile and felt like the most unfortunate mother on light.

the Last hope - to feed with slips - also failed. Silicone first caused some interest in the daughter, but lack of a stream of milk led to already habitual picture of crying and mother, and child. Milk did not stay, colostrum there were drops, I began to get over slowly that GV does not shine us. Then frustration was replaced by tranquility. I convinced myself that children - bottle-fed babies differ in nothing from babies, and looked forward to an extract. For the 4th days the daughter consumed already threefold dose of mix for one feeding. The personnel were shocked by such gluttony of “fatty“ (so all amicably nicknamed my daughter). One couple of hours prior to an extract my tranquility was replaced by panic. I should go with the child home and what to feed her houses with, I did not represent.“ Kind“ the nurse on a post whom I addressed for council than and how to feed, returned me to severe reality, having declared that “it was necessary to think and adjust GV earlier“. It was very offensive for me to hear it, but, having overcome a pity attack to itself, I all - asked it to help last time. The nurse it is proud declared: “Now we will apply your child. There are no children who cannot be put to a breast, there are lazy mothers“. Having caught the next stone in the kitchen garden, I all - sincerely hoped that now at us everything will turn out. About 30 minutes we battled against the daughter. As a result she gave up... Not the daughter... And nurse. She concluded with already not a so fighting spirit:“ The first time I face such newborn. Means, your only exit - a milk pump and feeding by breast milk from a small bottle. If you in general have milk after it“.

the Nurse left, in the head as a sentence these scary words “feeding from a small bottle“, “if there is a milk“ sounded... But it was necessary to do something. The problem “than and how to feed the child“ was still not solved. Quickly it was necessary to conduct survey of familiar mothers of bottle-fed babies regarding mix and to order purchase of a milk pump. It is also worth noting that I had “to filch“ a favourite small bottle from which the daughter ate mix during the first 4 days of life impudently from maternity hospital. Since it was the best demulcent - a baby`s dummy. On classics of a genre - the bought normal baby`s dummy the daughter also refused to suck.

Then our independent life outside maternity hospital began

. Milk at me arrived sharply, for one night. It was the 5th day of life of the daughter. It was a little, but I could already use a milk pump to destination. The first decanted 20 ml I is proud showed to all members of household and with big pleasure fed the daughter from a bottle. Together with the arrived milk the persistent desire to adjust GV by any forces came.

the Next 2 days we struggled with the daughter. Procedure looked so: in the morning as soon as the daughter woke up, I swaddled her to immobilize and record extremities, having secured myself, thereby, against a beating. Then we laid down in parallel each other “a body to a body“, I put on a slip and tried to thrust it into the got hungry open mouth. The daughter already finally woke up by this time and desperately twirled by a head here and there with an open mouth, at the same time publishing sopyashche - the groaning sounds. If business reached a hysterics, then it was necessary to calm at first it a favourite roddomovsky small bottle (naturally empty) then attempt to prisosat it to a breast continued. So proceeded until the daughter, at last, was not soaked up in a slip with rage of a small vampirenysh and did not begin to suck powerfully. We repeated such procedures after each prosypaniye for feeding.

the Next 2 days we perfected skills of feeding with a slip - ate only a breast, at night in the afternoon - small bottles with mix. Before each feeding by a breast the daughter rowed, however it is already less and much more willingly took a breast with a slip. Sometimes it turned out to feed without swaddling and without assistant (without the aid of my mother we first did not cope - such here strong daughter).

Transition to day feeding by a breast caused a number of problems in the daughter: rash on a face and a body (it was necessary to minimize the diet), a short dream, frequent whims, frequent bunches and a green shit (as learned later - from malnutrition of a fat milk). Despite all these small difficulties and constant desire of people around “to give a small bottle“, the desire to finish begun only amplified. And I already drew bright prospects of feeding with a slip and day and night, and later and transition from slips only to a breast... However life introduced the amendments in my plans.

For the 10th day I was hospitalized with postnatal complications. Naturally, without child. GV which only is adjusted appeared “on the verge of extinction“. But I was sure that I will be quickly written out therefore my absence will not bring a strong loss to our undertakings. After operation, departing from the general anesthesia, from my former fighting spirit there is no trace left also. “Here and end to our GV!“ - I thought. Nevertheless, having collected will in a fist, I took a milk pump in hand and was decanted. Tears welled up when I poured out a zheltenky milk in a sink... In such mode of decantation there passed week of my conclusion in hospital walls.

By the time of an extract from hospital of milk became very little - hardly strained off 20 ml, the breast was as a rag, but the hope still was. After return from hospital I was afraid to apply the daughter to a breast. Its refusal would mean the end to our GV. In our next “first applying“ I worried, how before examination. The result was amazing! The daughter took a breast without slips, itself, without hysterics and indignations. It was break!

In 2,5 weeks after the delivery and week absence, my child at last took a breast! Now there was a task following - to increase amount of milk and to adjust full-fledged GV. The next 4 days in the afternoon the daughter ate a breast plus mix since it was not enough milk, and at night only mix. I all could not decide on night feeding though understood that night applyings the most important.

For the 5th day I decided on night feeding. The daughter woke up to eat 8 times in a night, from them only once ate mix. This and the next 2 nights were heavy for us. From the first day of life the daughter slept separately from me in the bed, with adjustment of GV I was not going to change the settled mode. Therefore each feeding I got up, took the daughter from a bed, fed, put to bed, she woke up, I lulled her at a breast again and again moved to a bed. Such procedure repeated on 5 - 6 time in each of 8 feedings. It seemed to me that at night I did not sleep absolutely. I woke up in horror that I do not remember - who whom where and when fed. But finding the child every time sleeping in the bed, fell asleep with quiet conscience further. I knew that our efforts will not be in vain, and soon we will adjust the normal mode.

the Next week we continued to reduce amount of the used mix systematically. Sometimes someone from people around did not maintain continuous hanging on a breast and hungry crying and carefully offered a small bottle with mix. But I tried to give mix only in case of emergency when the daughter really remained hungry and could not fall asleep. The first day without mix came, a code to the daughter 1 month and 3 days was executed. This day by right can be considered in the afternoon when we adjusted full-fledged GV!

Despite all problems with feeding, for the first month the daughter gained 1,5 kg of weight. Now (17. 05. 2010) to the daughter 2 months, and we are on GV. There is enough milk even with a stock (contrary to opinion of the pediatrician that “such large child will need to be finished feeding mix“), at night we wake up to eat of 1 - 2 time, we eat on average each 2 hours in the afternoon. The best remedy for all troubles (problems with a tummy, whims, problems to fall asleep) is a breast. How many did not try baby`s dummies - the daughter screws up the face and spits out. And to eat from a bottle now it is just absolutely unreal - the clever child spits out everything! Here and so, having tried a breast once, the daughter remembered it forever. Now it is impossible “to deceive“ her and who needs it? I hope, my history, will help much desperate of such hard business as chest feeding. The main thing - patience and self-confidence and the kid! P. S. Many thanks to all who supported us (mine mother the father, the husband, and also little girls from a forum), without your words at the moments of despair nothing would turn out!