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Easter eggs from Pixar

the Pixar Studio is well-known for “Easter eggs“. On a film industry slang the secret messages which are “sewn up“ in the movie and clear only devoted so are called. In this case devoted - all experts on creativity of studio: Pixar likes to play with citing own works.

Here a little most often appearing quotes.

of Pizza Planet

In the first movie “History of Toys“ it is the huge restaurant executed in subject scientifically - fantastic movies, with the slot machine hall. The army of old trucks which are engaged in delivery of pizza to the house is attached to it. In one way or another Pizza Planet appears in all movies of studio released today: in the animated film “Searching Mutely“, for example, the truck with a logo of restaurant passes by while Gill states the plans of escape from office, in “Ratatouille“ the same truck goes on the bridge over Seine in a scene of a pursuit of Remy, in the movie “Up“ the large object can be contemplated on the parking in a scene where Karl, Russell and Dag go behind ice cream, and in other pictures of a mug with the Pizza Planet logo, empty packings from - under the pizza flash.

Should mentioning

that today there are several real restaurants of the thought-up brand - one of them works in the Parisian Disneyland!

of A113

It the room of the cool room in the Californian university of arts where one of creators of Pixar John Lasseter, and also many other outstanding animators studied was p>

. The combination appears in numerous animated films (not only works of Pixar, but also, say, in “Simpsonakh“, “Also Stitch“ and “The princess and a frog“ poured - as well as it was told, in a notorious office almost all successful animators learned). At Pixar the number flashes almost in all works: in “Stories of toys“ it is a machine number of mother of Andy, in “Ratatouille“ this number is written on the label attached to an ear of a laboratory rat of Git, and in the picture “Up“ it is number of the courtroom.

of Buy “N Large(BnL)

the Fictional company which is engaged in production of electronic goods. For the first time appears in the movie “Vall - And“ as the company which created heroes - robots and their spaceship. Later the BnL logo can be noticed on construction materials in the animated film “Up“, and in new “History of toys“ it will be found on batteries at which the Buzz works! (Do not pass the moment when the “wounded“, that is broken during escape Buzz try “to reboot“).

of the Toy from “History of toys“

B “Corporations of monsters“ the scene where heroes stand on the traffic light near a leg of a huge animal is; the chamber drives off, and the animal appears Rex, a green dinosaur from “History of toys“. Later in the movie there is an episode where Jesse`s doll lies on a table of the heroine of the movie Bu. In the animated film “Up“ it is possible to see for couple of seconds Lotso`s bear from the last, the picture which is not let out yet “History of toys: Big escape“ - he sits in the nursery by which windows spheres fly by. In “Vall - And“, in turn, flashes a box for a lunch with the image of the Buzz of Layt and Barbie`s car....


It is interesting what of these and other recognizable elements will appear in the animated film “History of toys: Big escape“? We find out soon: the movie comes to the Russian screens on June 17.

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