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All fears seem ridiculous now...

from the moment of our acquaintance to future husband at us everything developed according to the classical scenario: got acquainted, in a year celebrated a wedding... Thought of children, but decided that we will be engaged in continuation us, darlings, not at once. At first, perhaps, we will enjoy that we the husband and the wife. Somewhere in 9 months after a wedding, in May, all of us - decided to plan the child`s birth. But if someone plans the pregnancy by testing, campaigns on doctors and calculation of favorable days for conception, then we, owing to absence at us in the city of all “offices of planning of a family“ planned so: “Let`s do children? - And give!“ Also tried. Time 3, it is no more.


Ya made tests of week through 2, they, of course, negative. Well and somehow not before suddenly became.

June. I have the next delay. It is necessary to tell that the delay never caused in me disorders and was a commonplace. My cycle was stable only during reception of contraceptive tablets. So I bought the test for calm of soul, foreknowing that it will be negative. I do the test in the morning. And there two strips... Someone says that he cried with happiness at the sight of these strips, someone rejoiced, laughed... And I was frightened. Ridiculously. It would seem, consciously approached it, and I was frightened. How now? All life will change?! Neither to take a walk, nor to go anywhere... And work? How I will work? I am able to do nothing?!

told nothing

to the Husband since morning. Decided to buy still tests. All day on nerves and even in frustration. Driving off from work, rumpled a bumper by the car. Was upset even stronger. Stopped by in a drugstore. Bought the test. Arrived home... All 5 positive. Here and the husband appeared in time from work. Began to be interested that it I today not in. I to it also laid out all 6 tests. He was delighted! Of course, in his eyes nervousness was read, but he very much was delighted! Also calmed me. So the period of my life most important at that time began.

In 6 weeks I was registered in a maternity welfare unit. Also rushed: analyses, receptions at the doctor, vitamins. In a month we went to a holiday on a seashore. There toxicosis began. If houses I just felt sick sometimes then I ceased to eat. I did not want practically anything. I could not eat meat, fish. I ate macaroni and potato. The nectarines and peaches so loved by me still a month ago were included in the “black“ list too. But, generally, I was not on the back, it became bad only during very strong heat. I did not begin to struggle with unwillingness is, having decided that sooner or later everything will return on the places. Worst of all there was the fact that I became very irritable. I rushed on all and at the slightest pretext. And could not make anything with herself. It was not pleasant to me that pay me too special attention. I hated when someone touched my stomach. Having thought, we with the husband decided that we for a while will limit communication with world around and we will explain that you should not touch me.

Toxicosis passed

quickly, irritability did not pass, but slightly - slightly decreased. But drowsiness attacked. The doctor said that it is necessary to walk, and I came from work and fell on a sofa. Now I think that I correctly made everything, I then perceived walks as penal servitude. Later, when drowsiness passed, we began to walk often in the evenings.

All pregnancy proceeded quietly. The doctor rejoiced to my good analyses and a small set of weight. The husband “played“ with the child in the evenings, laying a hand and overturning me that the child was stronger kicked. Neither hypostases, nor excess weight. I honor yourself did not limit in anything: ate everything that I wanted, drank so much how many got. Only last weeks heartburn began. I never knew what is heartburn. The family laughed that “the child hairy will be“.

generally, all pregnancy, of course, took place in positive emotions, but my irritability irritated even me. All the time was a shame to me with the behavior, and I could make nothing. There were also quarrels to the husband. He at first could not understand that my pregnancy means change of a way of life not only for me, but also for it too. At first I just cried, and then spoke with it, explained that not so. And quickly dealt with it. However the relations with relatives so just were not settled. My mother endlessly repeated that she such nervous during the pregnancy was not, than plunged me into a bigger despair. Maybe so, and, maybe, mother just does not remember. I here now too do not remember any more when I strongly was angry, but for the present I remember that it was. Though over time, I, probably, will tell the daughter the same. it becomes clear

On the third ultrasonography for 32 weeks by p that the child lies legs down moreover with obvitiy. The doctor began to adjust me on Cesarean section. I cried, I so wanted most to give rise, but arguments that the child can choke at childbirth, all - I was brought to reason. One more ultrasonography... No, the child did not turn over. Well, well, Caesarian Caesarian so.

On the 39th week me is put in maternity hospital, in 5 days prior to the appointed Cesarean section. For these 5 days I made one test, in the morning on round looked round the doctor and... all. Though in a card results of the last of an electrocardiogram which were not pleasant to the therapist lay, but we to maternity hospital did not meet it. I spoke about it to the doctor. She sent me to the therapist of hospital. That looked and told that everything is good. In the evening for a couple of hours I was taken away by the husband to take a walk and every day, bringing me to doors of maternity hospital, saw off with words: “Go and get to me the child!“

Caesarian was appointed to February 9. It is necessary to tell that on February 9 I very much did not want to give birth. I persuaded the baby to be born every day to the 9th because hardly something else could transfer date of operation. The baby did not want to get out. The day before the anesthesiologist came, read my map, told how all will pass. Too confused nothing her. In the evening to me made all procedures, distances of sleeping pill after which I could not fall asleep. Operation is appointed at 9 in the morning. In 6, as usual, a thermometer and scales, then round and... I am urgently sent to an electrocardiogram. When I gave results to the doctor, I was sent to chamber, and in a corridor voices were heard: “Operation is cancelled...“

In half an hour the doctor came and explained that today my card was watched by other therapist and other anesthesiologist, and they refused to do operation. As I burst out crying. I so worried, so worried... And here on you! Calmed long, persuaded, what is so best of all, now will dig through droppers and will decide when operation. Wrote to the husband the message, he was upset too, our mothers were frightened, came running to windows of chamber, and I so did not want to see anybody! But by the evening all calmed down and again began to wait.

Operation was in two days. This time nothing was cancelled. Epiduralny anesthesia. The first anesthesiologist told that I will feel nothing, only as a sting of a mosquito that I will see the child! I begin to be trained for operation. Of course, I was nervous, of course, was afraid. Nothing is more terrible than removal of teeth quickly I never did... Catheters in a bladder, in a vein... Here it is a table... And here the most interesting began... One prick? Yes you or are not able to consider, or I to you will tear off hands!! One prick, the second, third... On the fifth me decided to put on a table (before I sat)... The sixth... The seventh... The tenth. In total nothing, but here only not only that this murderer to get where it is necessary, could not. It with an enviable accuracy got to me into some nerves from what I had such spasms and a lumbago in one leg, in another, in a basin... More often - in the left leg. I shouted at all operating room... From pain I could not even begin to cry... Twelfth prick... Then I got off... Somewhere on the fifteenth he said: “If I do not get now, we give an anesthesia!“ I about myself howled. Really it was impossible earlier?! And - oh, a miracle! It got.


Honestly - it is not sick. Heat such in and legs went, and in hands... How - should not grow dumb? But at me already everything grew dumb... My mummies... Yes I cannot sigh!! Yes clean the mask from my face!! Blows - blows, but I cannot sigh!! And painfully for some reason... You cut, huh? Not really, but, in my opinion, painfully... Yes clean the mask, I cannot breathe... My God... Yes be that will be... And I closed eyes. Also ceased to try to breathe. And before eyes all yellow... Interestingly, my eyes are open or closed? Probably, are closed, the operating room all green. The child shouts... Probably, again at the girl from the next chamber, there such uneasy kid. You lift me? Yes do that you want...

I Open eyes - I in chamber. Everything floats before eyes, I turn the head - there is a cradle, and there the child. Around nurses fuss.“ Who?“ They do not know. Ran to ask. “And what is the time?“ It is necessary to call, tell the husband that he is a father. Here only I learn who was born. I recovered very quickly. Having very felt thirsty and call the husband. Nurses provided both that, and another to me, though it was impossible to use phone - the monitor to me connected nearby stood. But resolved. And it became clear that the husband already saw us from the street.

of 3960 grams and 54 cm of happiness! Daughter!

We lay 5 days. On the sixth we were written out because I went into a hysterics on all delivery room that very much I want home to the husband. I and the truth was very tired. There awfully hot, I in chamber had +28. Who said yes to you what to the child at such temperature is comfortable?! At my baby even temperature from it rose. After airing of chamber it was quickly normalized. Generally, the manager of office, observing my hysterics which dragged on for all day and which could not be calmed nothing, promised that in the presence of good blood test she will allow to go home me.

Next day it since morning came to me to round. At the sight of it my eyes were instantly poured by tears, but she quickly reported that she writes out me. I waited when bring to me the sick-list, called the husband, put on itself, dressed the child and... Went... Nurses caught me at the exit with shouts: “Where?!“ Well, I did not know that else an extract of the child it is necessary to wait, I am the first time... Generally, instantly wrote an extract, solemnly handed the baby to the father and allowed to go home us!

to us three months! We grow, we please with the smile mother and the father. And now ridiculous those fears which I to myself invented already seem to me, having for the first time seen two treasured strips.