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And then - a cat with a tail! Part 2

the Beginning

Once on Saturday we met Roma, took a walk at the ocean, have dinner at cozy Spanish small restaurant, and came to drink tea to me home. I pottered in kitchen. Roma went to wash hands in a bathroom, and suddenly on all apartment the terrible heart-breaking cry was distributed, and in kitchen Grishka flew, my favourite cat, reserving a red stream on a floor. It was terrible to look at small shivering bloody medley a minute ago being a magnificent fluffy Grishkiny tail.

guilty Romina a physiognomy seemed to

In the doorway of kitchen. He did not decide to enter, and only timidly looked.

- What happened? - I cried, without knowing for what forward to catch: for a cat, for heart or for the head.

- I to it a door pinched a tail. But I is unintentional! I did not want!

- Yet was not enough that you wanted! Quicker, Roma what you cost? It is necessary to carry a cat to hospital!

was enough

Ya in panic a bag, keys, a towel to wrap poor Grishka, pulled boots, pulled down from a coat hanger... Roma stood rooted to the ground, without moving, and stared at me, as at the madwoman.

- Rum, regain consciousness, put on, quicker! - I roared. To me had already no time for the Chinese ceremonies.

of Rum recovered at once. Sense of guilt as did not happen.

- You went crazy? What hospital on Saturday evening? Everything is closed! And in general, same cat, but not the person! At cats, as we know, nine lives. In a night he will lick the precious tail and will be in the morning as the newcomer.

- Rum, I will not wait till the morning. I want to go to the doctor right now!

of Rum plaintively writhed and moaned:

- But I have to be at home in an hour! I promised mother to have supper with her. You know my mother! It from me will shake out soul if I do not arrive in time. Well will become to your cat at least till tomorrow`s morning?


Ya that in vain I waste time.

- So, Roma, clean up. I have no time to bargain with you. I will find a way out. Bai, Roma, Bai, go from here!

Ya was pushed out literally by Romana from the apartment, and he to admit, not really resisted. As soon as behind it the door slammed, all my determination instantly disappeared, and I began to roar, sobbing and lamenting, than frightened a poor cat even more. He was killed under a sofa and calmed down.

Ya, smearing tears, rushed about on the apartment, stirred the first-aid kit, found iodine and bandage, helplessly looked at them and understood that I will not cope. My hands dialed Ear ring phone number. Though through my plaints and sobbings to understand - what occurred - it was difficult, Sergey quickly thought in what business, and in half an hour we were already included into veterinary clinic on duty. The unfortunate cat wrapped in a sheet was carried away in viewing, and we remained in a reception.

When I the last time visited veterinary clinic from Grishkaya in the afternoon, the reception reminded a madhouse: dogs, barked as abnormal, their owners shouted even more loudly, trying to calm the pets, sick parrots talked smut in all languages of the world, and cats mewed as if behind a window not snow fell, and the March thaw ringed.

A this Saturday evening, nearly a night, except us in a reception was nobody. Smelled of freshness. Everything breathed silence and rest. Healthy cats and dogs sat on the houses and did not even suspect - what they are happy...

the Door creaked, and to us there was a doctor who is poured out Aybolit, the fat man with a beard and moustaches. On his face it was clear that things look bad.


- Needs a X-ray, - he looked at me with such pity as if it to me, but not my cat a tail was pinched.

Ya understood value of his look. In a clinic it will be necessary to pay for each step, as they say, without departing from cash desk, and the X-ray is very expensive pleasure.

- If the tail is broken, - the doctor continued the mournful speech, - we will leave a cat for couple of days, the tail should be amputated if is not present - your happiness, we will tie up and we will release.

- It agrees, - I sobbed. - Poor Grishka, how he will live tailless?

- we Will hope, - the doctor corrected points, sadly shook the head and went back, to viewing.

- Yes, and Marinka - that was right, your Roma - that still a goat! - gave a vote the Ear ring.

- You now and the Marinochka think? Any more there is nothing? She, by the way, not only spoke about Roman!

- Well, all right, calm down, maybe, everything will manage, be not upset you so!

choked with

Ya in sobbings.

- Serezh, forgive me, I now think nothing. My poor cat!

So we also sat: I sniffed, and the Ear ring consoled me: Grishka is strong, he will get out, everything will be good also other nothing the meaning words, so necessary in a similar situation...

At last the door opened, and on a wheelchair took out my poor cat, half-dead from an anesthesia, with bandaged, but, thank God, the whole tail similar to huge white sausage. That the cat could not lick the wounds, on a neck to him set up the plastic loud-hailer reminding a high collar, and Grishka became similar to the duke de Guiz. An ear ring took it on hands and it is careful as child, incurred in the car, and for me there came the day of reckoning literally of this word. Saturday confusion, to be exact, “kotogrishiya“, plus three bandagings every two days, cost $526. 87. It is good still that it was not necessary to do operation, and that the account would go not to hundreds, and to thousands... Naturally, such money at me with themselves did not appear and, having mentally said goodbye to new things by the future New Year`s holidays, I paid a credit card. Having learned about it, Sergey gloomy promised that if Roman does not give this money to me, then he to him too which - that will pinch, and will even better cut off. I was happy that my cat was not left without tail, and anything the friend was not able to think of.

However in couple of days I recovered. Eventually, of course, a cat only mine, but who is guilty that he happened? It is necessary to hint Roma that he forked up too, let pays at least a half. To demand from Roman all sum to me and did not come to mind.

The whole next week passed

under the sign of a cat who should be carried on bandagings, and finally rolled up - and me, and the Ear ring which, despite work and study, carried me with a cat to the doctor.

A Roman hid and did not even call. As they say, “went to an obidka“ - for the fact that it was so roughly exposed. I already mentally said goodbye to it, however, on a nose there was a New year, and, probably, Roma, having judged that except me and mother, to celebrate to it there is nobody, chose from two evils smaller, and, indifferently, called me. Minutes ten he prattled about some nonsense until I lost the patience remains.

- And you do not want to ask, for example, how health of my cat?

- And that? Some problems?

- Problems? Some? I just have no words! Not “some“, but at the cost of $526. 87.

- Anything to! For what?

- For everything. For survey, for a X-ray, for bandagings, for drugs, to put it briefly, for treatment of an unfortunate cat to which you pinched a tail.

- And that? What horse-radish you with it in hospital were dragged? Thousands of cats run on streets and do not die!

- the Novel, I am not going to discuss street cats with you. You are guilty and bear responsibility for it.

- Yes you went with the foolish cat, know where?

I the Novel, having sounded “where“, hung up. Having heard similar rudeness, I flew into a rage. In that case that now you, smart guy, will pay me everything wholly. Judging from the fact that Roma talked too glibly, he said not at the mummy, and, so not from the house, I argued in rage, so... And I safely dialed number of the Rominy home telephone number. As always, the phone was picked up by his mother. I also counted on it.

- Hello, Serafima Pavlovna! It is told by the acquaintance of your son. Yes, it at me it vanishes on days off already nearly half a year. What it you, Serafima Pavlovna, so badly brought up the boy? Not only that it to my cat a door pinched a tail and so that to a poor cat slightly the tail was not cut off not only that he refuses to pay for treatment now, so it still, talking to the lady and - yes, to me, is obscenely expressed! It that for a manner? Really in your house it is so accepted? What shame!

On other end of a wire for a minute silence set in, and then Serafima Pavlovna ice tone asked:

- In what treatment managed?

- $526. 87.

- you receive compensation. I hope, Roman did not forget your address yet. Something else?

- Thanks. It is more than nothing. To in total you kind.

As the call proceeded from me, without having violated the rule of a good form, I the first hung up.

In two days by mail I received the check for all sum from Roman.

my affair with Roman So not romantically ended with


In a week there came New year.

to Celebrate moods in the noisy company was not. Seryozha suggested to meet New year at my place. I right there agreed. Seryozha brought a Christmas tree which we together decorated. I did not depart two days from a plate, composing the unusual New Year`s menu. On snack - the Frost - a Red Nose salad similar to traditional “Russian salad“, where without it on New Year`s Eve, but with addition of beet, ham and special sauce, according to the confidential recipe of our family. On hot - meat on - merchant, that is with cepes, baked in a pot, and for a dessert - my best-known number - the Iceberg cake, cream, meringue and nuts frozen in the freezer which hot need to knife only.

Ya laid a table a white cloth which was embroidered still by my grandmother. Patterns on a cloth were cut out by scissors, and each hole was swept off by white threads, a stitch to a stitch, is dense - densely, such embroidery was called “Richelieu“. Despite the respectable age, the starched and ironed out cloth looked very elegantly and in too time gave to a table unique homeliness. On plates Father Frost was drawn, and on napkins it is written “Happy New Year!“ .

B of New - York and furthermore, on Brighton, it is possible to buy anything, and goods from Russia - a subject of the prime immigrant necessity. Crystal glasses, red with gold, the twisted candles in silver candlesticks polished to gloss tableware...

Well, apparently, all... It is possible to sit down...

So far I set

the table, the Ear ring of villages on a sofa and turned on the TV. On the screen in the center of Manhattan under a pouring rain waiting when the well-known New Year`s nu - York apple departs up, the variegated crowd raged.

- Serezh, I do not want in New year a rain. Switch, please, to Moscow. I want snow and a chiming clock.

- Say, on New Year`s Eve, what will not be wished - everything will always occur, everything always comes true...

Seryozha clicked the panel - and on the screen as if in a window through which it is visible the whole world the real zimushka - appeared winter. Snow fell. Among snowdrifts, under a white fluffy blanket fir-trees hid. Then there was an acquaintance since the childhood a tower of the Kremlin which approached closer and closer and, at last, in all screen the huge dial with gold arrows, one of which already stood on 12, and another on 11, was highlighted. About New year remained treasured five minutes...

I here in a drawing room my cat appeared. The bandage to it was already removed, and closely cropped, in appearance absolutely rat Grishkin a tail was smoothly wound here and there, meaning that mood at a cat drowsily - pacified. Without paying to me any attention, the cat jumped on a sofa and impudently sprawled at the Ear ring on a lap. It is necessary! Grishka never with anybody, even with me, it did not allow.

the Ear ring gently stroked a cat on a back, scratched at it behind an ear, patted on withers. The cat was thrilled and purred, and I wildly was jealous not a cat of the Ear ring, not the Ear ring of a cat.

- Grishka, the impudent fellow! You know, you who? The traitor you is unscrupulous!

the Cat continued to roll and even did not move an ear in my party.

- Darling do not begin, please, new year with scandal!

Sergey embraced Grishka and, looking to me in eyes, said:

- the Cat, I love you. Let`s live together! And we will take away your hostess, not to throw its one, and?

Here so turn! It that, joke?. Whether I misheard?


curved a back, murlyknut, jumped off from Serezhkiny knees, approached me and began to rub about my legs.

- Well, the traitor, came to make up?

Ya bent to pat Grishka on a back and suddenly... On pink, with fresh scars a tail of a cat the gold ringlet with a pebble which was poured by all flowers of a rainbow shone...

- Seryozha, - I hardly uttered, - you what, robbed bank?

- Not - and, just received the first programmer salary. Surprise!

threw the arms round

Ya to the Ear ring a neck.

- I Congratulate!

- And how to you my offer?

the Ear ring pressed me to itself, slightly blew to me in an ear, and I finally flaked out.

- You know, Serezhenka where a cat - there and I.

... We did not hear peal of bells...
Came New year, new life began...
Well, is already other history.