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If you have no nurse... (part 1) of

our epic began in 1998. I worked, the senior child went to a garden, I, of course, was in time nothing, tided up on days off, awfully was angry with a dog who after each walk brought a heap of dirt to the house, by Wednesday on the house shreds of wool and dust began to fly... Here I became pregnant. And then there was a need to drive the senior child to the pool and to the House of Creativity. Naturally, the question that I need the help with economy even was not discussed, and was accepted as a reality.


to me needed option I - the housemaid + to sit with the child 2 - 3 hours.


Ya with the appeal to agency - for some reason it seemed to me that this method completely removes from me all cares on hiring of the assistant. As if not so! The agency was a small little room with one table and one aunt behind it which as I understood, except personnel traded still in some vases, candlesticks and still some crap heaped on newspapers in the same room. But it was the only agency in that area in which I lived therefore further I did not go. At choice presented me three candidates to whom I talked. Which - what experiment on hiring of personnel at me was therefore I not especially was at a loss with selection of standard questions (Where you worked earlier? How many years? Why left? Do you have recommendations? And so forth). One of two women I at once filtered because she categorically was not pleasant to me the phlegmatic look and absolute inability to connect two words together. More I liked two living candidates in communication who everything is beautiful about themselves told, mentioned the former rich employers who at both (phenomenal coincidence!) left on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE and did not leave recommendations. Such phenomenal coincidence met to me still repeatedly, and their owners were swept aside then at once.

the next morning to me for work there arrived one of candidates. It arrived with delay for 20 minutes, having referred to transport. I digested it. She very vividly turned to work, telling as it to me now here quickly will clean everything. Having worked as 2,5 hours, she told that here its favourite series have to begin now, and if I do not object, she will iron clothes while there are series, and it irons very quickly. I was surprised, but resolved. The series went 20 minutes, are ironed during this time there were a pair of children`s shirts. Then the lady told:“ Well, maybe, for the first day will be enough? Tomorrow I will carefully complete everything“. When I strongly was surprised, she complained that mother is ill it, and right now it will come for drugs and will bring to the sick old woman to eat. Pregnant women - are sentimental... Itself I do not know as, but she managed also from me to extend 80 rubles on drugs... More I did not see it. It is natural that it is more and I did not address to this agency. They several times called then, apologized, offered the services, but I was firm as flint. From the first experience I drew a conclusion No. 1: never it is impossible to pay in advance under any pretext.

Ya decided to hang out announcements in the area. Several women responded to the announcement. We agreed with one of them that it will clean the apartment three times a week and two times a week to drive the senior child to the pool. The woman worked well, but she was gnawed by feeling of own lameness. She was an engineer, and considered work of the housekeeper as something average between the cleaner and the janitor. Naturally, long she did not work, and it costed mutual nerves and the spoiled mood. From communication with it I drew a conclusion No. 2: it is impossible to hire people who consider this work below the advantage.

Following Galya whom subsequently my husband nicknamed “the pilferer with blue eyes“ was b>. It really had absolutely children`s naive look, blue eyes and a gentle smile. Very pleasant there was a tetechka. I found it according to the announcement in “From hand to hand“. Everything was good: it just ideally worked, and worked long enough (8 months), at it the average child was born, I trusted it the kid, she really was the good worker, did not feel yet that employers especially consider nothing. It on a trifle took earlier something, but I let it. Once I made it the remark that it takes my cream, she very much apologized: “Oh, you know, such life, I am not able to afford such cream, and I very much want...“ But then she went too far. At first I noticed that it again with might and main uses my cosmetics and creams. Then I noticed that from the refrigerator products vanish - it turned out that it before leaving just loaded them in a bag and carried away them home. And then I noticed at all: what Galya buys in the market, expensively though language at Galya was suspended ideally and she said that in the market already all know it and do discounts. Generally, I decided to check it: in - the first, I left a filament in cream; in - the second, I counted products in the refrigerator; in - the third, I went to the market at once after her arrival from there and compared the prices. I caught it by a hand and dismissed. It very grieved me to go to it. Galya absolutely remorselessly told:“ It is life such, but not we“. After its work in our house I drew a conclusion No. 3: as soon as the person is noticed in untidiness, he has to be dismissed at once.

After Galya some more women were b>, all of them worked not for long, and everything as on selection, threw me. I was struck in general by that untidiness concerning the employer which was constantly shown by candidates: two times I made an appointment on the street that the woman had not to look for the address, both times they just did not come; already even I do not remember how many times were not come to the made appointment at all, and did not warn, having my phone; and I do not remember any more how many time to me was reported about the self-dismissal in the form of “And I Will Not Come Today“. To it it is always necessary to be ready and to exclude at once all who showed similar untidiness.

Then. Natalya Borisovna came according to the announcement which I gave itself in the “Iz Ruk V Ruki“ newspaper. She seemed me very pleasant woman but some tired... It worked in one of large department stores the manager. section, but lost work and very much needed it. We found acquaintances in this department store and asked to find out what it is - Natalya Borisovna. To me it was recommended as extremely unbalanced, hysterical person, with mice in the head. Categorically did not advise it to take. But she just asked me to take it, she told about envious persons and intrigues and so forth. It ended awfully. I will not tell completely a situation, but in a month she was depressed, I began to be afraid to leave it with the child, she rolled up hysterics, tried to manipulate me, and, eventually, made just wild scandal - I still with horror remember it. From all this I drew a conclusion No. 4: the person with the negative recommendation can never be hired - the smoke without fire does not happen.

On this place me the option II - the housemaid + option III - the nurse + option IV - the teacher (preparation for school) + option V - the teacher (English language) was necessary for b because the senior child should be trained for school, and average grew already to such age when required to itself constant attention, without leaving to the nurse of time for the help with economy.

Such difficult option demanded intervention of agency. To me picked up the housemaid for three days a week, the nurse for full time, the teacher of preparation for school - three times a week for three hours, English - two times a week on an hour.

It. In the house there was just double-exit courtyard if to consider that, except them, the worker who completed to us repair still got under feet...

At first about housemaids. Such option - two - three times a week - the most convenient if the help with children is not necessary. If the help with children is necessary, then full time is more convenient, of course.

the People which come to work only for cleaning of the apartment, for some reason as for selection quirky, quick, a finger with it in a mouth not of luggage. It is necessary to behave with them accurately - method of a carrot and stick, a firm hand and kind heart. God forbid will sit down to give weak point and will go. Conclusion No. 5: all begin to work well, but over time become loose. It is necessary “to build“.

to Have several people in the house, naturally, to have several times more problems. They try to compete among themselves and to show the big importance - the nurse tries to charge to the housemaid a food warming up for the child, or zastilany beds and so forth. Generally, it is the worst option.

Now about nurses. They were a little too. And nurses - teachers - too very difficult contingent. They, in the majority, for some reason consider themselves offended by life, because, that they should work at home. It is difficult to come into contact because they consider requirements offensive, and requests optional with them. From here conclusion No. 6: it is necessary to learn numerous polite, but persistent requests.

Main stumbling blocks such:

  1. the Nurse has to be able to work according to requirements of parents even if she does not consider it correct.
  2. the Nurse surely has to know rules of first aid.
  3. the Nurse has to feed the child only with what is defined by parents.
  4. the Nurse has to be engaged in
  5. with the child, but not watch its safety from outside.

it is useful for li to discuss its duties With the nurse too in advance. For example, so: to watch

  • during all working day the child, to be engaged with it, to play, walk, feed, put to bed according to conditions and a day regimen, certain parents;
  • to follow rules of hygiene and safety;
  • to know first aid rules;
  • to be engaged and play with the child according to standards of development of the child according to wishes of parents;
  • to use the methodical materials, games and toys provided by parents;
  • periodically to get acquainted with new methodical materials or other pedagogical literature on a wish of parents;
  • to build pedagogical process according to wishes of parents;
  • additional duties: to drive the child on occupations during working hours, to monitor observance of hygienic rules on a workplace, to warm food for the child, to observe an order in a nursery, i.e. to clean toys in places after occupations and games;
  • to be on a workplace it is strict without delay.