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And then - a cat with a tail! Part 1

of my red handsome - the cat is called Grisha. And what here it? Why it is possible to name a cat Vasya, and Grisha it is impossible? Especially as any Vasya in my life was not, and Grisha is my ex-husband. And therefore, when the cat climbs not there where it is necessary, to shout: “Grishka! Get out, bastard!“ gives me special pleasure.

However I shout at the cat extremely seldom. Unlike my former, with a cat at me full mutual understanding, a consent and even love. Kot Grishka follows me on heels, meets from work, gently purrs to me in an ear and to nobody, except me, allows to iron himself. If his namesake, my former, so treated me, I would not divorce him for ever... Well, it is already other history.

Though it is considered p that if the woman has a love with a cat, then men have no chances to be pleasant to it, I nevertheless did not lose hope to meet the prince considering my age and situation, the king, more precisely.

of the Lack of gentlemen at me was not. My numerous friends and relatives with somebody acquainted me from time to time with the most good intentions. But after konfetno - the buketny period when it was necessary to make the choice “to be or not to be“, life together with a cat was pleasant to me more. As regards devotion and gentle purring in my ear of the competition to it nobody maintained. In exchange Grishka, unlike boyfriends, except a bowl of the cat`s croutons, demanded nothing, and with boyfriends it was much more difficult... Well, it is already other history.

By and large, all men are divided into two categories: those that want to marry and that do not want. At least, say that want or do not want. Actually they do not know. That to them in the head will climb up, do. And those who listen to them, that is, we poor girls, are trapped then and on pieces stick together the smashed hearts. So with men it is possible to do anything - to love them, to care, cherish or, on the contrary, to hate and damn, but one is obvious - it is impossible to listen to them. You want to love? Love. You do not want? Do not love. But do not listen!

A knows that the woman is auditory. From there are all our troubles.... Well, it is already other history.

I prefer to

Ya those men who directly say that they do not want to marry. I am on friendly terms with them. As they say, anything personal. But is to whom interesting to communicate without any mutual claims. Here so I met the Ear ring several years. We sometimes together went to the cinema or in theater, sometimes celebrated holidays in one company, occurred at the general friends, for hours prattled by phone, with details telling each other about those with whom we were married off.

Thanks to pass - to phone similar to the hearing aid, during our telephone chatter it was possible to be in time much. Put such “button“ in an ear - and stir how many you want, and hands are free. But earlier, happened if you see on the street of the person who, gesticulating, talks to himself, you understand at once? the madman, and, just in case, that suddenly not to be hit on the head, you come over to other side. And now some uncle with himself shouts, waves fists, and will approach closer, he just on pass - to phone talks to the wife. However mentally ill people on the street did not become less, it is only more difficult to distinguish them now... Well, it is already other history.

Usually we with the Ear ring exchanged calls before going to bed therefore I was in time, talking, to touch all the clothes and to stand out in front of the mirror, choosing clothes for tomorrow, to correct manicure - a pedicure, to put a masochka on the person, and then to wash away it and to be smeared with cream.

the Ear ring too in vain did not waste time. Judging by characteristic sounds on a background and therefore that he swore, apologized “forgive, it I not to you“, I guessed that the poor fellow, burning, ironed the shirts or broke something, washing the dishes, or pricked, sewing a button, or came across something, poured something, broke or turned. So it is also necessary to it, time does not want to marry.

Objectively, Seryozha was the enviable groom. Intelligent, witty, nice, high, harmonous, sports, widely-read and educated. Something it was similar to the namesake of the actor Astakhov, but ours the Ear ring - the real hero and eyes at it such... Generally, though it is also similar to Astakhov, but it is a hundred times better.

the Ear ring had a secret. A minute of revelation he told about it on friendship only to me: about a marriage there could not be also a speech. An ear ring referred to the fact that in America it has no real profession, the housing yet too, and, at all, not those earnings that to make a family. He did not refuse to meet girls and why they were necessary to it - not my business. Well, it is already other history.

Everything began

with mystical coincidence. The star of the Brooklyn Broadway, Brighton - the Avenue Scourge, the singer Marina Shlepentokh in a year after a magnificent wedding once again divorced. To the Russian-speaking press was about what to gossip as, unlike the previous stains, Marinin the husband was the initiator of the last gap. However the reason of divorce was known by nobody therefore the sensation was enough only for a week, that is for one newspaper release. And then everything returned into place, and the Braytonovsky press cackled again about the one which of the Russian actors married, broke, divorced, grew rich and was ruined... Well, it is already other history.

On strange combination of circumstances, at the same time - my friends began to marry off me with the ex-husband of Marina, and careful relatives of the Ear ring put to it phone of the Braytonovsky star and terribly warned: so far he will not call it that he did not show the face to them! It turned out that the poor thrown Marina is the cousin of the wife of the Serezhiny second cousin, well, distant relative, but nevertheless relatives, and the relatives in trouble are not left, she should be consoled urgently, and the Ear ring just single and on age suitable, and therefore phone in teeth and forward! Besides Sergey in the past was an actor of theater of a pantomime, it, such coincidence! Just soulmates! Both actors!

The fact that Seryozha anybody is not going to marry about the actor`s past forgot

long ago and just at present from my easy hand devoutly learns programming in which I in ten years of work as speak, knew inside out, relatives were aware not. I sawed the Ear ring long ago, repeating that its work “lift - yes - throw“ in America it is necessary to nobody, it is not a profession, it is necessary to learn programming. Water sharpens a stone. Eventually, Sergey decided, arrived on courses and now after work ran for study, and at the nights slept literally embracing the computer. This courtship to it was now absolutely inopportunely, but it could not refuse to relatives. So he, at least, stated to me. And itself, probably, was consumed with curiosity to communicate to a star of local flood. Oh that it I? Not my this business!

U me everything developed much more simply. On the advice of my friends, Roman, the former Marinin the husband, called me on Saturday, and we have nicely dinner with him and communicated at small small restaurant on an ocean coast. And here it became clear that Roman, as well as I, the programmer. Only not simple, but system that is three heads higher than usual.

Directly, as by request: the actor - the actress, the programmer - the programmer. You will laugh until sick!

Only for some reason Seryozha, during our habitual evening telephone chatter, in this coincidence saw nothing ridiculous.

- Here to you brought, so brought, well, children, council to you and love! - all of a sudden bellowed the Ear ring to me in an ear and hung up.

What happened to it? Poor, all is tired, probably, very much, - both studies, and works... Here not to laughter... Well, nothing, I will call it next week, perhaps everything is formed...

However in couple of days Sergey called me and gloomy took an interest:

- Well what is heard on the love front? Still did not marry the Marinkiny husband?

- You with anybody did not mix me? I in marriage want the same as to marry you. By the way, how there Marinochka? You still a duet do not sing?

- And Marinochka rejected me, glory to you, My God, so I am a free bird again!

- Rejected

? You? I do not trust! It cannot just be! Tell everything detailed!

- Yes could not be told. We also did not meet even. I called it. Managed to say one and a half offers, and then it as began to tryndet... Tyr - tyr - tyr, tyr - tyr - tyr... Well I at first tried to listen, and then on a table hung up, included a computer, I sit, I am engaged, edge of an ear I watch, maybe, she what will ask... And it? laughs loudly, tryndit, well, hour stirred two without stopping. I and departed from a table, and again sat down, and she did not even notice.

- And then?

- And then she told my brother, that is not it, and his wife that to it, the famous actress, any ballet mime is not necessary. And the brother, naturally, transferred to me.

- What ballet mime? When it was? You told it that you study as the programmer?

- And what for? I and so from it ofonaret. Thank God that she refused me, and relatives to me have no claims. On figs she to me gave up? By the way, I after its chatter am aware now of all events. You know why they divorced?

- Is not present

, it was inconvenient to me to ask Roma.

- Ah, so his name is Roma?

- And - that you do not know


- From where to me the nobility? Marinochka called him only the idiot or a goat. And you have, so an affair with Roman... Now at you everything Will be romantic... Directly oil oil...

- I will hang up now.

- Well, all right, and cannot joke! And so, your Roma singing irritated Marinochkino.

- it is strange

. He what, did not know whom marries?

- And you will ask it him. And I did not ask questions, to me into Marinochkin a monologue was not to insert them. Well and how Roma externally? It was pleasant to you?

- High, not thick. Moustaches at it such... White Guard, more definitely, not moustaches, and short moustaches. We are with it both four-eyes.

- One more coincidence. I congratulate! Curly?

- Bald. But from a nape and from sides does not comb loans on a forehead.

- Well, so not the full idiot. Perhaps Marinochka was mistaken. And now give about pleasant: what shortcomings at it?

- Yet I do not know, but his mother already frightens me.

- And who at us mother? What do you do not suit it with?

- I so far, thank God, am not familiar with it and I do not hurry to get acquainted, but her Roma as fire, is afraid. Everything reports on it, has to have supper only at home and in general...

- That is and - to. Roma at us mother`s darling means.

- And you if only to hang up a label on the person.... Though... I do not know... You know, he asked me: “You have mother?“ “Of course, is“, I answer, and it: “And so, consider: my mother? mamy!“ . You represent? To the man? under forty, and it is measured by mothers. It has somewhere in the country the house, and lives at mother, and they exchange calls each hour.

- What for? Perhaps she badly feels?

- Is not present

. Roma told that they have such tradition.

- And how there our cat Grishka?

- Hisses on Roma. To it does not allow to sit down on a sofa.

- Here Grishka - well done! And Roma, so at you in the apartment on a sofa seated?

- So, Sergey, everything, enough! do not breathe to me on points! And in general, where your sense of humour?

- spent everything For Marinochka. All right, go to sleep, I release. Good night.

- Good night, Seryozha.

So we also lived. Day after day, day after day...

To be continued