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We work on ourselves: cardiotraining and power loadings of

Any woman dreams to be more slender and to look younger. But to spend a huge number of time, forces and money for searches of slimming aids not everyone can do. Besides, one food additives and strict diets of desirable effect not to achieve. The ideal way to lose weight and to keep the achieved result is a competent combination of a diet and the correct physical activities. However exercises to exercises discord, one help to lose weight, others - to build up muscle bulk. How to understand them how to understand what trainings will suit you?

two types of physical activities Exist: cardiotraining and power exercises. But contrary to a popular belief that it is enough one kardiotenirovka to lose excess weight doctors and athletes assure us that not to do without power loadings. Therefore before starting occupations, it is necessary to understand what is cardiotraining and what is power exercises for what they are necessary and what effect is had on a human body. And only after that to make for itself the individual program of weight loss.

What is cardiotraining?

Recently information on cardioloadings acquired a large number of myths. One “experts“ claim that it is necessary to be engaged in the morning, others - in the evening, the third claim that it is necessary to run 20 minutes, some insist on two-hour run. Fans of bodybuilding in general are sure that cardiotrainings are not necessary as you lose muscle bulk, adherents of the opposite point of view suggest to limit cardiotrainings to 5 - 10 minutes in day, placing emphasis on their intensity. It is very easy to get confused in inconsistent information so we will try to understand that - the truth and that - the myth.

So, cardiotraining (too most, as aerobic loadings) is, first of all, training for warmly - vascular system, necessary for all who care for the health. Aerobics is especially actual for those who only begin to play sports. By means of cardiotraining we prepare our organism for more serious loadings, strengthening warmly - vascular and respiratory systems. In the course of weight loss cardiotraining plays an important role too, but about it is slightly later.

What is power training?

Power loadings (exercises on endurance) is the most effective way to give a beautiful relief to your body. Power training helps to detain age changes in muscles, and also does not allow to lose muscle bulk and that is important, too promotes loss of excess weight.

Power trainings accelerate a metabolism in an organism (metabolism). Unlike cardiotraining, during power exercises less fat, but due to acceleration of a metabolism is burned, at rest process of burning continues. Power exercises promote increase in muscle bulk, and muscles demand the strengthened food unlike fatty tissue. Therefore, muscle bulk will demand a bigger expense of calories on maintenance of activity of an organism.

the Conclusion is simple

: cardiotraining “burns“ fat in the course of training, but practically does not affect a consumption of fats on vacation. While power training is weak in “combustion“ of fats in the course of occupations, but seriously urges on a rest metabolism.

If the person sets

as the purpose to improve health, then regular cardiotraining is simply necessary. If a main objective of physical activities is weight loss, then one aerobic loadings not to manage here. Also healthy nutrition, power loadings and a normal dream will be required.

of the Rule of weight loss

In this hard business many women make the mass of mistakes and instead of growing thin and supporting the organism, at best do not reach any effect, in the worst - begin to be ill.

If to you needs so to dump several kilograms, then it is necessary to do it intelligently. Many ladies, having stayed on half-starved monodiets, of course, try to obtain desirable effect, but after a while weight comes back. And so will be always until process includes high-quality physical activities. It is clear, that the best way to make for itself the effective program of weight loss is to go to fitness - the center, to pass inspection at doctors and to begin to be engaged under supervision of the instructor. But not all have on it means and time. Then it is necessary to make the program of weight loss independently. But with what to begin - not all know.

first step. Food and a dream


First of all, begin with food. Strict diets and long hunger strikes are not necessary, it is simpler to make friends once and for all with fundamentals of healthy nutrition - it will be useful not only to you, but also the rest family members.

So, exclude from a diet sweet, flour, fried, alcohol, carbonated drinks and cigarettes. A basis of your menu unsweetened fruit, vegetables and greens (in any quantity) have to make, the cereals, fast meat and fish dishes steamed, the boiled or baked without oil in an oven and low-fat fermented milk products. Use natural spices, they will seize taste of any dish, but remember that they increase appetite. One more rule of good food: minimum of heat treatment, only as necessary.

do not forget

I about a dream. Not slept organism faded, quickly is tired and subsequently begins to give serious failures. The healthy sleep for the adult has to proceed not less than 8 hours a day and it is desirable without interruption. So if you get up at night and feed the child, then forget for a while about growing thin. Concentrate on tasks, more important for you.

Step of the second. Physical activities: the kardiotening

When a question with food and a dream is solved by

, start development of own program of physical activities. The first what it is necessary to take care of is an individual program of cardiotrainings. For this purpose the pulsator by means of which you will be able to be engaged with that intensity which is suitable for your age will become quite good acquisition. It is simple to calculate it: the most admissible pulse at occupations by aerobics makes 200 beats per minute minus your age. Let`s say you are 30 years old, so your maximum - it is 200 - 30=170 beats per minute. To achieve from cardiotraining it is necessary effect of a zhiroszhiganiye, it is necessary to be engaged at the level of 50 - 75% of your maximum. That is, for 30 years optimum pulse at occupations makes 85 - 128 beats per minute. Remember that the rate of occupations is lower, the expense of calories is less. It is not important whether you twist exercise bike pedals, whether you run around the house or you are engaged in aerobics under some videocourse, try to adhere to these figures.

For beginners in the ideal way: 4 - 5 minutes of occupations and 2 - 3 minutes of rest. And always you hold near at hand a bottle with water to avoid organism dehydration. It is not necessary to drink much during occupations, you will feel differently discomfort in a stomach and you will give unnecessary load of heart. Up to a water throat in each interval - it is quite enough.

needs to grow thin, be engaged in

regularly, not less 3 - 5 time in a week on of 40 - 50 minutes. the Science proved that within the first 20 minutes of cardiotraining only sugar of blood and a glycogen are spent. And only then “perezhiganiye“ of fats begins. But you should not increase training time, it will damage to an organism as in an hour after the beginning of training after fats your muscles will go to “expense“. Therefore for achievement of the maximum effect, it is necessary to combine cardiotraining with power exercises.

Step the third. Physical activities: power training

In a case with power training of loading to loadings discord. Small weight does not stimulate growth of muscular tissue whereas its quantity is a basic factor of “zhiroszhiganiye“. So, the main rule of power loadings says: for achievement of due effect full power training with big scales is necessary. That is on each group of muscles, whether it be a press, a back, hands or legs, it is necessary to do on 6 - 12 repetitions of one exercise in a set. In total - on three sets with intervals for rest - of 1 - 3 minute.

Let`s say you are engaged in a press. In this case it is necessary to make of 6 - 12 rises, to take rest, make still of 6 - 12 rises, once again to take rest and make a maximum of rises (to 12) how many you will be able. Most concerns also for other groups of muscles. If you are engaged with dumbbells, then choose the weight, greatest possible for yourself (dumbbells on 3 kg quite will be suitable for the beginning women). Only be not overzealous, remember that you have to be able to lift the weight of 6 - 12 times taken by you! do not force the organism and if 3 kg for you a bit too much, take 2 kg. Eventually, at regular trainings weight can be increased. As soon as you feel that you can lift dumbbells more than 12 times, increase weight, but do not try “to pressurize“ up to 20 times for a set, to sense from it will not be.

Step the fourth. We choose time

Before all beginners always there is a question: in what time of day it is the best of all to be engaged? There is no definite answer to this question. Someone suits morning more, and someone with great pleasure will work in the late afternoon. To choose to you. However you remember one simple rule: serious physical activities, and at weight loss such are also coming you, are contraindicated within 2 hours after a dream. That is, if you prefer to be engaged in the mornings, then between a dream and the beginning of occupations there have to pass not less than 2 hours. During this time your organism will finally wake up. Otherwise you just overload to yourself heart.

the Second “time“ question which is asked by all beginners - how many on time have to occupy physical exercises? As it was already told above, the kardioterning has to occupy no more of 45 - 50 minutes. Approximately as much time it will be required to nobr and for power training.

Third question: what to begin with? There is a popular belief that it is the best of all to begin with cardiotraining. However it not so. It is the best of all to begin with easy ten-minute warm-up, then to pass to power with exercise, and after it is to aerobic loadings. In order that power exercises correctly worked, it is necessary to apply rather big weight. If you take off from aerobics, then will spend a glycogen, and it will lead to decrease in muscular force. As a result you will not be able to develop necessary intensity for power training which assumes growth of muscles. So it is the best of all to leave kardio for later. Besides such approach will help also your aerobics. Power exercises will exhaust reserves of carbohydrates and therefore “zhiroszhiganiye“ at cardiotraining will begin not in 20 put minutes, and almost right after the beginning.

Step the fifth.

As we already found out one more question of food, in the first 20 minutes of cardiotraining the organism uses blood sugar as “fuel“. And only then switches to “combustion“ of fat. If you just ate, then there is a lot of sugar in your blood so, having eaten before occupations, you will only delay approach of “zhiroszhiganiye“. Besides, physical activities on a full stomach bring notable discomfort and prevent the correct digestion. It is better to eat in 3 hours prior to occupations either to eat yogurt or to drink a glass of kefir for one or one and a half hours. It is important not to accept any carbohydrates, not to drink sweet juice and carbonated drinks. And here during occupations it is necessary to fill liquid reserves in an organism by means of not aerated simple or mineral water.

Step of the sixth. Muscle pains

the Late Muscular Pain (LMP) arises always if you give to an organism physical activity, unusual for it. Not to avoid it if you master new exercises, you come back to half-forgotten complexes, you increase intensity, duration or frequency of training.

Bol is called by emergence of microgaps in muscle fibers. In a muscle division of proteinaceous cages amplifies thanks to what gaps begin to live, and as a result the muscle adds the volumes and weight - quite normal process. It is important to understand that if you began to be engaged in physical exercises, and there is no pain - it is a sure sign of the fact that intensity of your occupations is too small. But it does not mean that it is necessary to overload itself before loss of consciousness.


Besides, during training produces lactic acid - a by-product of physiological processes which go in the exercised muscle. With each repetition of acid becomes more and more. By the end of a set it already “burns“ pain receptors and causes the feeling similar to burning. So if you feel pain or strong burning during occupations - stop and have a rest. If pain does not pass - surely see a doctor.

As for ZMB, the best means, than rest and a hot bathtub did not think up yet. But you remember that it is possible to take a bath only in 12 hours after training, and right after occupations it is quite good to wait a little with food. Besides, it is possible to descend on massage, it will help you to relax, though will not cure your muscles. Remember that at repetition of the same exercises very quickly pain will leave. Therefore sports physicians and trainers recommend time in 2 - 3 month to change the program of occupations. And to avoid pain from the very beginning, the first time needs to be made a half of the fact that you can. For the second time - give all the best percent on 75, and only since the third time it is possible to be engaged at full capacity. Otherwise you overload the organism, and for the morning he will answer you with severe pain in all parts of a body which you involved for the first time. The following occupation, most likely, should be postponed for several days, and it means, as the second class in efficiency will be almost equal to the first.