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Boy or girl: who is cleverer?

Well of course, are clever that and others. But why boys learn to read and write longer, and girls study in elementary grades better, and then hand over positions?

With what the difference

They different from the very beginning begins

em and develop differently. Boys at the birth are usually larger than girls, they have more head more than the weight. Boys start going approximately to 2 - 3 month later, on 4 - 6 months begin to speak later. But all this is visible to parents and with the naked eye.

Two good advices
When mother teaches
the boy, it needs own children`s experience a little. To compare itself in the childhood to it, to cite itself small as an example to the son - it is incorrect and useless.
Abusing the boy, state briefly and precisely, than you are dissatisfied. It cannot long maintain an emotional pressure. His brain switches-off the acoustical channel, and the child just ceases to hear you.

A here sankt - the St. Petersburg neuropsychologists, writing down biocurrents of a brain of newborn children, found out that the brain of boys and girls from the very beginning works unequally so, having analysed interaction of electric capacities of different areas of bark of a brain, it is possible to tell with a high probability, what floor this baby.

auditory acuity at boys is on average higher than

Till 8 years, than at girls, but girls are more sensitive to noise. At girls skin sensitivity is higher, they are irritated more by corporal discomfort, and they are more sympathetic on touches, strokings.

of Game of girls rely on near sight more often: girls display the riches - dolls, rags, beads, small buttons and play on limited space, to them rather small corner. Games of boys rely on distant sight more often: boys run one after another, throw objects and shoot at the purpose, using at the same time all space surrounding them.

to Boys for full mental development in general needs more space, than to girls.
If horizontal plane to rascals have not enough

, they master vertical: climb on cases, run on backs of sofas, hang on platbands of doors... Do not abuse them - it is absolutely normal.

a nature Plan

Why are necessary to the distinction nature in mentality of boys and girls? In evolution two opposite tendencies always fight: on the one hand, the nature should fix those signs which are necessary to it at a look, to descend them and to make descendants as much as possible similar to the parents. And on the other hand, progress assumes further changes, a variety of great-grandsons among which there will be the one who will allow a look to adapt to new conditions, to expand habitat.

These two tendencies personify

man`s and a female. The female keeps all most valuable acquisitions of evolution in genetic memory, and the male, on the contrary, easily loses old and gets new.

the Female is focused by
on survival, man`s - on progress.

For continuation of a look needs many women. Therefore the nature protects a female, and man`s she “is not sorry“. On male individuals all novelties of evolution are fulfilled. Women are as if more identical; men have more also useful and harmful mutations. Therefore - that among children with squint, stutter, a dyslexia is more than boys. And logopedic groups of kindergartens consist mostly of them.

the Brain of the man is larger than

, is more developed, but is less reliable and very vulnerable. At all changes, both natural, and social, men suffer more. But the nature allocated them with search behavior: that could survive, having found other habitat where also sytny is warmer. Therefore men, and boys including, are inclined to development of new spaces, risky acts, they are bright in difficult situations and are able to make nonconventional decisions.

Who in what is stronger than

As these features of the man`s device ours affect study of children? At preschool and younger school age at girls the speech is better developed, but the thinking is more same. Boys think unconventionally and interestingly, but as they are silent, it is noticeable not at once.

In the first class of one of the Moscow gymnasiums made such experiment. Scientists asked children for what it is possible to use a brick. The first answer lay on a surface: to build the house. Further the initiative was taken by girls: and still it is possible to construct a shed, garage, a fence... When the subject of construction was settled, the vote was given by the boy: “When mother salts mushrooms in a bucket, she lays a brick for weight“. Again the wood of girlish hands - and the most different examples as it is possible to use a brick in a type of cargo. The subject was settled. And again boy: “It is possible to impose with bricks a fire that the grass did not light up“. Girls started developing also this subject. And new turn - again from lips of boys:“ It is possible to put a board on a brick, a swing will turn out “, “ bricks can be thrown as shells“...

Of course, it does not mean that any girl will not put forward new idea, but all - essentially new problems are solved better by boys and men. At the same time they do not attach significance to care of the decision and accuracy of registration. The boy can find the non-standard solution of a mathematical task, but make a mistake in calculations and as a result receive the two.

of the Girl and the woman in general perform standard, sample tasks better, carefully study details.

At girls the speech fluent, they read quicker and more beautifully write, but better boys are successful selection of verbal associations, the solution of crossword puzzles. Researches found out that already 6 - summer boys have a specialization of a brain for spatial perception and thinking, and girls do not have it also in 13 years. Therefore boys solve geometrical problems by means of spatial methods more often: mentally turn figures and impose their one on another. And girls including teachers are women, designate corners and the parties letters operate with alphabetic symbols and templates further - theorems.

If your son masters the diploma much more slowly, than the senior little sister, badly retells and carelessly writes letters, be not upset: it is feature of male mind. Besides boys lag behind girls in development. Their childhood lasts longer. By 7 years boys, as a rule, on the biological age are younger than girls - coevals for the whole year.

At boys the way of a growing, but as they are more focused on assimilation of information (in difference from girls whom human relations interest more), for their intellectual development it is possible not to worry.