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Flowers for the favourite teacher of

Here and warm May - the last educational month on the eve of long summer vacation. And graduates of the eleventh classes will forever say goodbye to school walls soon: the way in new, adulthood is necessary to them.

But before saying goodbye to school youth, each senior has desire to thank the teachers. And it is natural, teachers side by side pass with us all stages of our growing, they for years put the forces and heart and soul in pupils, exactly thanks to them we gain life experience.

Presenting to the teacher a bouquet of flowers, we give a mark “perfectly“ for its long-term work. Of course, during school life we gave to teachers flowers concerning various celebrations more than once, but the bouquet presented at a graduation party, certainly, has to be special, it is a symbol of our appreciation for all that was enclosed in us by teachers.

At the choice of a bouquet for the teacher the unwritten standards of ethics exist. First of all, it is necessary to consider to whom this bouquet - the woman or the man and what age this person intends. The second that the florist needs to know, - to what teacher of a subject is supposed this gift. And still information on character of the personality is often taken into consideration: the quiet, reserved person the teacher or explosive and impulsive - all these moments can significantly influence features of assembly of a bouquet. Female bouquets it is preferable to p to do

a round form, and man`s it is accepted to build in the vertical plane. They are called “frontal“. For man`s bouquets use larger and bright flowers, for example, the anturiums, tsimbidiuma doing composition of expressive. Often supplement them with exotic, emphasizing eccentricity of the identity of this man, and also use a lot of dark greens that the bouquet looked more strictly and courageously.

female bouquets join more gentle flowers which are beautifully supplemented with packing from natural materials and are decorated by various accessories: beads, tapes, sukhotsvetny inserts. it is pertinent to p to do to

In compliance with age of the teacher distinctions in color scale: young teachers, for example, can present the bouquet from the semi-dismissed buds executed in gentle, light tones, and the “middle-aged“ woman more will suit saturated color scale with prevalence of red and yellow coloring.

Remember that flowers have the language too. Scarlet roses, for example, long since are a symbol of love and passion. Therefore you should not give bouquets from one red roses to teachers not to get into an awkward position.

your bouquet will make Especially strong impression on the teacher in case it is not just beautiful, and with any individual idea which will emphasize that it was made for this person. For example, the teacher of geography can build in the tiny globe a bouquet. To the English teacher - to pin to packing several brooches with the English letters. The bouquet for the music teacher can be added with a silvery treble clef which will tower over flowers thanks to the metal support which is built in a flower sheaf.

Ordering a bouquet for the teacher of biology, it is possible to show not a smaller ingenuity: the flower composition in a basket with addition of cones, fruit, the dry leaves reminding of a herbarium by all means will touch his soul and will be remembered for a long time.

Bouquets for the director of studies and the principal have to be strict and reserved, executed in classical style. It is preferable to use to them roses, callas, alstromeriya.


Of course, it is necessary to approach especially the choice of a bouquet for the first teacher, she helped to take to us initial steps upon transition from the childhood to adolescence. Gerberas, chrysanthemums and sunflowers will be an optimal variant for a bouquet in this case. These cheerful and direct flowers by all means will awaken memories of those days when present beautiful young men and girls naive first graders for the first time crossed a threshold of her class.

the Individual bouquets presented heartily by all means will warm soul of any teacher. At this moment all problems arising in school walls will be forgotten, and there will be a warmth transferred from heart to heart.

Be able to appreciate what other people made for you. Also be grateful to them for it!