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Let it be!

my way to successful breastfeeding was long and far difficult. All the matter is that my first experience - experience of feeding by a breast of my first rebetenk - was, frankly speaking, unsuccessful.

From the very beginning everything somehow was not taken by

. In maternity hospital brought to me to feed the daughter only on second day; by this time the breast already hardened and began to hurt, temperature 37,6 rose.

it is correct to p to put the child to a breast at me too it did not turn out, and the personnel of maternity hospital, naturally, were not anxious with it. Well, and of course, me, however, as well as all girls, forced to be decanted after each feeding to a last straw. Thus, I started the mechanism of excess production of milk. And after that my life was saddened by “chest“ problems for long three months.


from the wrong applying on nipples formed Practically at once very painful deep cracks. Before giving to the child a breast, I had to overcome long myself because pain which I had to suffer was just intolerable. My life consisted only of feedings and decantations - both in the afternoon, and at night. Very often at me occurred laktostaz, at the same time temperature to 39 rose, the breast hardened and hurt. And it was necessary to find still forces to look after the child.

the Most interesting that people who surrounded me very much wanted to help me, was only not known how. For some reason all experts advised to feed the child not on demand, and is strict on the mode, and it is obligatory to be decanted, decanted, and once again to be decanted. And as all - is correct to apply the child to a breast, nobody learned. What I only did not try to feed the kid as long as possible - various compresses, lotions, massages, ointments, etc. I bypassed a lot of doctors, than only they did not treat me, but improvements any were not. Laktostazam there was no end. The family, seeing my sufferings, agreed that artificial feeding for me the best option.

So my first kid became a bottle-fed baby. Therefore, remembering all the failures, I, literally from first months of the second pregnancy, began to prepare not only for process of childbirth, but also for breastfeeding. Read literature, analyzed the mistakes. As it appeared, very many advice which so-called “experts“ gave to me were not only are useless, but are even harmful. And here I approached the birth of the sonny to completely prepared. I saved up a certain knowledge base, and, above all, I had a huge desire to feed, and to feed long. But in several days cracks, temperature, laktostaz after the delivery appeared, i.e. everything repeated again. Generally, I do not know, than all this would end if not the help of the consultant for breastfeeding.

As soon as I learned to give correctly to the sonny a breast, all problems disappeared by itself. It appears, very important, how deeply the child will take in a mouth of pacifiers and an areola. It is necessary to find only a comfortable position that the kid opened a mouth more widely. And to eliminate laktostaz, it is necessary to change more often this situation that the milk followed from different shares of a mammary gland. Yes, and, naturally, feeding is exclusive on demand, and decantation is not prevention of cracks. It is only possible to decant several droplets of a milk and to leave them to dry on a nipple.

Already there passed 1,5 years, a rebetenok still on breastfeeding (and we are not going to throw so far). And each feeding for us is now a holiday, but not punishment as it seemed to me earlier. What opening was for me the fact that to nurse the child - such happiness! Earlier I also could not imagine it...

Once, coming with children for walk, I meet the acquaintance, she gave rise a month ago. It turned out that it has same problems with feeding that were at me once. I try to help, than I can - council and in practice. We meet in a week - to her words the gratitude was not the end. And I was so glad that could help that her kid will receive the most valuable product in the life. And it means that it will be healthier, stronger and happier. Let it be!