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With the first pregnancy everything was easy and carefree. At that time I was 22 years old, I was married, and for us it was the planned desired pregnancy.

I Went all pregnancy without problems, about seven months wore heels, the tummy was accurate and small, I was told many complements, I at that time just blossomed and got prettier...

In 38 weeks I found out that I have something not so, went to a maternity welfare unit on what I was told that at me waters leak, it is necessary to lay down in a hospital. This day I did not go to hospital, and went next day. It was Friday. And, saying goodbye to the parents, whether for fun, whether seriously I told that, maybe, at the weekend you will become the grandmother and the grandfather.

Came to hospital, I was issued in pathology for pregnant women. In the evening the husband came, brought which - what things, we with him long laughed, and could not say goodbye everything.

After 10 in the evening I felt some unpleasant feelings in a stomach and went to the midwife. Having examined me, she told to approach in an hour. In an hour I was examined already by the doctor and told that I am already ready and I will give rise soon. There was 12th one o`clock in the morning, fights were still not painful, there was a strong wish to sleep.


to me made an enema, and here I finally woke up, fights accrued, and frequency appeared already. I took a shower, and I was lowered in delivery room. There was a fear, but not from - for pains, and from - for uncertainty: and what`s next?

Behind a wall someone loudly shouted, it irritated, and in the head the most terrible pictures were drawn. Once again the midwife came and examined me. She told that I keep the good fellow, but disclosure yet not full, and delivered me a dropper with but - shpy. Almost at once I began attempts. But in the course of childbirth the midwife on me grumbled that I am not able to make an effort correctly what I still managed to snap at:“ What I to you go to give birth every year that it was correct?“ Well, youth what to make.

childbirth took place

surprisingly quickly enough. The baby literally jumped out in this world and quietly cried. I was congratulated on the girl - the weight of 4 kg 50 gr. And when to me it was put on a stomach, feeling of warmth, tenderness, something close, native overflowed me. I had no words, just flew tear of joy and happiness. Weepingly I tried to make out the baby. It was rozovenky, it had chubby cheeks, and she discontentedly snuffled.

it was taken away Further in children`s office, I remained in the delivery room for two hours. And when I was asked whether I will come for the boy (and it was 1998 - time was financially unstable) I answered that I do not know.

there Passed 11 years... I got divorced for a long time, the daughter grew up, matured. At that time I met the young man, we had serious relations, but I answered a question of children that so far we will get married until I become pregnant while I take out, then to me will be of 35 - 36 years, and it for me late...

Having learned

that I am pregnant, I is rather (here the foolish woman!) was not delighted, and became puzzled: how to tell darling and the daughter that we will have a replenishment. Though for myself I knew that I want this child. Well, and all was solved by itself further: the daughter for some reason began a thicket to say that she wants the little sister or the brother. The girlfriend supported me and even stronger convinced me that now to me 34 and if I do not decide now, then after 35 it can turn out so that I just will not be able.

With darling in general turned out very easily. Having seen my food addictions (I refused alcohol and constantly ate fruit) he told: “Natash, I watch you one fruit eat, and so recovered...“, what I answered it:“ It seems, I swallowed a water-melon“. We were very glad, I was such happy: around me relatives who love and support me...

On the first ultrasonography understanding came that in me there is life, this is the little man whom already you love and you wait with it for a meeting. On the second and third ultrasonography there was a wish to know a sex of the child, but the kid persistently did not want to get acquainted. The doctor whether for fun, whether seriously told: “Time hides, so the girl...“

is closer than

to 38 weeks since morning I felt unwell on what the husband, having been frightened and not having asked me, called “ambulance“. While “ambulance“ went, at me everything it seems passed. The doctor arrived and measured pressure, and it was slightly raised. Suggested to go to hospital, I refused, having told that to me today on inclusion in a maternity welfare unit. And if that not so, I will go to hospital from there.

of Skhodiv in consultation, the doctor wrote the direction, having explained it with the fact that it is better to be under supervision of doctors, and at the same time can will resolve an issue of Cesarean section (the large fruit was assumed).

Only I came home, at me waters departed. Now I called “ambulance“, there arrived the same doctor again and to a descent began to lecture me that here since morning did not want to go... What I answered it that not to remain, and already to give birth it is necessary to go.

Arrived to maternity hospital. It was necessary to wait until I am accepted, fights accrued, but morally I was prepared. I was lifted in rodzat, told that it is nonsense - a large fruit, childbirth the second, do not worry, all will go like clockwork.

of Fight were painful, I just could not find any peace, but courageously suffered. There passed five hours, having once again examined me, the doctor asked whether she podtuzhivat me what I answered what it seems podiuzhivat. Then she told: “Everything, we give birth!“ I thought that it is a joke, but the medical staff right there ran, began to tell something, to demand that made an effort.

Was painfully, terribly, for some reason all fussed around, I could not understand what occurs. From scraps of phrases I understood that the child got stuck shoulders, and the neck is twisted with an umbilical cord, I only thought: “My God, if only everything was good with the child!“ But all of us together coped. I all shivered and just roared, the head hooted as the transformer box. I, without having learned who at me was born, asked about it the doctor. And all burst out laughing. “You what, did not hear perhaps? The girl, the weight of 5 kg 80 gr was born., height is 62 cm. Champions you at us!“