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You Remember myths of early development

, once people believed that the earth flat and is located on three foundations? Since then knowledge of the world significantly extended and many representations were changed radically. However the figure having three points of support is still considered the steadiest. And still our strongest beliefs, and sometimes and delusions are based “on three foundations“. That is, to classify the phenomenon by the principle “it is good - badly“, there are quite enough three signs.

If to speak about early development, then all arguments of his opponents are reduced finally to the fact that early development - it is difficult, harmful and fashionable. Any criticism of the developing occupations with the baby is based on these three whales. All other arguments are only variations on a subject. However we are people educated and we know that three whales - the myth, and Earth round therefore we will look at a question of early development from a different angle and we will try to understand how all actually.

So, the first whale claims that early development - very labor-consuming and difficult occupation. To be engaged, many forces and free time are necessary, all techniques demand implementation of the most strict instructions and are regulated by tough rules. Only one preparation of material borrows all night long, and next morning - all signs of fatigue and a sleep debt it is available.


Actually if to be discharged of mythology and to return to reality, then it becomes clear that in life we are often frightened something, still even without having started actions. We draw to ourselves the imagined difficulties, with pleasure we think out the reasons for which the desirable is impossible, and, having waved a hand, as a result we recede. Business here not in the seeming complexity of early development, and that the person in general can look for occasions in order that not to do something. For this reason, for example, many of us, having made itself the promise at least once in a week to visit the gym, so there and do not get. And it is worth working, feeling once pleasant fatigue in muscles, to feel energy of the movement as all objections vanish. There is only a pleasure from process.


and with occupations with the kid. All it seems difficult, unclear. But once you begin and to see the first delight and surprise of the baby, sincere interest in eyes and the expectation of the following occupation all the thought-up difficulties grow dim. Perhaps, at the beginning from you slightly more discipline, than usually, but it only first really will be required. If to remember an example with the gym then as with the first trainings: few weeks you still finish yourself, but then the organism itself begins to ask exercises and loading.

If all - is not enough for

any knowledge and support, then during the Internet era it is solved very simply. Practically at any forum it is possible to learn answers to all concerning questions, to find adherents and girlfriends, to get the most valuable advice. Besides, mothers actively exchange various materials and useful links, willingly share the to no - Hau and opening, rejoice to progress of each other. The main thing - desire to rejoice and share.

As for the choice of a technique (that is, systems of exercises) then your creativity is not limited. You can stop the choice on any of already created, can unite elements of several techniques in one, and can think up own system of development of the kid. The most important at the same time - to be guided first of all by the baby and to listen to his desires and requirements. He is better than any trainer and the instructor will prompt to you, than as well as how many times he wants to be engaged.

I here we face the second whale: all these experiments not only are harmful, but also are dangerous. To invent to anything the bicycle and to risk the future of the kid. In the same way for certain also ancient people, confident that Earth flat when inquisitive minds of tribespeople tried to establish truth by practical consideration shouted.

B than this truth consists? Whether really early development bears harm? To really study the world together with the kid, it is dangerous to get acquainted with surrounding objects? Supporters of this point of view most often speak about “speeding up of natural development“, “premature intellectualization“, a pursuit of knowledge of a method “Quicker! Above! Stronger!“ . Conviction is the cornerstone of such criticism that the main objective of early development is in at any cost to grow up from the genius`s child.

If I did not know

what the main objective of all developing techniques consists in, I would agree with them. And actually main sense of occupations with the kid is a pleasure from joint communication, from studying of each other, from acquaintance to world around and close emotional contact. Best of all my acquaintance, mother of charming twins told about it: “I do not want to bring up two geniuses, I want that my children learned the world with pleasure and lived in it with pleasure!“ . And so any mother understanding that such real early development considers.

the Purpose of occupations - easily and harmoniously to acquaint the baby with world around. Big emphasis in early development is placed on game presentations of the material, emotional communication, on creative interaction, the joint activity bringing joy and new opening to both parents, and the kid. Thanks to occupations from early age any training will be associated at the child with cheerful, pleasant occupation. Agree, not each of us had an opportunity to study with pleasure. More often on the contrary, thoughts of study caused boredom, and self-training came not so easily as there was a wish. Early development just gives to our children such chance. You represent what bright, surprising, diverse paints fill the world at such approach? And how many in joint occupations for mother of opportunities to self-actualize, to look in a new way at habitual things and to realize the creative potential!

Danger is where there is a fanaticism, and early development does not assume it at all. On the contrary, the main installation of early development - orientation to needs of the kid. To be engaged in early development, it is necessary to be very sensitive and wise parent and to be able to hear the child. It is important to understand that the kid is a leader in your occupations. And the baby perfectly knows that it is necessary for it and that is not present. It just will not do that to it it is uninteresting, unnecessary or is harmful. Reaction of the child - the best way to understand whether correctly you move. Agree if to conform to this simple rule, the kid cannot do much harm. On the contrary, you learn to understand better each other, will become closer.

As you can see, early development, it is not difficult and it is not dangerous. But those who actively oppose the developing occupations with the kid have one more argument in a stock. Third “whale“ is based on delusion that early development - the modern, temporary phenomenon caused by desire to show off external results. Therefore, and you should not spend time for it.

That actually? And actually the age of early development is measured in the millennia. Practically in each culture there was the tradition of training and education of the child since the birth, and at some people special attention was paid to development of the kid at a pre-natal stage.

Remember the Russian national poteshka, pestushka, games, riddles, fairy tales. Same synthesis of ideas of early development of our ancestors! We can find these or those elements of early development in traditions of any people. It not modern hobby, but return to the roots, to experience of our wise predecessors which was nearly lost in race behind achievements of a civilization. It the knowledge checked for centuries.

As for opinion that parents are engaged with the child that to amuse with his achievements the vanity, I will dare to repeat: the purpose of early development not in growing up the child prodigy, and in satisfying natural keenness and inquisitiveness of children`s mind, to help the kid to learn this world, to fill communication with it with pleasure and mutual understanding. And results in the form of reading in year and knowledge of foreign languages in two is not the purpose, but pleasant consequences of your occupations!

Ancient people believed that the world stands on three foundations. Our knowledge go much further. We can see more widely things, without limiting ourselves to a narrow framework of prejudices. And we can present love and interest in this bright, colourful world to our children.