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The way fortunately of

my way fortunately began on May 14, 2008. This fine day I became pregnant! In 2 weeks waiting for future father on a table the test lay. The husband came from work as usual tired, sat down at the computer to play shooter games, and here... At first misunderstanding, then shock and is a lot of - a lot of pleasure!

was Sent by days, the tummy began to appear very much early - with of 6 - 7 weeks, and then... Then abortion... But I came to survey, and the doctor told me that I nevertheless am pregnant! Oh, happiness! But how so? The doctor explained that there were twins, but one fetal egg did not get accustomed... It`s all right, but I have a kid!

Every day I got up early in the morning and went to work where I at once told all about the pregnancy. There was a wish to sleep... And still this heat... And the villain - the chief! But all of us worried.

In 12 weeks is sent together with the husband to the first ultrasonography. We were told that will be the girl - a dochechka! She swam and waved to the father the handle, and the father waved it and so lovely smiled! We did not begin to think out at once a name as the first ultrasonography often is mistaken with a floor.

I began to feel by

From 16 weeks stirs, but did not understand that it they. Then, only in 21 weeks when my baby properly so “moved“, I understood that I feel it for a long time. And as I worried: “20 weeks, and she everything is silent...“ We with it walked every day in the evenings, I talked to it, read verses and fairy tales, danced and ironed.

In 24 weeks we went for the second ultrasonography, and confirmed to us that there will be a daughter! The name was chosen long and persistently - could not agree in opinions, and then stopped on a name Polina.

was eaten by me much, anything to itself was not refused. Well, as toxicosis, and other “delights“ of pregnancy avoided me. When gave way, I always spoke: “I am the pregnant woman, but not the patient - I can stand!“ I flew as on wings, it was very happy. Was not afraid of childbirth at all, and not for nothing!

on January 26, 2009 I as usual went to an appointment (term was 36 weeks), just had to take dab from me. And here it becomes clear that at me almost full opening! I go to maternity hospital and in 1 hour 35 minutes already I hold the crumb on hands!


more than a year, and I remember the “pregnant time“ with such nostalgia... There is a strong wish to be rounded and wait, wait again... I hope, through 2 - 3 years to test these excellent 9 months of belief, hope and love again!