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The lock of the baron, cheap penthouse and the described pyramids of

Ya I do not love long rest and long trips for a family with four children too “hit the pocket“. Therefore we usually leave on 2 - 3 day to some country “savages“, fast we examine the main and most interesting sights - and home!


For May holidays on a family council it was decided that to live life and not to see a pyramid - it is absolutely inexcusable. And here tickets in a pocket - are slightly more expensive, than there would be a charter, but available service, and there are practically no delays of flights.

Arrived late at night, left the airport, sat down in a taxi and ordered to carry to hotel - any inexpensive. The driver brought us to inexpensive, but the most beautiful hotel under the name “Baron“. It is called so because near it there is an ancient castle, not such ancient, about 1900, but fantastically beautiful which was constructed by some English baron. Lodged us all collective farm in a penthouse ($100 in a night). However, we at first did not understand it, understood only when next day got into the elevator and our number was designated as “penthouse“. Well, penthouse so penthouse. Standard three-stars number, conditioner and refrigerator. We lacked two beds for children as in number there was only a double “royal“ bed, and kind personnel - is free - brought us two folding beds and linen. The third child slept on the sofa. The fourth - with us, parents, on a bed. Well, number managed cheap if to consider that in it there lived six!

generally, night overslept, have breakfast right there in hotel, and then employed a taxi - hotel, $25 for there and back. And to pyramids. Went long enough, examined a half of Cairo. By the way, the city very much was pleasant to me. From all Arab cities seen by me it seemed to me the coziest and some house. Crowns hang down through fences, the ancient architecture is mixed with modern shopping centers, quite eclectically, but is sincere. On the road the driver paid our attention to the main sights - the mosque of Al - Azkhar, for example, well and of course Nile!

Then, in Cairo, in a gleam of the road pyramids became already visible to

. It appears, they directly at the city are. Drove up to an entrance to a complex, bought tickets. The driver promised to approach for us. Underwent several testing of bags and entered a complex. The matter is that to pyramids on foot it is still quite far, and transport is forbidden there, even tourist buses. Only horses are resolved. Tourists plop on foot on a heat, poor fellows, and we employed two char-a-bancs and with a breeze swept. The main thing here - long and tiresomely to bargain, otherwise will jack up absolutely unacceptable price. And skillfully costs kopeks.

the Char-a-banc enough noticeably shook

as the road uneven and part passed it on a dump. And all garbage dried under the hot sun, and from hoofs clubs of smelly dust rose just. We as could closed noses. Unfortunately, there is no other road to pyramids! The country living at the expense of pyramids cannot construct to them the normal road! It is inconceivable.

At last drove up to the pyramids. There not only pyramids, but also still other burials, our driver took us at first around all complex, on the way to broken English explaining where what pyramid, and then we dismounted and all went to examine. Well, were photographed, of course. Children even before departure diligently studied history of Egypt and the main information on pyramids so did without guide. Saw pyramids of the Sphinx, small burials - are shorter, all examined about an hour for two. And more also sustained, very hot. Then I wanted to touch a pyramid, so to speak, to touch history in literal sense. We approach closely a pyramid, right there some boulders and stones before it, and here we are nearly knocked down by a disgusting smell. These pyramids, I apologize, through described! The country living at the expense of pyramids cannot construct near them though any toilet! Dealers, drivers, children - everything “are attached“ near Great Pyramids! What horror!

M - yes. Sat down on a char-a-banc again, left a complex, sat down in our taxi and returned to hotel.

In the second half of day visited the British museum. Next day were run on shops - and in the airport. In two days we saw everything that wanted, left some illusions, gained new experience, and longer there, freankly speaking, and there would be be nothing to do. Impressions weight, and, above all - we saw them! For the sake of a show of Great Pyramids it was worth spending some time and means. Let them and “described“, but from it they do not stop being great. It we, the small fry, too small in comparison with them.