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Sweet and salty, useful and harmful

from first weeks of pregnancy at the woman can Already change flavoring preferences: disgust for one products and thirst for others. Most of scientists inclines to opinion that there is it under the influence of progesterone hormone - “responsible“ for many changes happening in an organism during pregnancy.

This hormone defines that is normal and that in deficiency, and builds “program“ to liquidate all deficiencies. As a result the organism of mother is given command to satisfy a lack of nutrients.

So if you have a passionate desire to eat a chocolate bar, most likely, the content of carbohydrates in your organism rather low. And if slobbers flow from one thought of ice cream probably the organism receives less not only carbohydrates, but also proteins. At shortage of calcium there is a desire to eat chalk, at deficiency of ascorbic and folic acid - green vegetables, at shortage of vitamins of group “B“ - desire to drink beer.

At the same time this “program“ watches that the woman did not eat anything that will be harmful to it or the child. For this purpose in zheludochno - an intestinal path there are such changes which facilitate process of rejection of food improper at present and prolong process of processing suitable.

Almost at a half of women early terms of pregnancy are followed by nausea and even vomiting, especially in the mornings. So if for you suddenly become absolutely intolerable coffee or only one thought of cream cake, then disgust for this food, quite perhaps began to smell, a way which your organism wants to insure you and the child from toxins.

So has to be

ideally, but sometimes “program“ glitches. Researchers still puzzle - why so occurs? Perhaps, in certain cases we just cannot correctly decipher signals of our organism. For example, some women have a desire to eat inedible products: clay, sand or the earth, and others are very much attracted by vapors of gasoline, acetone and other volatiles.

At change of taste and feeling of need for sour or salty products, it is possible to eat a small amount of herring, caviar, sauerkraut or pickles. But it is not necessary to eat salty food at hypostases because salt promotes deduction of water in an organism; in this case, on the contrary, recommend to reduce salt consumption even through “I do not want“.

If pulls

on sweet, then it is better to receive carbohydrates from fresh fruit or dried fruits, than from cookies and jam. But even fruit need to be eaten with care: if the woman during pregnancy is fond of oranges, her child can have an allergy to them subsequently. At this time it is desirable to eat only those berries, fruit and vegetables that grow in our latitudes.

the Opinion that the pregnant woman has to eat for two, is widespread more than widely. Sometimes it forces future mother to think of with what to indulge the baby. From here - one more possible reason of thoughts of certain products and even excessive food though its organism at the moment does not signal about any deficiency.

I, certainly, from the very beginning of pregnancy needs to exclude completely alcoholic beverages (the truth, some doctors say that during pregnancy can be made few times small drinks of red wine - but only if very much - there is a strong wish). It is also necessary to exclude from the use mustard, pepper, horse-radish, vinegar and canned food (in them there can be toxic preservatives)

for the rest, similar “whims“ not only are pardonable, but also are useful. And it is necessary to treat them seriously.