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Green apple: what it for us?

of the Reasons, induced me to write about 7e, a little.

At first, of course, there was a desire to win seductive cheerful prizes which 7a with pleasure shares with “members of household“ and participation in a creative competition is most attractive, in my opinion, that here happy mother can not only proudly show to the world the photo of the charming kid, but also accompany it with amusing comments and small stories about life of the baby. But further... Describing the thoughts about 7e, I with surprise catch myself that I want to pronounce words of gratitude 7e for a long time. And this competition by the way as all of us, receiving something good in life, giving us the pleasant moments, a positive and a great lot of useful things, quite often consider it self-evident. And often even without thinking of what stands behind it work, simply we forget to tell thanks!

Look at

how gives us 7ya much! And as it is much carried out laborious work, such qualitatively imperceptible, but such important and necessary. This beautiful and convenient registration of the website, is such necessary professional advice, it is competently picked up information considering interests of any person, any image concerning the most important on light - a family.

A as all of us it is from there, so to each of us, irrespective of a floor, religion, age, etc. Here everyone will orient at once as soon as gets on 7yu. Future mother will find answers to the questions disturbing her, inveterate summer residents will be able to share councils for gardening. Here it is possible to gather remarkable idea on knitting and once to surprise the husband with own hand connected warm sweater, to worry with the girls telling stories of the childbirth. Being on the verge of despair, here it is possible to find similar from your situation and to communicate to people who coped with the trouble. It allows already with absolutely with other spirit to solve own problems. You will not list everything!

on 7e is only not present

of What! And everything is provided by a careful, imperceptible hand - only click links. It would seem, for example, communication of mothers - it is possible to communicate on the street, to neighbors, colleagues, but unless we will find so much various information there! On 7e - please. If we go with a family to travel tomorrow, we will be able easily to find councils “inhabitants our big 7i“ which will help to plan holiday competently. Various reviews of books will help, without spending time, to pick up what is interesting to you. Even looking in “windows“, apparently, of the advertizing which was so bothered to all, these firm attributes of all and everything, I understand, as it is picked up very competently and pertinently here. In - the first, here, unlike many websites, it does not strain. It “in a subject“ and? without distracting you from a main goal, pleasantly supplements and helps with searches of the necessary information. Looking at it, I have no feeling that advertizing here only for the sake of advertizing and earnings as it often happens. It is picked carefully up and thought over here. You look!

As helped me 7ya As I described above - softly and unostentatiously. I remember that made to the daughter a toy of bottles and their covers in the way described by mother of the same kid on 7e. Entertained the child, and thought up already itself various additions further.


A! What inventors of mummy who are thinking out the whole chains of competitions and entertainments for the children! Thanks and it for their sharpness and time found to share with other parents on 7e the inventions! And all this is thanks to 7e, allowing us it is not simple to unite here, sharing councils, alarms and the pleasure but also which is helping useful articles of various thematic editions, distributing remarkable prizes and simply giving hope! And it again - competent and thin approach of workers of “The most family website“! How many work is hidden from our eyes and how many it is opened for them useful! How many I read articles waiting for the child`s birth! And as much useful gathered!

Some questions - welcome in 7yu. To chat - you will always find the necessary interlocutor. Development, education, fairy tales for kids, friends, medicine, various consultations, hand-made articles, gardening, housekeeping, reasonable purchases, exhibitions and a lot of things is many other things. And united all this for us 7ya!

you know

A that, in my opinion, the most important in 7e? And why there is a lot of us here? Everything is simple - there is no feeling of uselessness! Everyone who writes in 7yu, knows - it is heard, read, estimated. It is not simply in a crowd collected stories of parents and thrown out on a public inspection, it is the story of each mother which is carefully analysed by edition analysed not only from the point of view of censorship, but also placed with all understanding of responsibility of it. If any mother shares personal council which helped it to cope with trouble, but not being absolutely true (everything depends on a situation and the certain skills inherent in someone, to someone is not present) that edition 7i, having given an opportunity to mother will be uttered, will surely leave the comment (for example, will recommend not to rely on the forces, and it is obligatory to see in this case a doctor and/or to resort to these or those measures, the most pertinent and correct in this case). It once again confirms that on 7yu it is possible to rely, it is possible to trust in it, to feel security and attention. Generally, all that the real big close-knit family gives! Thanks to you, 7ya!

Accept, 7ya, my lines of a congratulation:

Green apple is
a dewdrop on a grass in palms of dawn,
of young spring escapes greetings,
to the sun a smile leaflets of summer,
of birds of iridescent songs couplets.
are families new a miracle of a birth,
first in life the child a food,
a look of the kid, a wonderful instant of an astonishment,
laughter and happy mothers of a moment,
a symbol began all, creation 7i, with
of youth a banner, spring and love.
I is 10 years old - only the beginning of a way
will be successful let for 7i!
Let in a round dance of cloudless years
Turn, 7ya, you whirlwinds of victories.
of Everything, 7ya, benefits to you and understanding,
of pleasure, growth and prosperity!