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As breastfeeding of

Even before pregnancy is fine I always admired women who nurse kids. As it is fine - in time mother gives feedings to the kid not only food, and a part of, invaluable care and love. During pregnancy which proceeded very hard I resolved that I will nurse, and dreamed that right after the birth my daughter will be put to a breast.

long-awaited day of childbirth Came, but events were developed not as I assumed. At the time of delivery had to use obstetric nippers.

After the delivery the daughter were taken away by doctors and about any applying the speech did not go. On second day brought the daughter and put for 3 minutes to a breast. As I was happy. After an extract from maternity hospital I nursed, there was enough milk, but on the 6th week at me there came laktatsionny crisis. The local doctor appointed dokorm at once. The daughter was still weak and often could not be at a breast. I gave up... Dokorm completely forced out GV.

When I became pregnant the second time, to the daughter 1 year was. Thank God, the second childbirth took place normally, small put to a breast at once. Yes, I am happy, the daughter perfectly eats, gains weight. When the daughter has to wake up, I feel how for several seconds the breast is poured though we have no mode of feeding.


In 1,5 months the breast suddenly ached, but I did not pay attention to it, it is worse in the evening - temperature to 39,5 rose. The daughter cries, and I cannot even take her on handles. Next day I saw a doctor who told: “The breast should not be given, finish feeding and tomorrow to the surgeon, and you have that all red breast...“ It words of the doctor, but I decided that I so will not do. No! I will cope.

Thanks to the Internet I understood that it laktostaz. Made itself the diagnosis and itself without surgeon cured.

When I have laktatsionny crises, I go with the child to bed and I spend the whole day near the baby. Also I can tell firmly that the second experience of GV at me successful (I feed the daughter of 8 months). And to all mummies I want to give several advice.

  1. Right after the birth apply the baby to a breast.
  2. of Any small bottles, pacifiers and baby`s dummies.
  3. Svobodny mode of feeding.
  4. the Breast to alternate
  5. each 2 hours (in 9 - right, in 11 - left etc.) It for an identical shape of a breast.
  6. during laktatsionny crisis needs to be calmed down and believed
  7. in success of the GV.
I Wish to all mummies to find

the ways of adjustment and extension of a lactation. It is important to give the most necessary for our small and the most favourite...