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We know where you will have a rest this summer

to Choose the vacation spot always rather difficult - too many countries, resorts which can be visited. On what to stop? It depends on individual preferences. The big hotel with several restaurants, perhaps, the ALL INCLUSIVE system, with good entertainment program and directly on the seashore is convenient for travel with children.

Someone chooses by

active recreation, rest with an opportunity to play sports, someone prefers full relaxation and along with hotel orders procedures in SPA the centers. And for some of us it is important to like spirit of the country to which we arrived. The best option in this case - to hire the car and to travel independently. But there is always a wish to have the choice - we on vacation!

Suddenly to us will want to leave hotel? Or on the contrary there will be no such desire, and then everything has to be near by.

B any of these cases Greece will become ideal option.

Hotels. In Greece the huge choice of hotels from the simplest apartments for reasonable price, to exclusive resorts with the high level of service and almost palace interiors. What to choose among all this variety?

Coming to the country where was not earlier, it is better to choose hotel of the known network. Network hotels care for the reputation, and any problems of guests will be by all means solved. One of the most known Greek networks of hotels - Aldemar Hotels & Spa.

First and the main advantage of Aldemar that the level of services corresponding to the price for placement is provided. Such combination the price - quality, perhaps, meets only here. Low prices at any, even to the best, advertizing - an indicator that on some services it will be obviously saved, and on what - it can become for guests of hotel an unpleasant surprise... Aldemar include 8 hotels, they are located practically in all main tourist zones of the country - on the islands of Crete and Rhodes and on the peninsula of Peloponnese. Having visited one of these hotels, there is a desire next time to arrive to another, but it is obligatory for this network! Greece unique country. If once you arrive here and you will be able to enjoy all delights of rest, you will want to go round each of more than 2,5 tyyach its islands. And everywhere you will find with what this country for the first time - warm-heartedness and hospitality of locals, tremendous kitchen, comfortable climate and many other things attracted you. It is difficult to spread out on components feeling of happiness from the fact that you are in that place where you like all.

Climate. When I the first time arrived to Greece, the fact that the majority of plants not exotic, but some family pleasantly surprised. Palm trees and similar vegetation, unusual for the central Russia, are in the south of our country, and in Greece it more violent and more various, however the flora is added here with some interesting species of plants which at us, of course, you will not meet. It belongs, first of all, to the island of Crete: it was always allocated with the history and shape. It still in the ancient time interested conquerors as one of the biggest the island on a joint of many trade ways. Having passed on the island from the East on the West, it is possible to notice how the nature - from rare low bushes and fields with olive trees changes (apart from the improved tourist places) in the field of Lassiti to the pine woods and the biggest in Europe and the second-large gorge Samarya in the world in the field of Hanya.

of Sight. It, likely, the only thing about what knows the whole world. In Greece there were a lot of things still since when residents of this country spoke Ancient Greek language, diluted very strong wine water, put at comedy theaters and the tragedy and lived, in general, not bad, time at them time was serious to be engaged not only in military science, but also construction and philosophy. The philosophy and democracy exist and now. Moreover, this small country only in Europe kept the national language!, there Passed centuries, Greece visited under a yoke of Turks, constantly reflected the opponent from the fertile lands. Greeks treated foreigners kindly and, assimilating with them, all - kept the culture! Kept both language, and songs, and dances, and architecture monuments.

are reflected by

of Tradition also in modern architecture, for example in architecture of hotels. So, Aldemar hotels are constructed in classical Greek style - it is cases of a bungalow which are painted in the light shades peculiar still to classical Minoan culture. There are also modern additions. First of all, it is service at the high European level in the centers of thalassotherapy and SPA - Royal Mare Thalasso in Crete and Royal Olympian Spa & Thalasso on Peloponnese which are repeatedly recognized as the resorts, best in the world, with the centers of thalassotherapy and SPA), up-to-date tennis courts in Aldemar Royal Mare in Crete, unique system of club hotel in Paradise Mare &

of Paradise Village in Rhodes. It is not even in Turkey, already habitual for many tourists, - in this hotel there is a possibility of visit not only any of the central restaurants of a complex. Guests can visit restaurants a la carte with the Italian, Chinese, Greek and French cuisine, in these hotels it is possible to forget about all surcharges, All Inclusive are a part of the system practically all famous brands of import drinks, and, for example, Knossos Royal hotel of guests poraduyuttraditsionny cafes and bars where it is possible to taste Metaxa, crayfish, to learn to cook the Greek coffee on sand, to play a backgammon, etc.

of Entertainment. It in Greece is too. And in all tourist zones, and on any of the smallest islands night clubs on interests open the doors in the evening. Discos with fashionable hits, pubs, salsa - bars, clubs with the Greek music and just taverns and restaurants where it is possible to enjoy both a glass of wine, and a plentiful dinner.

Kitchen. This subject should be put on one of the first places in the narration... The products used by Greek cuisine, as a rule, very simple and habitual, but all prepares on a grill or with addition of mountain herbs which in abundance grow on the Greek islands, and, undoubtedly, impacts to dishes special relish. Tremendous wine, an indispensable entertainment from owners of a tavern house crayfish or east sweets do by a shot glass visit to restaurant unforgettable. By the way, the kritsky diet was recognized as the most useful and healthy in the world.

All ocharovny Greece in the general warmth to the atmosphere. With hospitality everything is imbued here. The main thing - to try to leave about the problems, they remained at home and to enjoy every moment of stay in this country.


People are very close to us on mentality here, but they are able to have a rest and relax, and know how to make our stay the best rest in life.

In Greece in big hotels several times a week are carried out by thematic evenings with training in dances, a barbecue from local products. Romantic evenings are popular by candlelight with live music and the menu from lobsters. In Aldemar hotels 5 years there takes place the international culinary competition. Participate in a competition the chief - cooks of the Aldemar network who time won prizes and the international recognition as masters absolutely in different categories of dishes. They are worthy opponents for culinary specialists of other countries.

Oh, sea... It is difficult to count at once how many the seas wash this small country... Beaches are different, but the majority of them has a blue flag of UNESCO - an indicator of purity of water and the fact that they among the best in the world.

Greeks tell

: When God divided the earth and distributed it to the different people, he kept the titbit - the land of plenty with more than with 300 sunny days in a year, with the various nature, the azure sea, a fertile soil, a set of plants and animals. But he forgot about the small people - about Greeks... Also it was necessary to give it the beloved land of .