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Geometrical puzzles for kids of

By 3 years children begin to learn geometrical figures, are capable to determine the size (big, small) and color. To find similarity and distinctions between figures. At this age it is possible to offer the child as game the first geometrical puzzle.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find material for such age. Or in sets there are fine details, or they are difficult for the kid. We suggest to make the first puzzle with own hands. For this purpose it is possible to use a cardboard, plastic or other suitable material which can be cut on part.

the Puzzle for kids

Prepare five identical squares of different color. An indispensable condition that they were bilateral, that is color from two parties. Each square cut 2 - 4 parts on . the First - on the diagonal (two big triangles), the second for a vertical (two rectangles), the third on a vertical and a horizontal (four squares), the fourth - on four parts on diagonals (four triangles), cut out a circle from the fifth square.

It is rather simple puzzle which will acquaint, or will consolidate knowledge of the kid of the main geometrical figures.

Besides folding from figures of squares can play this game as in the geometrical designer. To make various figures and silhouettes. For a mosaic it is possible to cut out couple or the three of such sets. And if still to paste them on magnetic tapes, then the real magnetic mosaic on the refrigerator which not only will develop your kid will turn out, but also will not force it to miss until you are employed at kitchen.


For children is more senior than

of the Puzzle for children 4 - 5 it is possible to buy ready geometrical puzzles, such as Tangram or Pythagoras`s square. The principle remains the same, only elements from which squares gather already much more. For example, the square of tangram is cut on 5 triangles, a square and a parallelogram. From it collect figures on samples - silhouettes, but if such task is still difficult for the child, it is possible to think out the patterns and figures. Especially interestingly the constructed figures of people and animals look.

to Make to parents such logical game too will not make special work. The bilateral cardboard or plastic from office folder can be material.

of Game in puzzles, I promote the general development of the child, and also well influence development of logic, thinking, imagination and combination theory.