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Cicero`s secrets of

the Most ancient of the methods of effective storing which reached us - Cicero`s method . This method is called so in honor of one of the most brilliant speakers in world history, the statesman of the Roman Republic. His name Mark Tully Cicero (106 - 43 BC) . It became famous and what never used in the performances of record, reproducing a set of the facts, quotes, historical dates and names on memory.

It is surprisingly simple and at the same time extremely effective method called also by method of places or system of the Roman room. Its essence consists that the remembered units of information should be placed mentally in well familiar room in strictly certain order . Then it is enough to remember this room to reproduce necessary information. Quite so also Cicero arrived by preparation for the performances - he walked on the house and mentally placed the key moments of the performance in it.

Before beginning to learn to apply this method, to you it is necessary to agree with himself about sequence of round of the room, in other words, about sequence of places on which you will place the information, that is - to prepare the basic list of places . To walk up and down on the house as it was done by Cicero, not necessarily, it is enough to represent the room mentally (the room, of course, has to be very well familiar).


with the room (office) as with the most familiar. Let the door , then near the left corner or what there costs, then the left wall , then a far left corner etc. clockwise will be a starting point . When you have enough experience in application of a method of Cicero, you will be able to involve more and more objects in the room, that is you will have more places for placement of elements of the list for now be limited to the most noticeable objects in the room. Use consistently all objects which, in your room always take the same place: lock, sofa, picture, sconce, sofa, eaves, curtains, window sill, book shelves, table. Except sequence observe sequence from top to down from left to right (if two subjects are one under another).

For storing of lists of various elements can use both all apartment and well familiar apartments of friends and relatives, and a study, and even well studied routes or sites of a way on the street: from the house to a stop, to the subway, to the nearest shop, a favourite path of park, etc.

should be Connected by

elements of the remembered row with room objects by means of associations (an example lower). At the beginning you can even make to yourself the list of elements of the room (a number of words will turn out), in other words the list of peculiar hooks for which you will fasten the remembered elements.

Look at

how it is possible to remember the list of objects in a certain order. Here number of words: cheese , puppy , plasticine , ruler , thermometer , letter , pool , wood .

Ya I will place them consistently, according to the scheme of the apartment, having begun with a corridor. And, of course, I will try to use unusual communications to have an opportunity to reproduce this row even later long time. Crude I stop up a crack in lock , I put of a puppy about a door in left corner , but not to forget this standard communication, I represent how he begins to gnaw a plinth, and I try to forbid it to do to it. I paste plasticine to mirror , and I close up with it almost it everything so that reflection was not visible. I attach a ruler to doors of a case , now it does not allow them to open. I screw in a thermometer instead of a bulb in chandelier . Now on my way a door to the room. I insert the letter into an interval between door and in flocks (it would be possible to spread it instead of a rug). At the left in the room the wall has a small sofa , I represent that it costs in pool and his legs here - here razmoknut. It was necessary to connect book shelves and the word “wood“. I represent how before book shelves the wood grows , branches of trees pass between books, and book shelves it is almost not visible.

Main before storing to determine by

in advance objects which will be included into the scheme of a way that during storing not to think whether to connect the next element with this or that subject or it is more convenient to connect it with the following. If you arrive thus, then at reproduction can make mistakes.

In general Cicero`s method is more expedient to apply

to more serious things, than storing of a primitive number of words (these words were provided only to show how to use it). It well proved at storing of texts , of a daily routine , storing of an order of phone calls etc. At the same time, when information though is somehow thematically connected (and not just senseless ranks of words or figures), one and too the room can be used several times, but not to look for every time the new “basic“ room. The remembered ranks of elements will not mix up, and you will reproduce elements of a subject necessary to you.

For mastering Cicero`s method 2 - 3 trainings, in it his big advantage in comparison with many other technicians are enough

. One more its advantage is that this method can be applied always, in any place in which you are, at the same time the place - the audience, the museum, an office of the chief can serve you as the “basic“ room. At application of a method of Cicero you should not remember some well acquired row any more as when using an “ordinary“ method of the related associations or to pull for itself a long chain of associations as in a method of consecutive associations, it is enough to remember the familiar room or to use that in which you are. You can just consider and remember the room (room), placing in turn keywords of the remembered material and when it is necessary to reproduce it, you should remember a room situation (that is much easier and more habitual, than, for example, a recall of contents of the report or lecture), and you are surprised to that as necessary information was easily acquired along with a situation.

I Want to emphasize

that Cicero`s method is only one of tens of existing ways of storing and to apply it with bigger return, it is important to master also some other “cunnings“ and nuances. To get acquainted with all variety the technician, receptions and methods of effective perception and assimilation of information it is possible in the EVIUS Center.