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Rest house

This summer, in July, I, my mother and the niece had a rest in Voronovo rest house. The rest house is near Moscow (about 40 km in the Kaluga direction). There it is possible to get by the car, or from the Tyoply Stan subway by bus No. 508 or a minibus No. 162. By bus to go to a stop “The Voronovo rest house, and the minibus stops directly at gate of rest house. Time of driving the bus hour fifteen - hour forty, on a minibus - about forty minutes (depends on a situation on the road. If you eat by car, be attentive! It is a lot of accidents and emergencies). A minibus it is more convenient, quicker and cheaper. As of the end of July the cost of the ticket for the bus twenty seven rubles, on a minibus - twenty rubles. The bus goes once an hour, a minibus everyone twenty - thirty minutes. On the weekend when there is a lot of the people, the “left“ minibus No. 110 to Troitsk approaches. It is possible to agree with the driver and to reach to “Voronovo“ for twenty five rubles.

the Schedule of buses from Moscow: 6. 30, 7. 13, 7. 53, 9. 08, 10. 36, 11. 57, 12. 36, 13. 16, 14. 01, 14. 33, 15. 22, 15. 53, 17. 11,18. 00, 18. 33,18. 52, 19. 50, 20. 50, 22. 02, 23,31. To Moscow we went by the bus 16. 42, 17. 11. (The schedule of the bus can change).

Now about living conditions. In the territory of rest house two cases are located: No. 1 and No. 2. The case No. 2, the restored ancient estate, is located at a main entrance where the minibus stops. In this case it is possible to have the room for three months. I do not know the price. The case No. 1 - the modern building built years fifteen - twenty back. That to reach it, it is necessary to pass on avenues of park of minutes fifteen - twenty. In this case the dining room, the pool, a gym, the cinema and concert hall, medical offices, the game room is located. We lived in a double room in the case No. 1. Conditions for life quite good. In number a loggia, the Thomson TV, the refrigerator, five bedside tables of various size, a padded stool, two one and a half sleeping beds, a carpet. Toilet and bathtub combined. In a corridor the built-in cases for clothes. In number huge windows. One of walls of number represents a huge window with a balcony door and a transom. At windows of blinds. On a balcony two plastic chairs and a chair.

the best (as it seems to me) is a dining room. Five times food, individual order of the menu next day. For vegetarians - vegetables, fruit, soy production. Small children can be fed from the plate. On each meal give fruit.

in the territory of rest house located playgrounds, an enormous forest park, the lake, boat station. There is a small parade-ground for riding, an open tennis court, volleyball courts, sports base where it is possible to hire adult and children`s bicycles. In sports base there is a small cafe. Also there is a place where it is possible to prepare shish kebabs. There are two braziers, arbors. You bring the meat and you prepare shish kebabs. There is enough firewood in the wood. At boat station it is possible to hire boats, two - and triple catamarans. The cost of hire of a catamaran and the boat - twenty rubles hour. The cost of hour of riding on a parade-ground - hundred rubles hour. It is also possible to take for a drive the child on the horse harnessed in the cart. It also costs twenty rubles. In the case the nursery is located. With small children it is better to go there till eleven o`clock as there are a lot of people later.

it is A lot of opportunities for care of the appearance. Wide choice of physiotherapeutic procedures, exercise machines, hairdresser, cosmetologist, manicure.

Now most important: money. It is necessary to take with itself not less than three - four thousand (for twenty one days) as each step paid


to call Moscow, it is necessary to buy from the porter a card. In a bottom in the hall there is a payphone. The card for five minutes costs seventy rubles.

relatives and acquaintances can visit you. On a checkpoint they call number of the case, number of the room and a surname of the person to which they go. Pass quietly. In the case at the porter it is necessary to leave the passport. Guests can remain in the territory of rest house till seven in the evening. For visitors it is possible to buy a lunch directly in the dining room. You agree with the waitress who serves your little table, and you give her money. Lunch cost - seventy rubles. It is possible to arrive and stay overnight. In number will bring you a folding bed and linen. It is better to be made out after four in the evening. Arrived in the morning, took a walk, have dinner, and after four you go to the porter and you are made out. At registration it is possible to tell that without food. So it turns out cheaper. Last time it cost hundred eighty rubles. The dinner and a breakfast cost forty rubles. You agree and pay money to the waitress.

Near rest house located small art gallery, a greenhouse and the collective-farm market. Excursions across Moscow area will be organized. It is possible to watch film in the evening - or video movies ticket Cost for the adult - twenty rubles. Show children`s movies and animated films in the afternoon.

Shortcoming: to order the car from rest house it is impossible to leave. The car should be taken in Moscow, to go to “Voronovo“, to take away the and to come back home.

Elena Olga Vvedenskaya and Starikova