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The enemy of kids

the Virus with the difficult name “respiratorno-sintsitialny“ to 5 - 10 manages to have to years about 70% of children, and the absolute majority catches it in the first two years of life. On external signs respiratorno - the sintsitialny virus, or RSV, is very similar to usual cold, but unlike other SARS this infection for a children`s organism constitutes big danger. At children about one year it is the most common cause of damage of the lower airways, and sometimes leads even to a lethal outcome. For this reason it is important to reveal a virus in time.


What it is dangerous

At children aged to a year the disease can proceed very hard, with damage of bronchioles and lungs. In every fifth child about one year respiratorno - the sintsitialny virus causes such complications as otitis, sinusitis or pneumonia. About a half of all death from RSV is the share of children of first 3 - x months of life. Severe forms respiratorno - a sintsitialny infection are especially dangerous. Patients with such form of an illness need emergency medical service as the outcome can be lethal. Besides, respiratorno - the sintsitialny infection can play a role in development of asthma in the future.

How to distinguish respiratorno - a sintsitialny virus

the Incubatory period of an illness from 2 to 7 days last. In the first days of a disease the same symptoms are observed, as at other SARS: a nose congestion with the subsequent emergence of viscous allocations, insignificant reddening of a throat, sneezing. Short dry cough in the next days becomes more long, pristupoobrazny and painful, temperature low and keeps from two to seven days, however, for a while it can rise also to of 38 - 39 degrees.

the Main signs respiratorno - a sintsitialny virus appear on 3 - 7 day of an illness. Treat them:

  1. Development of a bronkhiolit and melkoochagovy pneumonia. It is the most frequent manifestation respiratorno - a sintsitialny infection at children of younger age.
  2. Sneezing and short dry cough from the first days of an illness. Then cough becomes more long and pristupoobrazny, sometimes reminds whooping cough. Children of early age can have a short wind, difficulty of breath and blue around a mouth.
  3. At children of the first year of life respiratory insufficiency as the lower departments of lungs are involved in inflammatory process develops. Breath becomes frequent to 60 - 80 breaths in a minute, becomes whistling, skin gets a bluish shade.
  4. Development of an asthmatic syndrome. Asthmatic attacks have especially frequent and long character at children from 6 months to one year, and also at having allergic diathesis.
  5. At children is more senior than three years, as a rule, develops rinofaringit.
  6. Poorly expressed intoxication: fever, moderate headache, weakness, weak muscular pains. Temperature at the same time, as a rule, not high (to 38 º Ń).
  7. of Complication from outside the ENT SPECIALIST - bodies: otitises and sinusitis.
Should noticing

that at the child pneumonia even can develop in case there are no symptoms of intoxication, and body temperature normal. Duration of an illness can make as of 3 - 5 days, and 2 - 3 weeks. But most of children about one year is ill longer than 10 days. Remember that only the doctor, based on results of laboratory researches can make the exact diagnosis.



- the sintsitialny virus extends at direct contact with the patient or the carrier, and also vozdushno - a drop way. The outbreaks of an infection have local character and are observed annually worldwide, irrespective of distribution of flu and other SARS. In groups of children till one year the infection extends very quickly, the illness covers all or almost all children with development in them of clinically expressed illness forms. About a third of sharp respiratory infections at children aged about one year is connected with respiratorno - a sintsitialny virus. And though to a virus in an organism antibodies, immunity against it weak and perhaps repeated infection are formed. The repeated infection is transferred usually easier, than the first.

of Risk group

If the child got sick with
, it is necessary to see a doctor at once.

If the child got sick with

, it is necessary to see a doctor at once. At children about one year respiratorno - the sintsitialny infection can have very difficult and long character, to them is more often than others treatment in a hospital is required. All sharp period of an illness children have to observe a bed rest, the food has to be easy and sparing. As a rule, from medicines appoint preparations of interferon or inductors of interferon. If there are complications, register a course of antibiotics. Apply to maintenance of adequate breath oxygen therapy, the all-strengthening means, carry out inhalations of alkaline solutions.


As infection respiratorno - a sintsitialny virus has character of epidemic, scientists try to create not one decade an effective virus vaccine. However so far efforts were not crowned with success. All created vaccines, however, brought only to heavier course of a disease. But it is possible to protect the child.

by the Safe and effective method of prevention of RSV are the preparations containing human leykotsitarny today, and recombinant interferon is even better, for example, than a drop in a nose grippferon. For prevention respiratorno - a sintsitialny infection also measures of protection from all respiratory diseases as sanitarno - hygienic (carrying gauze bandages, damp cleaning, frequent airings), and all-strengthening will be not superfluous: hardening, good nutrition, regular walks.