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To grow thin the husband: 6 steps of

That the husband turned into the slender handsome who is easily running up the 9th floor with you on hands again it is necessary to feed him correctly. It is easy to tell! And if he does not wish?

statistically, married men live on average for two years longer, than their single fellows. However, last century criminal case on the certain widow who got rid of three rich husbands by means of their zakarmlivaniye was opened: poor creatures got obesity and perished from heart failure. But it only confirms the fact: health of our men - in our hands.

However, they often are not eager to change a chop for kefir at all and to keep to a diet. But there are working recipes even on the most hard cases.

of the Taboo on diets

Having caught the word “diet“, the husband does terrible eyes...

A should not be pronounced in general at men this word - they hate it! If you grow thin and keep to a diet, sit silently and do not torment members of household with lettuce leaves and kefir.

Another matter if a diet medical, and your man is forced to observe it. This sacred. Here you should not tempt the person and to hold the products contraindicated to it on a look. Men are the same children: are tempted with an appetizing savor, eat what is given on a table and lies on to a look in the refrigerator. If competently to use it, you will be able to control the menu of the spouse and keep his health and cheerfulness for many years.

Meat - how many in this word...


that cannot live meatless, and is angry when I cut off fat from a chop.


Really - the man needs protein: in youth it is not less than 100 g in day, at mature age - at the rate of of 1 - 2 g on each kilogram of normal weight (that is extra kilos are not considered!) . 20 g of protein are 100 g of beef or chicken, 130 g of fish, 120 g of almonds, 90 g of lentil. And only a half of volume has to fall on animal protein, the second half it is necessary to gather additionally from nuts, bean, soy or mushrooms. Most of men do not love vegetable food.

It is perfect to anything to do of the vegetarian`s man. But our task - to accustom the man to thought that the piece of cutting prepared in a double boiler or fried on a teflon frying pan with an oil droplet is not less tasty, than a habitual chop and - la “man`s food“.

it is better for p to refuse red meat in general in favor of chicken and a turkey. If without it life is not lovely to the man, watch at least that he ate it not more often than once a day. The last researches showed that two portions of red meat a day can already provoke the most serious troubles with health up to intestines tumors.

stop to cook for

I potato with meat! This combination, heavy for digestion, after which often drives in a dream overcomes slackness and burdensome feelings in a stomach. An optimal variant - to serve to meat greens, vegetables and fruit with berries.

the Best sausage - it fish eats


From fish only a vobla, and from seafood - salty squids. He beer has a snack on them... Perhaps and not to insist?


From sea living creatures of squirrels it is acquired much better, than from meat. Therefore at least 2 - 3 once a week should replacing meat with fish, to prepare shrimps, mussels, fresh squids. Of course, not always the man will agree to such replacement.

It is good if it goes on fishing and then it is simply forced to eat all these perches and pikes whom caught. The rest can be offered “myasoobrazny“ fish like a tuna - at the beginning she can become adequate replacement of meat in man`s consciousness. Severe Norwegians willingly eat a whale who tastes like the piece of beef watered with cod-liver oil - but it already on the fan.

Not only greed

Heart is covered with blood when I see how the husband smears a roll with oil and attaches from above a chunk of fat boiled pork...

I has correctly a shower bath - you should not be fond of animal fats even young and harmonous: and a liver it to the detriment, and atherosclerosis does not doze. In a day it is possible to eat 35 g of fat on each 1000 kcal, and a half of volume has to fall on nonsaturated fatty acids an omega - 3 and an omega - 6 which there is a lot of in sea fish and vegetable oil. 20 g of butter are already 15 g of fat and 170 kcal. 20 g of boiled pork - 10 more g of fat and 100 additional kcal. Four such sandwiches, and day Nome it is settled! If the man does not agree to chew muesli in the mornings, then, at least, cook low-fat meat sandwiches - it is the best of all boiled.

the Ram chewed a grass

It is capable to knead half-loaves of bread at dinner. What to do - to select?

especially do not limit

In bread of men, but palm off on them useful grades: otrubny, multicereal, wholegrain, from germinated grain. Avoid some butter biscuits and pastries.

to the man should eat

In day on 135 g of carbohydrates on each 1000 calories. If there is an excess weight - twice less. And their most part has to fall on complex carbohydrates, or polysaccharides - including cellulose. It not less than 25 g a day are necessary to us. Cellulose contains in vegetables and fruit much and is practically absent in meat and milk.

How to force the man vegetables are? And as well as children. Prepare cunning salatik, solyankas and ragout, vegetarian soups, you hold on a table the washed-up and cut fresh cabbage and carrots, turnip and salad, nuts and dried fruits. And popularly explain that a lack of ballast substances of an organism - a right way to hemorrhoids. And it though is considered an imperial illness, but very few people inspires.


Leave beer to women

I Try to accustom the husband to drink kefir, and it rests - food old man supposedly.

“Kefir helps

from heart,“ - Panikovsky said and it was close to truth: protein, calcium, lakto - and bifidobacteria which are in kefir improve both digestion, and work warmly - vascular system. If kefir well does not go at all, it can be replaced with yogurt, fermented baked milk, katyky. Casually at the same time the better half can notice that fermented milk products greatly influence a potentiality.

Beer can be drunk, but it is no more than 0,5 l in day - then it improves digestion and a mocheotdeleniye, supplies an organism with vitamins of group B.

Attention! Beer contains phytoestrogen which does a man`s figure womanly and worsen a potentiality.


are simulators of female sex hormones so at unlimited consumption of beer the man`s figure gains feminny lines - the tummy and sides droops, the breast grows. The potentiality suffers too. Bring it to the attention of the man and accustom him to satisfy thirst with water, green tea and compotes.