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We Will begin Marusya`s birth of

with the fact that we began to plan pregnancy with the middle of November, 2007, but rather long time at us left nothing. And here at last...

on August 15, 2008 a sutra a bit earlier before work (it was the first day of a delay) I made by

the test for pregnancy. Especially without counting on anything since it was not the first time... I saw 2 strips! My pleasure was not a limit! I flew to the room and to the husband sleeping still began to thrust under nose a test strip. Half asleep he could not understand in any way in what he business and when he understood, began to calm me that I did not rejoice ahead of time since we already very long waited for it, and he was afraid to maleficiate.

in the Evening we went to the dacha, on the road I bought one more test for greater confidence. On Saturday morning I made the repeated test, and it was positive too. Here anybody had no doubts... Except my precious husband. He said that doctors will not confirm yet, especially it is not necessary to count. As he explained then, he was afraid that if it turns out that the test showed incorrectly, then I from a grief will go crazy. But I - that was completely sure that in me already there lives a little man.

on August 25 I since morning asked for leave with

from work and went to policlinic finally to confirm the pregnancy. There to me made ultrasonography, told that the term 3 - 4 weeks, and even gave the photo of our mask. On pleasures I right there called the husband. This time he at last was inspired, began to ask whether it is visible twins there. But is not present, fetal egg was one.

In a week we went to Egypt. I very much worried that there toxicosis, especially, food there peculiar will begin. But this misfortune never visited me for all pregnancy. The only side effect of initial terms of pregnancy - strong fatigue. By 9 in the evening I hardly dragged legs therefore most often at this time I was already put to bed.

So Maruska (and then still Maksimka since all were sure that there will be a boy) the first time visited the sea at mother in a puzika.

in 19 weeks we went To ultrasonography together with the husband. He attentively examined a mask and as a result concluded:“ Some alien“. On this ultrasonography we were told that 80% will be the girl, but all diligent continued to think that we will have Maksimka. The shape of a stomach till the end of pregnancy said too that there will be a boy.


Somewhere since December at me began a noticeable set of weight. Vrachikh each my visit frayed to me with it nerves and tried to put every time into a diet. And every time I told it that I adhere to a diet, but, naturally, did not limit in anything myself. I felt perfectly, so and the kid too, so why himself to torment?

me did to

In 26 weeks ultrasonography again and told that 100% - the girl. Washing the clever man lay already headfirst as it is necessary, and before the childbirth did not turn over any more.

we decided to Give birth together with the husband since I very needed his support, there was no wish to lie one with fights. Maternity hospital chose the tenth, on Kakhovka. And in 36 weeks concluded the contract.

had to go to ZhK all the same since it was necessary to do KTG. And I there painfully did not want to go because at me hypostases began to develop and, respectively, to increase weight, and the vrachikha with it very much pressed me and frightened a bolnichka though in urine I had neither pressure, nor protein. Began to write out to me some hypostases pills and from pressure which I did not have (at most at them 130 on 80, and houses are higher 120 did not rise at all). Generally, I lied that I accept all this, and actually did not eat any tablet - did not consider it necessary to poison the child.

of PDR at me was on April 21 though by my personal calculations on April 20. And I hoped to give rise to 20.

on April 9 I went to maternity hospital, made tests and made the last ultrasonography. Told that everything is good and my small bubble weighs already 3600 that supposedly will be enough already to fatten the child, otherwise I will not be able to give rise. It especially did not surprise me since. I from the very beginning counted on 4 kg. On April 13 I arrived to maternity hospital, and my doctor says to me that the maternity hospital is since yesterday closed and when it opens - it is unknown! She looked at me, told that she especially does not smell of childbirth, and, most likely, to 21 I inform, and it seems as by this time the maternity hospital has to open.

Home I went in a low-responsible state since childbirth could begin at any time and what to do - unclear. Having arrived home, I called insurance also took an interest what to do. I was told that on the same conditions with the old contract I will give birth in maternity hospital at GB № 72 if the tenth, of course, till this time does not open. When I learned where there is this maternity hospital, at me there came one more shock. Youth subway! From Maryino it is possible to reach weekday by hours there, and still time that the husband arrived from work is necessary. Generally, there was nothing to do therefore I decided to hope that I will wait for opening 10, and in 72 to choose the doctor we did not go though on the Internet I polazit and read responses.

I here Friday came April 17, ahead days off - it is a high time for childbirth without incident. The day before I was called by the sister and told that the daughter of her employee gave rise after ate a chocolate. I, of course, especially did not believe in it, but called the husband that he bought me a chocolate. Hours at 9 in the evening I ate it without special enthusiasm, in 11 we went to bed and... Believe it or not, but began!

B 12 I woke up not clear from what. Well, I think, all right, I descend in a toilet, if woke up. Sat down and feel - flows, but not absolutely what I expected. Here at me the thought flew: “Began!“ I look, water flows it seems light, so everything normally, and the first thought which came then to mind that in 12 hours I will already hold the masechka on hands since read that the waterless period of at most 12 hours. Ran to awake the husband, I speak: “My waters depart“. He, probably, from the first not really understood because he reacted somehow inertly. I went to a bathroom to wash the head and told it that came to shave me. The husband began to shave with the shivering hands me, did not know from what party to be risen, also waters flow... And here he declares: “Or perhaps not that flows?“ Well, it was necessary only to make a helpless gesture here what he at that moment thought of, it is only possible to guess. Generally, we gathered and went to maternity hospital. Before it I called in 10, there I was told, naturally, that they are still closed.

On the road I began to mark an interval of fights, then they were still weak, but frequent - minute through five. We reached and found maternity hospital quickly, hour in 2 nights we were already there.

we Suit

, doors are closed, called, long did not open, then the sleepy woman in a dressing gown from a reception opened for us. We told it that at us waters departed. It took away me to make out, and the husband remained in a corridor. It is necessary to tell that the woman was very pleasant though read on the Internet much that in a reception extremely unfriendly people, especially if you disturb them at night.

dressed up as

Ya, the doctor came, looked at me and told the nurse that it made out me in patrimonial office. I reported that I will give birth with the husband, it gave for him disposable clothes... 60th size! I as presented Dima in clothes of the 60th size, most likely trousers on it just would not keep. I asked a razmerchik less, it got 50 from granaries of the homeland.

Me was led on procedures (enema). It is necessary to tell that having read different stories, I was afraid of this procedure, but in practice it to me did not bring unpleasant feelings. After that brought the husband, and we went to a rodblok. When we came there, fights became much more notable. Precisely I remember how in 4 mornings at me looked at opening, there was 1 cm. I was told that epiduralny anesthesia can make 4 cm only at disclosure. Then I asked when it occurs, and I was answered that hours in 7 - 8. I was shocked since it was already painful to me. To me gave an injection but - shpa, but from it to me was neither hot, nor it is cold. Then to me came to give still some injection. Thank God, I asked that they want to prick. When they told me that they want to prick analginum, I was surprised... That for negligence, I only several minutes or hours back in reception reported that it is the only preparation, on which at me an allergy. Generally, they to me did not begin to prick it, and I continued to be mangled. Then I did not know yet that it is still florets.

Which - as I lived

till 8 in the morning. What happiness that I gave birth with the husband. It is strong moral support. To me there would be even enough that he just silently sat with me. In 8 looked at opening and told that it is possible to do an epiduralka. By the way, the doctor was replaced, and watch was taken up by Rasheed Ibrahimovic (further RI). Doctor just super! Not for nothing on the Internet about it was most of all good responses.

the anesthesiologist came To 8 - 30 and stuck to me epidurat. I felt nothing, and the husband told that the show it was not for the faint-hearted when stuck a huge needle in a backbone and inserted a tube there. Here for me there came paradise, I absolutely ceased to feel pain, but happiness lasted only an hour and a half. In 10 me began to take again, RI came and told that opening of 8 cm. This news encouraged me, but for a while because pain amplified.

Further time for me did not exist any more, it seemed to me that there passed already whole eternity, and I give birth to all. Hardly I asked that to me still stuck epidurat. Told that at such opening do not do any more, but all - made a small dose. It gave to me absolutely small relief and literally for several minutes. RI came and told that it in vain gave in to my arrangements on repeated anesthesia since patrimonial activity from - for it was slowed down, and instructed to deliver me a dropper with oxytocin.

hell began

I here... Everything that was before, in general pain it is impossible to call. I began to beg that I was disconnected from a dropper that I have so strong contractions, but, naturally, nobody paid to my requests the slightest attention. RI told that it is necessary to wait when the head is hung. From pain I already practically fainted, I almost thought nothing, only the incessant, breaking-off pain. RI came and began to explain to me as it is necessary to breathe to help the child to fall. It was deeply necessary to inhale and to exhale slowly, having made lips a pipe. At that moment any other breath seemed paradise, but it was necessary to breathe so. At an exhalation it seemed that now I will die, and RI still came and said that I too quickly exhale, it is necessary more slowly. From all childbirth it was the most awful moment. I already a little what thought and thought that it will never come to an end. Then I told the husband that, most likely, it is our first and last child.


Soon after RI that I tried to be extinguished. It seems as at me it turned out. Legs needed to be pulled on themselves, and to raise the head. The husband to me began to help to raise the head, and RI speaks: “It is not necessary, let itself“. I then thought:“ Here sadist“. Forces to raise legs at me was not at all. RI was going to leave again somewhere... I began to ask him not to throw me. Without it I could not make an effort at all because it was necessary to do it on fight, and I did not understand any more when it begins, pain was never-ending. He told that he will sign some papers and will return. The husband told me meanwhile that he already sees the head. It though somehow encouraged me... Means, it happens soon!

RI Came and told that I should be extinguished still few times well. Also it will be possible to pass to a chair. Having included the last reserves, I made it, and I was told accurately to creep on a chair because the head already stuck out. When we discussed joint childbirth, was planned that the husband with me will be only on fights, and at midpoint will leave. It did not begin to leave and to me at that time already was all the same that he will see there and that he is not present. Well still he got up in a chair headboard though says that he all the same saw everything. Climbed up a chair. And I spilled out a second wind since I understood that the I will be more correct to do everything, the quicker will see our masechka. I did everything as the midwife spoke. I did not feel pain any more or, maybe, was just disconnected from it, felt only as Marusya gradually appears. Thought were only that in a few minutes I will see it. When there was a head, to me suggested to touch it, but I did not become, was frightened. I cannot tell how many it proceeded, but the husband speaks, minutes 20.

I here our girl appeared. To me put it on a stomach, such small, sinenky and swelled up, but the most beautiful girl on light. It lay and puffed, and I existed the happiest person, pain was forgotten at once, and I was ready to give birth more and more.

Marusya was born on April 18, 2009 in 12 - 45 day weighing 3960 gr. and 53 cm in height, put 8 / 9 points on a scale Apgar, and both the doctor, and the midwife told me that childbirth took place on 5 with plus, and that I big the good fellow.

of Gaps at me was not, but as RI told, there were 2 grazes on which it was necessary “to put crosses“. To me poured still anesthesia, but I did not feel any chill on a backbone. When I told RI that there nothing atrophied, he was surprised and told that why to me it is necessary, I have still all life ahead. When he understood that I mean that on me anesthesia did not work, he did not believe. And I felt how it punctures with a needle and passes a thread, and shuddered. And he only said that I did not confuse him! It is good that it was necessary to make only 2 stitches, it was not necessary to suffer especially.

In 2 hours me was processed, put to me the daughter on a stomach and carried to chamber. Arrived to chamber, at once took away Marusya and told that will bring in 4 hours when I get stronger. I felt perfectly and was ready to fly, but as I did not persuade, the daughter to me was not left. Having risen in 3 hours in a toilet, I understood what really storms me. The husband sat with me hour or so and went home since his eyes were closed, and I had such state as if I all night long with pleasure slept, fatigue I did not feel at all.

Through a couple of hours there arrived parents with the sister, and mother descended and asked that brought us a masechka. She belched amniotic liquid and the first day the breast did not take. From the next day she always was with me (only for the night took away) and began to stick slowly to a boob, and then absolutely with it made friends.

we had to be written out by

on Wednesday April 22, but Maruska had an alfalfa butterfly, and it was necessary to wait for the analysis on bilirubin. The analysis came good therefore with songs and dancings we were written out next day, on April 23.